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To Achieve Your Goals, Know Your Personality Profile

It's now commonly known that those who set goals will be more successful than those who don't. But did you realise that your personality affects the type of goals you're most likely to succeed with? Read on to learn how to set the most appropriate goals for your personality type.

Finding Your Ideal Career

In the current climate, many people are looking away from the traditional job market towards working for themselves. The massive redundancies and job insecurity has caused many people to radically rethink their career plans.

What is Life Coaching?

What's all this about Life Coaching then? We are in a 24/7 'on demand' world. We need to be creative yet conforming, work 'smart' while juggling other commitments, be flexible yet meet deadlines.

Past Life Residues

During the 19th century, a violinist suffering a panic attack on stage, rushed from a concert hall, stumbled into the street, and screamed as the wheel of a passing wagon crushed his hand.

The Metamorphic Technique – A Tool For Growth

Transformation is something quite different to change. It is a positive shift to a finer, purer expression of our true selves. And as such it is permanent.

10 Ways to boost your Creativity!

Creativity is your birthright - but can often be hidden in the everyday. To facilitate your personal development and self growth, here are some creativity tips you can use to resurrect, refresh and enhance your creative faculties.

What is Coaching?

Coaching has been developing for some 20 years or more both in the UK and elsewhere. There are many different types and 'definitions' of coaching, and as I write, a clear and agreed definition has not yet been reached! But that doesn't make coaching any less real, and any less useful and effective.

What is a Coach?

I was invited recently to speak at the Annual Conference of the eLearning Network (ELN), an organisation that promotes best practice in all aspects of learning technologies.

Your Health in the New Year

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare." - Japanese proverb Many anthropologists believe that the tradition of making New Year's resolutions has been traced back to the year 153 B.

How to Overcome a Fearful and Scary Situation

All most everybody worries about what will happen when they face a stressful and scary situation. The prospect of not knowing what to do can be frightening.

How To Get Your Complementary Therapy Business Off To A Flying Start

Well done! You've passed the exams, received the certificate, taken out your insurance and you're ready to open the doors in your new complementary therapy business.


I worked with a client who had suffered from social anxiety for most of her life. She grew up in a dysfunctional family who emotionally abused her, and she arrived at the point of believing that there was something wrong with being her.

Happiness is about Freedom...Are You Free?

The Dalai Lama, in his book The Art of Happiness, says that the very purpose of life is happiness, and I am sure you agree with that. And what is happiness? Happiness is about freedom and it begins in the mind.

Are YOU Your Own Leader?

Perhaps you are wondering: what does it mean being my own leader? Well, among the aspects of being your own leader are that you are your own authority, you think independently, you live your life on your own terms, and you are authentic.

Attitude for Greatness

What is attitude? It is what you think, believe, feel, expect, act, in relation to yourself, life, people, and your goals. Attitude can be positive or it can be negative; it can be limiting or it can be expanding; if you have a positive attitude, you feel alive, well, loved, happy, liked, confident,.

The Power of Persistence

I went recently to see the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happiness'; if you haven't seen it, please go, it is great. It could be the story of so many of us and it is about some of the most important qualities we need in order to succeed and be happy.


Having worked with many clients recovering from childhood emotional abuse, and having experienced it myself, I want to share my learning with you, in the hope that it will help you be well, feel good, be happy and create the life you desire and deserve.


Coaching is one of an ever-increasing number of self-development techniques used in the quest for a better quality of life. The first association that may spring to mind when you hear coaching is sports.

No Matter Where You Are At In Your Life, YOU CAN

I was reading through some statistics regarding depression and the percentage of people suffering from this has increased substantially. And I remembered what I often hear from people: ‘I have failed in my life' or ‘I have not achieved anything,' or ‘I experienced such and such in my past and it will jeopardize my entire life,' or ‘I have made a lot of mistakes,' or ‘I have been feeling depressed or anxious for so many years and I can't change.

5 Natural Steps to Reduce Stress quickly

We have access to time- and labour-saving devices beyond the dreams of any previous generation. Yet stress, anxiety and depression seem more common problems than ever before.

Feeling Feelings--Overlooked

You have no doubt heard or used the expression breaking down. Breaking down, means to show one's feelings, usually sadness. It is inexplicably ironic that a natural emotion is given a negative euphemistic nameBeginning at a young age, boys are primarily valued for achievement, stoicism and heroism.

Seven Secrets to Finding Joy

To pursue happiness is an inalienable right. To experience happiness is not. No one owes you happiness. No one can ensure your happiness. Happiness is a choice-your choice.

The Power of a Day

The power of a day. What will you do today? Will everything be the same or will you make a change. Even a small change can alter your feelings and change life dramatically.

How to Feel Better Fast!

Would you like to spend as much time as possible feeling good? Happy? Contented?The ancient shamans have a secret practice that can help you maximize your pleasure in life-and minimize your pain.

How’d They Do That?

"How'd they do that?" I asked myself time and time again in my youth.As a journalist and documentary filmmaker, I witnessed ordinary people performing extraordinary feats on countless occasions.

Joy Is the Juice

"If you work for money, you are no better than a slave. If you do anything you don't enjoy in life, you are no better than a slave!"Wow! Strong words from my first spiritual teacher.

Jump Start Your Life!

Ten ways to put some kick back in your life!1. Be crystal clear about your own life passion. When you're in touch with what brings you joy in life, you can choose wisely where to direct your creating attention.

The Joy of Living in the Zone

What do people want most in the world? What is the most sought-after goal? From the moment we awaken to the moment we close our eyes at night, what is it we seek every minute of the day? We want to feel good.

