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Bio-Resonance energy medicine
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Bio-Resonance energy medicine in general, and the e-Lybra specifically, are today’s most advanced and effective technology designed to assist with self healing by bringing balance and harmony to our body and bio-fields when we are experiencing sickness or pain, physically, mentally or emotionally.

Vibrational imbalances can be acquired and/or created by our mental and emotional responses to the happenings in our daily lives and with the exchange of quantum vibrational information, of which all life is composed, between each other, our environment, food, drink, air we breathe and the electric smog with which we are bombarded 24 hours a day.

As we are completely ‘energy’ human beings, along with all else in existence, then our physical body with its organs, systems, fluids and cells, all with their own individual frequency vibrations, including our thoughts and feelings, will respond with harmony and self healing to the balanced vibrational information transmitted from the e-Lybra reminding the parts experiencing disharmony and discomfort what balanced health felt like. With regular 'reminders' the intelligence of our body and bio-fields responds towards wellness.

For example, what we vibrate out we can attract back, so if we are vibrating out fear about a particular issue a resonance will be created by our thoughts and emotions which could attract back to us the very situation we do not want that is if we hold the vibration of the fear for long enough, the universe always responds to us, this then becomes an imbalance within our own bio-field and body meaning there is a vibrational dominance of the pattern of fear with a vibrational deficiency of, say, peace or security.

At one level we are experiencing consciously this uncomfortable emotional/psychological state and at another unconscious level these vibrational thought patterns are informing the very consciousness of the cells of our body that all is not well and they will be acting accordingly, quite often this can result in a weakened immune system or weight gain from comfort eating. Eventually prolonged stressed situations, and also sudden sharp traumas, communicate to the whole of our being our state of imbalance which affects health.

This is where sessions on the e-Lybra can really help gently, powerfully and safely re-informing our body and bio-fields with balanced vibrational patterns. This can be experienced in subtle and definite ways as the clearing of blocks to wellbeing shift and release. Sometimes all sorts of other imbalances, which have been hidden behind, can also reveal themselves only to be brought to balance too, maybe unhelpful eating patterns naturally loose their hold giving us a chance to support with helpful lifestyle changes or, we are able to find new and different ways of approaching certain problems because the old ways which are no longer working, we can release.

Energy medicine in the form of vibrational information as transmitted from the e-Lybra bio-resonance system and simultaneously received by you reminds the whole of you that - All is Well.

TESTIMONAL FROM Lesley-Ann at WorldwideHealth.com - JULY '09,

When I first requested remote e-Lybra sessions I had no energy, I was unhappy with being over weight, eating more than I should and craving sweet things, especially chocolate and not coping very well when things went wrong often being up tight with not a lot of patience. I was struggling with things with my extended family that had left me feeling bitter, angry, and with distant and strained relationships with certain members of my family.

What I found sometime after my sessions had started was that I noticed a positive change to my response patterns and I began to think about things before reacting by being able to step back and assess the situation, try to look at things from their point of view and not be judgemental, then dealing with them in a better way. This means I am a happier me with happier people around me as I am now more in control of how I feel and positive about everything, especially the situation with my family which has eased considerably, incredible really.

In the last week of my sessions, my attitude to food changed by applying Jenifer's life style and nutritional counselling together with emotional and nutritional balancing from the e-Lybra. I found a desire to exercise more regularly, my eating patterns have stabilised as I am not so hungry all the time and my energy level has returned, it is all so exciting.

I would highly recommend Jenifer to anyone who needs help with physical and emotional problems, she makes you feel totally at ease talking about, in some cases, sensitive subjects, and from the very beginning, although I didn't fully understand how bio-resonance worked remotely, I knew and trusted that Jenifer knew what she was talking about, what she was doing and, that I would benefit from her treatments which has certainly proved to be the case. I really can say that these remote bio-resonance sessions are amazing and excellent.

By Jemifer Diva
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