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Alternative, Drug-Free Approaches to Migraine

If you, or someone you love, is a migraine sufferer, you'll know the devastating effect this agonising affliction can have on the whole family - not just the sufferer.

6 Easy Remedies For Headaches

Since I started eating a 95-100% raw vegetarian diet, it is very, very unusual that I get a headache.  But once in a while I still do.   These are the strategies that I take to get rid of them.

Cefaly – a Novel Design Electrotherapy Device For Prevention and Treatment of Headache

About Cefaly TreatmentCefaly is the first cranial analgesic electrotherapy device to have advanced Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation treatment and an ISO medical certification.

Migraine relief for sufferers of migraine headache and symptoms

Migraine relief treatment Most migraineurs can deal with mild-to-moderate  migraine attacks at home. Some of the measures mentioned below will help migraine relief.

Headache Pain Relief Treatment

What are headaches? Headaches rank amongst the most common and frequent ailments. A headache is not a disease, but may be indicative of other underlying problems.

Resolving the Mystery of the Migraine Headaches

About MigrainesA migraine is a severe headache that tends to recur with symptoms like nausea and vomiting. The pain is usually on one side of the head and there is an added sensitivity to bright lights and noises.

Know what headache and stress is all about

About tension headache More than 300 known medical disorders can produce headaches. Primary headaches include migraine, tension-type and cluster headache.

Migraine Can Be Severely Debilitating But Proper Treatment and Prevention May Help

Who get migraine?Physiologically, migraine headache is a neurological condition that is more commonly known to afflict women than men. Women experience migraines at least three times more often than men, probably because of hormonal changes.

Pollen allergy may be the reason for your sneezing in spite of a change in seasons

About Hay FeverIn the various seasons (spring, summer, and fall) during the year, pollen grains are dispersed from trees, weeds, and grasses.

Types of headache and their treatment

HeadacheReports suggest that at least 40% people in the UK suffer headache at some point to the extent that can affect the quality of their life.

Headaches can impact your life – some seriously some not so seriously

Headache treatmentMost headaches are caused by muscle spasms in the back of the head and neck. The spasm can be sparked by emotional stress or by holding the head in a fixed position for long hours.

Cefaly for migraine headache treatment

Cefaly for headache treatmentCefaly is the first cranial analgesic electrotherapy device, complete with an advanced Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation treatment and an ISO medical certificate.

Managing and Treating Migraine Headache

Migraine TreatmentFortunately, managing migraines have become possible in the last decade. Although there is still no cure, medications can help reduce the frequency of migraine and stop the pain once it has started.

How to manage your headache and migraine symptoms

Migraine - Severe headaches can be harmfulMigraines are a common problem in the UK where up to 10% of the population suffer from them. Primarily, they are defined as a severe headache on one side of the head and often accompanied by other distressful symptoms.

A revolutionary medical device for treating headaches and migraines

Cefaly The modern life is full of challenges and while chasing your dreams in life, you may get exposed to various stresses and strains that can cause headaches at times.

Migraine relief tips

Migraine headaches affect millions of individuals around the world. They are extremely painful and hard to bear. Migraines can last anywhere from one hour to three or four days.

Tension headaches – A brief overview

Tension headaches or tension type headaches are primary headache suffered commonly by men, as well as women. A person suffering from tension headache will experience pain radiating from the eyes, the back, neck and various other muscle groups in the body.

Migraine basics – Learn about the causes and treatment

Migraines are a severe type of headache characterised by an intense pulsating or throbbing pain in one area of the head. Migraines are differentiated from other headaches as they are typically accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound.

Headache basics – Causes and treatment

Pain in the head is known as a headache. The scientific name for the condition is cephalalgia. Headaches are one of the most frequently reported conditions.

Headaches in teens

Headaches in teens tied to overweight, smoking and lack of exerciseTeens who are overweight, get little exercise or who smoke may be more likely to have frequent headaches and migraines than teens with none of these factors, according to a study published in the online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Be prepared for the emotional, physical and mental aspects of Christmas

Wow, it's already December and the count down to 25th of December has begun. The Christmas season is filled with parties, traditions, food, festivities, reflections, presents and people.

An Overview of Bowen Technique

The Bowen technique is an approach to healing that will bring improved health and transform your body's situation. The Bowen technique was developed in Australia by a man named Tom Bowen.

Tension headache: A clinical study of its treatment by acupuncture

Tension headache A clinical study of its treatment by acupuncture by Emad Tukmachi and Firhaas Tukmachi     ABSTRACT The Western medical treatment of tension headache often encounters difficulties with regard to clinical diagnosis, treatment and financial costs.

Lilium Convallium is a herb known as Lily of the Valley

This herb has also been called Male Lily and Lily Confancy.  The root is small and creeps firmly in the ground similar to grass roots, often grown in gardens for its attractive scent from the flowers, which are an attractive bowl-shaped flower very nice for use in displays and even used at weddings.

Cranial Care: How to Identify and Treat a Head Injury

One of the most dangerous places to be injured is on the head. It can cause long-term disabilities that will affect brain function. When an accident occurs, it's important to identify the head injury and treat it immediately to reduce any trauma.

Headaches And Dizziness: Assessing Your Head Discomfort

When it comes to headaches, they can often make you feel like you don't want to get out of bed during the day. They can be so severe that you are nauseous, and they can also make you feel dizzy.

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Most of us suffer from headaches at some time, making this an extremely common complaint. Headaches may be caused by a variety of factors, most of which are not serious.

News Articles

Why light worsens migraine headaches

Ask anyone who suffers from migraine headaches what they do when they're having an attack, and you're likely to hear "go into a dark room.

Migraine may double risk of heart attack

New York, USA - Migraine sufferers are twice as likely to have heart attacks as people without migraine, according to a new study by researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University.

iPods ‘Louder than Pneumatic Drills’ Warn Experts

Millions of Brits are risking their hearing by listening to music at a volume louder than a pneumatic drill, a study revealed yesterday.Researchers found one in ten people regularly turn their radio up to a higher volume than a drill on a building site, with another one in six listening to their MP3 player at a level which is more  deafening than an aeroplane taking off.

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