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Therapist Questions - September 2011

why am i so twitchy and feel like my body wants to twitch all the time?


My name is Matt and i am 20 years old. I have not had any problems with this until i was in my early teens and it progressively has gotten worse. it first started off as every little noise would make me jump as a cough, sound, bang, etc would make me jump a mile. When i was in a school classroom i would sweat and try to tense my body to make it stop, my body would feel as if it wanted to have a seizure( i have never had one). My body also would twitch when i was giving presentations and trying to talk in front of people. This was really embarassing and was hard for me in school. Now it seems to have gotten worse, i can hardly use my right arm and when i dont use it i hold it to my side, my mom says it looks like i had a stroke when i hold it there but i can't help it.It does it a lot when i am in public because of the noise.Also, now it seems i can't even talk to people. when i try to talk to people i either stutter a lot or i lock up and can't say anything. It is hard to talk to people on the phone or even go anywhere. My girlfriend or mom has to order my food when we go out to eat. I forgot to mention that it effects my writing, i used to be able to write but now i try to right and my hand bounces all over and i have to clench and tense my arm to be able to write. If you have any information for me anything would help. i just want to know what i am dealing with and if it is treatable or not. Thank you.

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Chest Pain

hello ....

i am a 22year old girl weighting 55kgs..i have a query regarding chest pain...

sometimes whenever i woke up in the morning i have a chest pain on my left side and its become hard to inhale due to pain so i just want to confirm is it a symptom of heart attack...?

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am i suffering from serious problem ?
hey m a girl of 15..actually my problem is little embarrassing.. bt have to ask.. actually. m having blood in my stool.. so i want to confirm y iz this happening... hope u'll help me out... thnk you..
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Having issues with throat, help?
I have been having a few issues. Not being able to sleep well. Frequent need to  go to the bathroom. Constantly needing to hack up phlegm that ranges from milky/sticky white to a little yellow/brown. Constant dry throat. I also have like a lump/nodule right in front of my neck (almost like an adam's apple or issues with my throid or something in that region). I am female and it is very displeasing to see in the mirror. It became noticeable almost 3-4 yrs ago. Are all of these symptoms maybe related or am I looking at multiple issues? Help
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Severe Pain in My Hands - What is the Cause?

Hi - I have severe pain in both my hands - so severe that I can't sort through papers on my desk. I was checked for carpal tunnel syndrome, and they don't think that's the issue. I had some pain a few months ago and it got much worse when I tore up papers because my shredder wasn't working.

Would anyone out there have any other thoughts? Severe arthritis? 

Thank you--

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my name siva age 21 my problem is that my legs,arms and whole body is wasting and my abdomen is swelling some times when i am walking certain distance it becomes more after consulting the he said that u are having hepatitis-b there is no problem with it & i have jaundice at 4 times up to now so please give me a suggession to avoid wasting of muscles,not coming jauncice  frequently please.....................................
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