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How a blind person studies complementary courses

Reasons for studying complementary modalities:I like to work with my hands and with people on a one to one basis.I would've liked to study a medical degree but could not due to my visual disability, but I can make a difference in people's lives by giving them complementary treatments.

What you should expect from your holistic therapist

The Holistic Therapist and what makes a good oneA Holistic Therapist  should above all else be a fully qualified practitioner; there are many qualifications and paths to becoming qualified available to someone perusing a career in holistic therapy.

Injury Prevention for Therapists

Why are massage therapists so susceptible to occupation related injuries? Many of the massage techniques that we perform on a daily basis are repetitious and repetition is the primary reason why massage causes injuries.

What is ?

Massage Training Course

In response to the increasing number of requests we receive each year from Five Star Hotels / Spas / Health Clubs who wish to recruit authentic Spa Technicians, we at DKA have created an Spa Massage Training Program meant to teach the various massage therapies.

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