The Mind Creates Its Worst Fear

On my sojourn across the country, a night spent camping in Idaho's mountain wilderness demonstrated to me the power of the human mind to create a physical reality from its deepest emotional fears.

Stopping Time

Six hundred feet straight down! Nothing to break the fall. I've got to switch channels. I don't like my chances on this station. Infused with youthful caprice, I mused to myself about my predicament.

A New Year: a Fresh Start!

An ingenious spiritual teacher, Lester Levenson, shifts people out of old, crippling emotional patterns with the simple suggestion: "That was Then.

Nine Steps to Abundance

The word "abundance" comes from a Sanskrit word meaning "wave." If we place ourselves in the River of Life, we can ride the wave, or current, of universal abundance to encounter all the money, vitality and love we could ever want.

Supercharge Your Dreams!

We all accept the fact that the lighter the backpack, the easier and quicker the climb to the top of the mountain. We all understand that the lighter the load on an airplane, the higher and faster it can fly.

Surf the Wave of Abundance

Bank account bare? Bedroom barren? Body running on empty? Buddha not showing up? Why?Maybe because your beat is off! You're out of step with the AbunDance.

Twelve Questions to Kickstart Your Dream

What's your dream? Would you like to give your vision a jumpstart? Write down your goals and use these questions to speed up delivery of your dream.

Who’s In Charge Here?

Watch your thoughts. They become words.Watch your words. They become actions.Watch your actions. They become habits.Watch your habits. They become character.

Amazing Discovery for Enjoying Life More – Natural Relaxation

To really enjoy ourselves in life, we often feel that we have to do something special. We dine at a fashionable new restaurant, go to a party or see the latest movie.

One way of being grateful to feel good

Being grateful by definition is being appreciative or thankfulI wonder how many times we actually consider what we are grateful for?Maybe if we all did this more often we would realise what we have.

Taking Control of Your Life

Your AspirationsPeople generally feel out of control when their aspirations in life can not be achieved. We all like to succeed in life and, unless you take control of your path in life, you have a big chance of failure.

Get That Feel Good Factor!

Get that Feel Good Factor! - Boy we could all do with it! Some say that merely getting out in the sunshine can boost our 'happy' zones and make us feel good about ourselves.

Study reveals when you are the happiest

  Do you find your mind wandering as you are at work typing an email to a college, or when you are writing an essay for a class or when you are cleaning your home? How many hours of your day is spent thinking about doing something else or another situation? A new research study examines the level of happiness of a large number of people and what activities bring people the most joy and the type of attitude mind wandering creates.

Change your Life TODAY

DO YOU KNOW.... ‘What IS' is ONLY ever in that very moment, unless you prolong it! Do you know that every single feeling you have is first created by a thought you think? Every state of mind you have, whether happy, sad, depressed, angry or content begins on a thought level Thought is one of the most powerful forms of energy in the entire universe.

What Empowers You?

Different people are empowered by different things. Do you even know what empowers you? What does it mean to be empowered? I believe that it means being the best version of who you are.

How to be SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY as a Therapist - Ten Actions that Work

This article explains an evolutionary way for therapists and health practitioners to work and live - a way that focuses on self-enquiry. This way is for therapists across all modalities who want to cultivate bliss and success in their lives and therapy work.

Discover Your Possibilities

Do you long to shine? To be the best you, you can be? Yes. Great let’s start discovering your possibilities. Some people achieve great things in their life, why not you? And why not now? ~ Bruce Kidson Do you long to shine? To be the best you, you can be? Yes.

The Amazing Power of Momentum

The Amazing Power of Momentum Momentum is the forward movement towards accomplishing a desired goal.  By creating momentum, we can achieve our goals more easily.

Combining Life Coaching with NLP and CBT

Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and, Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) can work together in any client situation.  They act as tools to help improve and change a person's life.

The Mystery of Guided Imagery and How Working With A Hypnotist Can Help You?

When people talk about guided imagery, hypnotic trance, and meditation … essentially, they are speaking of the same thing. Any time you are very focused on something and you narrow your attention to what you may be focused on, as you might do if you are really engrossed in a good movie, or totally involved in a sporting event, or just daydreaming, you are in a state of trance.

Prepare Now! 4 Keys to a Smooth and Peaceful Retirement

Retirement is often treated like difficult goal that ends up being a punishment. Retirement is actually a great chance to change and improve your life.

Life Coaching for Adults with Dyslexia and Other Learning Difficulties

Dyslexia is a disability thought to affect around 10% of the population. It is a genetic condition and one of the most common specific learning difficulties affecting children and adults.

What is ?

10 Ways To Keep Your Life Coach or Therapy Business Small & Struggling

As a practice building specialist, I come across struggling small businesses every day. Coaches and Therapists who think that all they need to do once they qualify is get a business card, a shiny website and a glossy brochure.

Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?Life coaching is increasing in popularity. It is hiring a person (Life Coach) to assist you in achieving personal goals.

Like a Kid in a Sweetshop

Like a kid in a sweet shop: the use of generative metaphor "I have found our work to explore my metaphoric sweet shop really helpful on a number of levels.

Redundancy - Coaching to a New Start

REDUNDANCY - COACHING TO A NEW START As UK plc continues to grapple with the economic downturn, multinationals and SMEs alike are experiencing the impact of redundancy measures, not only on employees directly affected, but on those remaining with the business.

I have a Question

Are you a positive or a negative person?

Are you a positive or a negative person?                                                We all like to think we can think positively, but often don'tachieve this.

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