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The e-LYBRA Bio-Resonance System

The Human Bio-Field has many layers including, the etheric (or physical double), emotional, mental and spiritual etc., and they can affect each other.

An Energy Field and Bio-Resonance System

The 'Energy Field' of everything in existence - from the Universe with it's galaxies and planets, to Humans, animals, plants and minerals - are now an accepted (and to a degree, measurable) fact.

New Documentary Reveals How The Body Can Heal Itself‏

A collection of the world's leading researchers, scientists and doctors have come together to challenge the medical community's thinking about how to get well and stay well in a cutting edge documentary premiering at The Living Matrix: The Science of Healing conference in London on March 13, 2009.

Recession Blues Could Be Making You Ill

Feeling down in the dumps about the credit crunch could actually be affecting your long term health, according to a collection of the world's leading researchers, scientists and doctors in a groundbreaking new documentary about getting well and staying well in the 21st Century.

Bio-Resonance energy medicine

Bio-Resonance energy medicine in general, and the e-Lybra specifically, are today’s most advanced and effective technology designed to assist with self healing by bringing balance and harmony to our body and bio-fields when we are experiencing sickness or pain, physically, mentally or emotionally.

Propecia finasteride – important dos and don’ts

About Propecia finasteride Propecia finasteride is prescribed to men who suffer from male pattern baldness, which is also known as androgenetic alopecia.

Organic CBD vs Inorganic CBD - Why Does It Matter?

While shopping for your next CBD oil, you must understand the difference between organic CBD and inorganic CBD. These two terms are quite opposite to each other and so is their nature.

Justifications For Using Cannabis Consultants To Expand Your Business

It might be difficult to proceed appropriately when a corporation is arranging an expansion or producing a new product without getting personal or politically involved.

Advantages Of A Massage Chair

You can also relax with a massage chair. A massage chair can be used to treat many conditions, improve blood circulation, mental well-being, and other benefits.

What is ?

Here’s the scoop on Bio-resonance

Bio-resonance is another alternative therapy that helps the body overcome and heal from chronic pain, allergies and many illnesses. It focuses on placing electrodes on the skin surface in a strategic manner.

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