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Therapist Questions - November 2008

natural remedy for polymyalgia rhuematica

My father has recently been diagnosed with PMR.  His doctor is willing to treat him with the normal steroid treatment as he's already taking drugs for angina and over active thyroid.  Can you suggest any alternative natural remedies that would be helpful to him?

Thanks very much


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Burning sensation on patches of skin.
I had a very painful burning numb sensation on the bootom right side of my stomach which lasted a day.  a few days later the pain returned much stronger in the top inner left leg.  Ive been the doctors she said there are no bumps or discolouring I'm fine,  I never go the doctors as I am genrally really healthy but this really hurts and I cant describe the pain.  It feels as though my skin is burned and my clothes rubbing hurts.  I keep getting shooting pains in that area too which isnt nice.  Im a healthy 27 year old female can anyone help, the doctor didnt even give me a reason as to what it might be, just made me feel as though i was making it up, which I am not.
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Snenar Shock?
I recieved Scenar treatment on a sprained ankke with pulled ligaments. My therapy lasted aprox 30 min...near the end of the session I suddenly became nausiated, had cold sweats, was hyperventalating and disorientated. I was suffering from shock! This has never happened in the past with treatment. I was hoping to understand why this may have happened. It was very frightening, but I have to admit that my ankle is doing better than it should be. The swelling is minimal and I am putting weight on it only after 4 days. I do have to say that the episode has left me slightly aprehensive of continuing therapy.
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Bio energy products and its benefits
I need to know whether there is scientific proof that what people who market bio energy pendants say have a scientific basis (FIR, aniona, etc. incorporated into the disc burned at very high temperature to put them together along with over 30 supposedly beneficial natural minerals occuring in nature), whether it can be done or has been done, and whether the current products such as bio energy pendants are for real and do work.
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multiple chemical sensitivity
I was bathing with softwater for 30 years. Now I moved a new place where water is very hard. Everytime I shampoo l lost 200 hairs. Is this caused by mineral ion reaction? Dernal Screening method seems work for me to nuetralize  the toxic (pesticide, voc, ...etc) . Do you have any simple device in the USA clinics or for sell?
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anxiety, heart, arthritis, tinitus, bowel illimination,
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Chronic fatigue in child

C is a 12-year-old girl who was diagnosed with ITP at the age of two.

Her platelet level dropped to a count of three during this time and although steroids and transfusion were muted, no treatment was given and her platelet level recovered to normal within a year. Other than some severe earaches and catarrh related issues, ear, nose and throat complaints between the ages of one and five, she was a fit and healthy child requiring no treatments or medical attention.


During the beginning of 2005 C developed an extended high temperature 10 + days with aching pain in her bones and a headache.

Following this attack Clara appeared to make a recovery and displayed no symptoms until eighteen months later.

Since then C has suffered with the following symptoms which reoccur approximately every month and very in severity and duration from light symptoms lasting a couple of days to extended high temperatures and multiple symptoms lasting up to three weeks.

This is a list of the symptoms that C displays during her ‘attacks’’

Swollen throat glands and severe sore throat, Fatigue (Some times chronic), fevers, muscle pain, aching joints, headaches, night sweats, stomach aches, sensitized skin, eyes sensitive to light, cold hands and feet.

Additional information

6 months ago a blood related cousin developed chicken pox which turned into very severe hemorrhagic Chicken pox and she was very fortunate to survive. The illness took 2 months and with heavy medical intervention she is now completely healthy. 

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breakfast & spirulina

I am just wondering about breakfast - currently i take a glass of milo(milo + condensed milk) and 3grams of spirulina at 8:30am before i leave for work. Occasionally, i take a packet of instant milo(3 in 1 packet) at 10:30am if i feel hungry, otherwise i just drink plain water til i get my lunch at 12:45pm. On weekends, i just have a glass of milo and spirulina when i wake up as my breakfast.

1)Is it healthy for me to be doing this?

2)I have been doing it for a long time. What  are the effects of doing this long term?

3) Will taking Spirulina on empty stomache leads to bad effects on my stomache or well-being?

Thanks so much for your time.
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