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Tachyon Energy: A New Paradigm in Science and Health

Holistic health; harmony and healing of the body; balance on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels, are all based on an energy source that is integral to our existence.

Relaxation Techniques (part 2)

Relaxation techniques can be done almost anywhere (except while driving), cost nothing and are free of side effects.In part one we examined a breathing exercise and an autogenic relaxation technique.

A Guide To Hypnosis

There are many stories about hypnotherapy being dangerous, turning people into chickens, people not being able to wake up, and unscrupulous hypnotists exploiting their ‘vulnerable' patients.

Yes, You Can Meditate! Find Out What Your Meditation Style Is

  How can I be more psychic? Meditate. How can I hear my angels and guides better? Meditate. How can do I know I'm making the right choice? Meditate.

Made in the Shade

Last year, my wife and I moved to Boise, Idaho, also known as the city of trees. The name Boise comes from the French word boisé, which means "wooded" or "forest-covered", and compared to the desert landscape to the south and west, the name Boise is very appropriate.

Relaxation at Work, Works

Whilst everyone likes the idea of being relaxed at work it is difficult in most companies to find the necessary support to make that kind of holistic change.

Donít Let Worry Destroy Your Health

Worrying never gets good results. It is not good for our emotions, our health, our creative ability or for fulfilling our life. Still we worry that if we don’t stress out and worry like everyone else, how will others judge us? Will we be perceived as crazy, not normal, not right or as having low morality? Why does most of the world live life this way? It is almost inconceivable to think that you can stop worrying.


If your anything like me the word "meditation" creates the image of a person sitting cross legged with their arms rested on their knees, thumb and middle finger touching, eyes closed and the sound of monotone humming or water in the background.

Coming From Alpha

No, this is not about interplanetary travel...I don't think! It's about establishing the ideal atmosphere in which to operate as an effective Practitioner in the Healing Arts.

Journey To Oneness & Enlightenment

In August 2004 a friend of mine told me about attending an Enlightenment workshop. I had no idea what this was about, but something told me that I needed to attend.

What is Holiday Stress and Why Do You Get so Stressed on Holiday?

What is Holiday Stress and Why Do We Get so Stressed on Holiday?Holiday stress seems to affect a lot of people nowadays. You work so hard all year and the last thing you want is to get stressed on holiday.

Meditation - Improve Physical and Mental Health

 Meditation is a group of mental training techniques. You can use meditation to improve mental health and capacity to improve their motivation for their goals and also to help improve physical health.

Creating Paradise Within: Better Health through Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

Since humans first roamed the earth there have been oral and written stories of the quest to find the elixir of life--the Fountain of Youth. The Western biblical tradition tells of a Golden Age when people lived hundreds of years.

What is Meditation?

meditation is a whole body tonicMeditation is a whole-body tonic, which is valuable in promoting and improving health and overall well-being.

Drug Trial - Hope for Heart Attack Patients

Breakthrough in drug trial offers hope for heart attack patientsNew findings from a major drug trial have brought experts a step closer to developing a drug which could prevent thousands of British deaths from heart attacks.

Nature reduces pain for Cancer patients

Cancer patients experienced a significant reduction of pain when introduced to an environment that eluded nature through appearance and sound.

Nightmares into happy dreams

  It is no new news that the human mind is an incredible tool but research shows a new approach to use the power of the mind to change nightmares into dreams with happy endings.

Zen meditation reduces Pain

Zen meditation has many positive aspects; one being the ability to reduce pain. A study was conducted to specifically determine how Zen meditation enables people to experience less pain.

Do you meditate?

Meditation is an ancient practice that has withstood the test of time. Today, more than ever meditation can provide stability, comfort and a firm foundation for healthy living.

Are you feeding your spiritual health?

Most people are concerned about their physical, emotional and mental health but what about their spiritual health. What is spiritual? What is spiritual health? What activities strengthen and exercise spiritual health? How does taking care of spiritual health affect health? What is spiritual? Spiritual means pertaining to ones spirit.

Stages of Meditation and Reiki

I've been asked by many friends to clarify the connection between Reiki and Meditation.First of all, let's agree on what is meditation and what are the stages of meditation.

Stages Meditation and Reiki

I've been asked by many friends to clarify the connection between Reiki and Meditation.First of all, let's agree on what is meditation and what are the stages of meditation.

WANTED: Success and happiness as a health practitioner

Are you trying to make a living as a therapist or health practitioner? Self-enquiry is an evolutionary way for you to cultivate bliss and success in your life and therapy work.

Listen to yourself through Meditation

Meditation, prayer, or quiet time are the anchors to life itself. To sit still listening to one's breath and thinking only of a calm sea should be at the beginning of each day, affirming a peaceful, quiet and harmonious day.

Original Yoga Essence (O2 and Breathing) is Distorted by Key Yoga Gurus

Present day yoga is quite dissimilar to the genuine yoga trained for hundreds of years and even from yoga which had been used some 50-70 years ago.

Meditation and Healing Workshop Offered at Oncology Conference

  I recently had the opportunity to offer an in-depth workshop on meditation and healing during the 8th International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology.

The Mystery of Guided Imagery and How Working With A Hypnotist Can Help You?

When people talk about guided imagery, hypnotic trance, and meditation … essentially, they are speaking of the same thing. Any time you are very focused on something and you narrow your attention to what you may be focused on, as you might do if you are really engrossed in a good movie, or totally involved in a sporting event, or just daydreaming, you are in a state of trance.

Fascinating New Research on Meditation and Brain Health

  The Power of “Cortical Folding” aka “Gyrification” In terms of brain health, what exactly is “cortical folding” or “gyrification” and how does it increase your mental capacity? These questions may seem to address complex issues best left to neuroscience, except for one simple practice that directly relates to them: meditation.

EFT, Yoga, and Tai Chi: 3 Amazing Relaxation Tools You Should Try

The American Occupational Therapy Association says that it is absolutely important for people to have an optimal balance between work and leisure to achieve optimal physical and emotional health.

What is ?

Death - What Happens When We Die?

It is said that beyond the human kingdom there is a place that the ‘dead’ go and in some circles it is believed that when a person ‘dies’ they are really ‘reborn’ to spirit.

News Articles

Study shows brief training in meditation may help manage pain

Living with pain is stressful, but a surprisingly short investment of time in mental training can help you cope.A new study examining the perception of pain and the effects of various mental training techniques has found that relatively short and simple mindfulness meditation training can have a significant positive effect on pain management.

Prayer on the hospital floor

What happens when the families of sick and dying hospitalized children ask their physicians to pray with them, or for them? How do paediatricians respond to such personal requests? While increasing numbers of physicians say that religion and spirituality help some patients and families cope with serious illness, a new study reports that it is almost always the families and patients who raise the issue of prayer, not the doctors themselves.

Meditation reduces the emotional impact of pain

People who meditate regularly find pain less unpleasant because their brains anticipate the pain less, a new study has found.Scientists from The University of Manchester recruited individuals into the study who had a diverse range of experience with meditation, spanning anything from months to decades.

Are all meditation techniques the same?

Different practices often produce different resultsAs doctors increasingly prescribe meditation to patients for stress-related disorders, scientists are gaining a better understanding of how different techniques from Buddhist, Chinese, and Vedic traditions produce different results.

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