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Therapist Questions - October 2008

Essiac tea

Some say essiac tea/FlorEssence is a cure all, some say it's a complete scam. I am trying to put together a  breast and general health maintenance regime and am considering adding a daily 1 oz. dose of essiac tea. I take buspar for anxiety with an occasional .50 xanax. Would like feedback of any kind regarding the tea and any possible drug interactions.

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Essiac tea/Flor Essence

So many opinions about essiac tea. some say it cures all, others say it's a scam. I am trying to find something I can do daily for general breast and health maintenance. What do you think of essiac tea? Also, I take buspar for anxiety and occasionally xanax. do you know of any drug interactions?

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A comment has been recently added to your question by a therapist:

Anti Nuclear Antibodies / ESR

I would get back in to see your MD and get a diagnosis. You have inflammation going on due to a possible auto-immune condition. Anti-Nuclear antibodies are not diagnostic however since the OD ration was greater than 1 and ESR was high it looks suspicious. I would ask him to order a rheumatoid factor, which is a bloodtest to rule out rheumatoid arthritis. It is key to know what condition it is because that will direct natural treatment. For example, if the diagnosis is RA I've seem many people get over it by avoiding dairy and using natural supplements to reduce inflammation. MS responds very well to avoidance of gluten, legumes and dairy. Lupus responds to other dietary interventions, that is why it is key to know what condition he is treating you for. To get started I would get a good fish oil supplement from your health food store, and a supplement containingcurcumin and possibly boswellia to reduce inflammation and pain.

Thanks for your above comment.

I have got a check on the below as of today:
Rheumatoid Factor(RF) =9.75 IU/mL, method Nephlometry
Anti Nuclear Antibodies (ANA)= 0.65 OD ratio method E.L.I.SA
Anti- dsDNA (DNA)= 24.06 IU/mL - method E.L.I.SA
ESR= 51 mm/h
Calcium =8.3 mgms

Pls. advice if any serious deficiency & cure & also abt the diet

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arthritic hand joints

What kind of therapy is most effective in treating finger joints which are arthritic.

Also having hot flushes and sleeplessness due to menopause. Having acupuncture and acupressure along with KUN BAO WAN and sweat sleeper tablets. Is there anything else I could try

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Crystal therapy
helo sir, i m student doing research on crystal therapy.Can tell me more about the history and origin of crystal therapy,evidences for and against crystal therapy, the groups of people who cannot use crystal therapy and where i can find reliable information about crystal therapy.thanks for ur time sir!
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acute paradontitis


any help out there that does work greatly appreciated.

Can't afford thousands of pounds of private dental work.

My gingivitis has so dramatically deterioated even within the last four weeks for having seen the dentist last (telling me the 4mm deep pocket infections with bacteria can be helped by having it dental cleaned regularily, only to find out in the last session that it has increased to staggering 9mm!!! and 7 wobbly teeth). I try all I can, Reiki, high strengh natural anitbiotic just started with Oregano oil extract. Doing the MAP programme, Quantum K etc.


thanks for any contstructive imput, even a dentist in Cornwall that specialises on paradontitis surgery...Immidiate action is necessary, not just maybes any more. Searching through the internet I think I found some bogues sites. Yes I even tried Neemgenie with all their natural products to no avail.



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Chronic Hives

I have been suffering from chronic hives/welts that itchy and when I scratch them it spreads and gets scaly. It is usually concentrated on knees, elbows, behind my ears and lower back.

It started a few months after I had my second child, first I used over the counter anti-itch cream and that stopped working so I visited a dermatologist who suggested it was ezcema and prescribed mild steroid (I was still nursing at the time) to control itching. At first the steroid cream worked and after few months it got worse, I went to a different dermatologist and she prescribed stronger steroid cream and suggested I switch out all clothes detergent, shampoo, lotion, etc. to allergy free products.

My skin got better but once again, after a few weeks it was a lot worse. I went to an allergist who administered "prick" test for food and environmental allergies. The test showed a few minor allergies (ragweed, pine pollen, etc.) but nothing unusual. I was also tested for Celiac disease (through blood work) and it came back negative.

I visited my internist who tested for unusual levels in my blood to check for autoimmune disease and everything came back normal. She suggested I visit another dermatologist who is very good and finding answers for difficult skin conditions.

The third dermatologist I visited asked a lot of questions about my lifestyle (stress level, eating habit, excercise, etc.) and thought my condition maybe driven by my hormone levels during pregnancy, nursing and chronic physical stress from insomnia and taking care of an infant. He gave me a non-steroid cream (since at this point my skin thinned due to prolonged use of topical steroids), gave me a prescription for Allegra (to control hives and itching) and performed a biopsy. The biopsy indicated that they are hives. The dermatologist said I should continue the allergy tablets for at least a month and stop taking them to see if the hives return, he also suggested I take extra vitamin C and increase my intake of iron. He speculated that once I stop nursing it will take around 6 months for my hormones to regulate and hopefully my problem will go away.

It's been 3 months since I stopped nursing (I nursed until my second child was 15 months old) and 3 months since I've taken daily allgery medicine (generic Zyrtec) and I still get itchy welts and hives. They are definitely better when I take my allergy medicine but it's still not completely gone. I don't want to increase my daily medication and am wondering if an holistic allergist can figure out what's causing my chronic hives that itchy. This has been going on for 15 months or so. I am very aware of environmental toxins and consume and use only all natural/organic products/food.

 Any suggestions for comment will be greatly appreciated. 


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Addictive Masturbation

I have a son aged 24 who has downs syndrome and autism, the problem at the moment is frequent masturbation, is there anything I can give him to curb the urge for this?

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I always feel cold
Hi there, I feel always cold could you please advice me what is the cause for it, even in 20degree I had to wear fleece and another light Jacket,
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Anti Nuclear Antibodies / ESR
My wrist & fingers of both the hands &also my feet including the sole were paining. I coludnt work as quick as before with the pain in lifting & holding, walking etc.  So the Doctor recommended for the  Anti Nuclear Antibodies & ESR test last month. the count for ESR was 67 mm/h & ANA was 1.13 OD ratio. Also the doctor gave me 2 tablets, OCid 20 & Microcid, which i continued till date but now i feel sick in the evening, with pain in the joints. Pls. let me know if this a some serious problem & also advice diet & if i need to go for some other special check up.
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