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Get Ahead of Lice

It is common knowledge that head lice do not prefer dirty hair, but we still can not help but associate them with poor hygiene. They spread easily from one person to another, are difficult to see and have become resistant to many of the chemicals that have been used to treat them - no wonder then that they're the bane of every parents life.

The Truth About Hair Loss

It is normal to shed hair every day and the truth is we loose between 100-125 hairs on any given day. Hair that is shed falls out at the end of growth cycle.

Stop Hair Loss Due to Vitamin Deficiency

Zinc, iron, vitamins B, essential fatty acids, amino acids and other nutrients and supplements are responsible for hair growth. If these deficiencies and shortage occur, for whatever reason, it is likely hair loss.

Parent and Teachers Guide to Child Safety

Every home and school should have a first aid kit. Most parents don't think of having a safe and natural head lice treatment ready at a moment's notice.

Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment

Stem cells are special cells that act as a repair system of body tissues like intestine, hair follicles, blood capillaries, stomach etc. Stem cells are found in all regenerative organs, that is, organs that regenerates themselves after specific time period.

How to Reduce Your Body Weight through Self Motivation?

In today’s era, where women are dieting to the extent of suffering from anorexia, having a bulging and plump body is no doubt, a literal curse.

Rogaine or Generic Minoxidil, Which One Is More Effective?

Rogaine was the first medical drug in history approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating hair loss. By now it has been approved and is available as a cure for hereditary hair loss in many other countries of the world.

Reality of Treating Premature Grey Hair

Premature grey hair is usually associated with thyroid problems, excessive stress, diet rich in animal fats, vitamin B deficiency and smoking.

The Safety of Lead-Based White Hair Colorants

Lead is one of mankind's oldest used metals. Lead and its compounds have been employed for thousands of yeas in many areas of life, from construction to gastronomy.

Examining Active Substances of Natural Hair Loss Cures

Herbs have been used in traditional folk medicine of many cultures since the dawn of time to treat various hair conditions. Admittedly, traditional remedies have not always been successful in treating baldness and to this day no ultimate herbal or medicinal cure for genetically-determined hair loss conditions exists.

The Most Promising Hair Loss Drugs Today

When it comes to treating baldness, it is medicinal pills and topicals that spring to most peoples' minds as the options holding the greatest promise.

Covering Grey Hair Discretely and Unnoticeably

Grey hair at an early age can have different causes, such as vitiligo, vitamin B deficiency, thyroid imbalance, constant and extreme stress, anaemia, bad diet, etc.

Be Aware of Hair Surgery Risks

The existing medical options for reversing hair loss in patients suffering from hereditary forms of hair loss are limited to relatively few treatments with most of them being only effective in the early stages of baldness.

Treating Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors with heredity being the number one reason why men and women lose their mane. Hereditary hair loss in men and women has the same main cause, which is dihydrotestosterone (DHT) attacking our hair follicles.

Researchers find clues that may solve mystery of why hair turns grey

A team of European scientists from the Universities of Bradford, Mainz and Luebeck have finally solved a mystery that has perplexed humans throughout the ages: why we turn grey.

Specifics of Treating Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is an unpredictable hair disease affecting about 2% of the world's population and is the second most common type of hair loss after hereditary baldness.

Propecia and Male Balding

As you know Propecia allows you to keep your hairline as well as your masculinity. You can ask me, what is the exact percent of the men prescribe Propecia getting adverse side effects (lowering of the libido, erectile dysfunction etc.

The Causes and Cures of the Main Forms of Dandruff

Dandruff can be best described as excessive shedding of dead cells from the scalp. Shedding of dead cells is normal as long as it is not excessive.

Hair loss herbal and home remedies for dandruff

Winter - it's time to test not only for our tender skin, and hair, easier to prevent problems than it solved. Large changes in temperature greatly affect the female body as a whole, therefore, always necessary to calculate all measures to protect against adverse natural effects.

Hair loss herbal: Beautiful hair is a dream

Well-groomed and healthy hair - the dream of every woman, in fact they are complementary and emphasize the overall image is an indispensable part of female beauty.

Are You Worried About Hair Loss? Don’t Worry - We have the Solution!

It has been observed, and research has also shown, that about 50% of men go bald. There are many reasons for hair loss, including heredity, hormones, stress, or an unhealthy diet.

Detox foot aqua spa machine can examine your health condition

 With the development of economy and technology, people's health condition gets poorer and poorer because of living and working stress, environmental pollution and other problems.

