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UK Swine Flu Cases Double in Just Five Days

The number of Swine Flu cases in the United Kingdom has doubled in the last 5 days to 1,461. The Department of Health confirmed today that a further 141 further patients under investigation in England have been confirmed with swine flu in the last 24 hours.

General information about Swine flu

The world is facing a serious flu threat in the form of swine flu. Currently human cases of swine flu have been reported from Mexico and the US.

Kitchen Work Surfaces must be kept Clean and Tidy on a Regular Basis

In order to maintain excellent hygiene on our work top surfaces and especially in the kitchen, we should use a product that can be easily applied and if possible using a product made up of natural ingredients.

Cold and Flu Prevention - Tips to Protect Yourself from Cold

Cold and flu are the most commonly occurring illnesses in the entire world, with more than 1 billion colds per year reported in the United States alone.

How to prevent Cold and Flu With Foods

In the previous Article, we learned that cold and flu are the most commonly occurring illnesses in the entire world, with more than 1 billion colds per year reported in the United States alone.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Winter Health Tips for the New Year

  Happy New Year! The holiday excitement is over and now we can move into the stillness of the winter season. It’s a perfect time to become more introspective, set new goals, and nourish your entire being according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

What is the Plant Woad Used For?

The common name is Glisten or Woad for Insatis Tinctoria which is a yellow colored flowering plant from the family Brassicaceae often called dyer’s woad.

What is ?

What is a virus?

Viral Illness and AromatherapyWhat is a virus?  What is a viral illness?  How is a viral illness treated?  How are essential oils in the treatment of viral conditions?These four questions set the agenda for this brief paper.

News Articles

UK Swine Flu cases top 3,250

In the last month the number of cases of Swine Flu in the UK has risen dramatically from 137 to 3,254306 further patients under investigation in England have today been confirmed through laboratory testing with swine flu.

Ebola Reston in pigs and humans in the Philippines - Update

Earlier this year the World Health Organization and the Government of Philippines announced that a slaughterhouse worker who has daily contact with pigs tested positive for antibodies against the Ebola Reston virus.

Swine Flu Pandemic (H1N1) 2009: Advice for travellers

Currently there are no travel restrictions to any country. The pandemic alert level is at phase 6, indicating widespread global transmission of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza.

New research confirms potential deadly new malaria species in humans

Researchers in Malaysia have identified key laboratory and clinical features of an emerging new form of malaria infection. The research confirms the potentially deadly nature of the disease.

New test quickly finds active TB in smear-negative patients

Active tuberculosis can be rapidly identified in patients with negative sputum tests by a new method, according to European researchers. Active tuberculosis (TB) is the seventh-leading cause of death worldwide, and while the diagnosis of active TB can be rapidly established when the bacteria can be identified on sputum microscopy, in about half of all cases, the TB bacterium cannot be detected, making another diagnostic option critical in efforts to control the spread of TB.

Swine flu

Swine flu is a threat to an increasing number of people.  It is best to be prepared for any threat like this in advance.  The use of essential oils can strengthen the preventative measures issued by the WHO (World Health Organisation) of:Wash you hands properly.

New virus is not linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, suggests UK research

New UK research, recently published, has not reproduced previous findings that suggested Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may be linked to a recently discovered virus.

Bacteria toxic to wound-treating maggots

Bacteria that infect chronic wounds can be deadly to maggot 'biosurgeons' used to treat the lesions, show researchers writing in the journal Microbiology.

Lung virus taking its toll on young lives, study finds

A common virus that causes wheezing and pneumonia claims the lives of up to two hundred thousand children worldwide each year, a study has found.

Does an Ancient Remedy Work Better than Modern Drugs?

The innovative health products formulation company Sweet Cures (York, UK) has released a top strength organic-certified Wild Oregano Oil onto the world market, after trialing the product for many months to reach the most effective formulation.

40 percent of surface disinfectants ineffective in eliminating viruses that cause gastroenteritis

Québec City, CANADA - Some 40% of commercial disinfectants used to clean surfaces are believed to be ineffective in eliminating noroviruses, a group of viruses responsible for more than half of all food borne gastroenteritis outbreaks.

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