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Therapist Questions - December 2010

Parkinson's disease


I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in Nov 2008, but up until three months ago, many of the symptoms have gotten much worse; my speech is very much impaired, when the medication wears off, I have a shortness of breath and I am quite constipated. I don't really know what meds to take as my doctor hasn't been overly helpful. I am now taking 2 Senimets 200/50 and one Comtan every three hours and seem to be getting shorter as the meds wear off. There are other meds out there but may not be available in Canada.The escalating part is kind of scary? Is the constsipation slowing down the effectiveness of the Senimet. Any help you can give me will be very much sppreciated.

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confused, please help.

i have a problem. whenever i am asked any question that requires any thinking whatsoever, i choke. i freeze up. you could ask me a question, even a simple math question, and for some reason i have to sit and think for a second sometimes longer. i dont know why. its almost as if i get nervous that i dont know the answer, and i just freeze. i dont know how to explain it. i feel as though i am always, always in a fog. i cant figure it out. i cant focus on anything, i just sit there and think. and then i think about thinking. and then i think about what i was thinking about before. i have no consistency, rhyme or rhythm to anything i do. i used to be really smart. i used to have confidence and take pride in my ability to do everyday things. i havent even had a girlfriend in two years, and i have a very hard time getting close to people. its like my subconscious makes every situation awkward and foreign. i would never turn to someone else for my personal problems such as this, but i dont know what else to do. i used to think as you get older, you get smarter and progress in life. now i have a job that i can barely handle because im always in a cloud in my mind. i dont know where to turn, which is why im posting this. ANY help is appreciated, even recommendations as to where to go for psychology testing or whatever. i did therapy for 3 years straight, gained nothing except the ability to overanalyze everything i do, say, think and hear. now everything that occurs i think "why did i do that? why did i say that?" everything. i feel helpless. ADHD? ADD? Whatever it is, i need to know what to call it, or where to go, or learn whatever i can do to try to improve my situation. tired of feeling dumb. please help, this is my last stand.


sorry for the long post

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obstruction in ureater (puj)

i m suffering from puj obstruction...due to which my left kidney is getting big(hyderonephrosis)....doctors told me for surgery.they will cut ureter pipe...what to do?

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How likely am I to lose weight on this excersize and diet plan? Details in question description.

I am overwieght and recently started working on lossing weight. I currently weigh 350lbs (down from 365lbs). Basically, I used to eat fast food like 5 to 6 times a week. I have limited my fast food visits to 1 to 2 (at most) visits a week and even when I do go out to fast food, I pick healthier choices like salads or grilled chicken options depending on where I go. Also, I removed sugery drinks like Sodas from my diet altogether and get excersize in the form of walking an hour a day, not including walking I do at work. I started 3 months ago and so far have lost 15lbs. How likely am I to continue losing weight with my current modification in diet in excersize and what additional things can I do to lose weight at a safe pace?

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Mystery Stomach Ailment
My best friend has had stomach issues her entire life.  She has always had a weak stomach and vomited often.  She has never been able to eat spicy, rich, or high fiber foods, but recently she has gotten much worse.  She is 23 years old and is unable to eat any foods with high fat or fiber content.  When she does, she becomes ill and vomits.  She is unable to drink alcohol because it upsets her stomach.  The doctors thought she might have a condition where she digests food much slower than most people, but they found this was not the case.  Then they though that that she might have a tumor on her pituitary gland causing a hormone imbalance.  This was also not the case.  She is restricted to eating white rice and deli meat and she has just about had it.  Can anyone help us find answers?  She just wants to live a normal life.
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