Hair loss Causes and Treatment for hair loss

Causes and Treatment for hair lossThe common type of hair loss called hereditary hair loss can affect both men and women, but women are generally less affected than men.

Is Propecia Finasteride better than other male pattern hair loss treatments?

Many people suffering from male pattern baldness may be searching for an answer to this question. Undoubtedly, after the approval of Propecia finasteride, this hair loss treatment has provided new hope to millions of people throughout the world.

The Future of Hair Restoration

Restoring the hair lost due to hereditary factors is the dream of many hair loss sufferers. Until not too long ago, the only effective and authentic-looking methods of reversing hair loss were non-surgical cover-ups.

Propecia: A highly beneficial hair loss treatment for men suffering from typical hair loss

Propecia is a breakthrough treatment for male pattern baldness. It has provided new hope to men who suffer from pattern baldness. Baldness, apart from changing your physical appearance, it can greatly affect your self-image and self confidence also.

Facts and Myths about Hair Loss

Everyone has a favorite myth about hair care and generally do not want the truth we break our myths! This article discusses the most popular myths about hair loss.

Get rid of Hair Loss Problem with Natural Remedies

The state and circumstance of hair loss is very common these days and it is very awful. It destroys your confidence and also affects your appearance.

Hair Regrowth For Men

If there is one medical problem that unites the whole world into one it has to be hair loss. Almost everybody losses hair at some point in their life and then they start looking for ways to put a stop on it or search available options that can grow their back.

How to Treat Hair Loss Naturally

Hair loss is one of the most common problems which affect almost 95% people all over the world. Hair loss is of many types but the most common type found in men is male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia.

Natural Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss may come as a surprise, but it is no mystery. Both men and women suffer hair loss but patterns may be different in women than in men.

Propecia - when used responsibly - is a reliable and trustworthy hair loss treatment

Undoubtedly, after the approval of Propecia finasteride as a viable hair loss treatment, millions of people across the world are filled with new hope.

Natural Cure For Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by people all over the world. In this article let us find out what causes hair loss and the effective ways to stop hair loss and grow new hair.

How Vitamins and Natural Hair Product Helpful in Hereditary Hair Loss

The general type of hair loss called hereditary hair loss can influence both men and women, but women are generally less affected than men. The situation is so common that it can almost be considered as a part of the normal aging process.

Regular use of Propecia can treat male pattern hair loss

Propecia is actually the tapered-down version of a prescription drug that helps with prostate problems in middle-aged men. This medication is recommended for daily use.

Alopecia Areata - Hair Loss Problem

Alopecia areata is a condition distressing humans, in which hair is lost from several or all areas of the body, usually from the scalp. Because it origin bald spots on the scalp, especially in the first stages, it is sometimes called spot baldnessAlopecia areata is a malfunction of the immune system whereby the body begins to attack its own hair follicle.

Hair loss and its many causes

Hair loss is a common occurrence in both men and women. There are various causes of hair loss and your hair loss can either be a result of just one cause or a combination of problems.

Simple But Effective Ways To Combat Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by almost all people at some point in their life. In this article let us find out what basically causes hair loss and find out some of the natural herbal remedies which are highly helpful in combating hair loss and helping in growth of new hair.

Male pattern baldness-Causes, symptoms, treatments

Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss in men. It usually follows a typical pattern of receding hairline and hair thinning at the crown; this is primarily caused by hormones and genetic predisposition.

Propecia hair fall treatment – A ray of hope for millions of men

Propecia is not for everyone. It has been particularly designed to treat hair fall, predominantly male pattern baldness, in men. Not a recommended treatment for women and children, men suffering from male pattern hair loss must undergo a proper consultation with a medical doctor to obtain a valid prescription for Propecia.

Regular use of Propecia can help stop hair loss in men

Propecia finasteride is by far the most successful treatment for male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) - the primary cause of hair loss in men.

Things That Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common problems that is faced by humans worldwide. Everyone is scared of turning bald but usually people tend to delay the treatment for preventing hair loss hence by the time they wake up to this problem it almost gets out of control.

Home Remedies To Treat Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by men all over the world. In this article let us find out what are the main reasons why this problem occurs and some effective natural home remedies you can use to overcome hair loss.

Male Pattern Baldness – Symptoms and treatment

Male pattern baldness is a very common condition and almost 95% of the hair loss suffered by men can be categorized as androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

How To Treat Hair Loss At Home

Hair loss is one such condition which is faced by almost every person at some point in their life. No one wants a bald head so it is no surprise that people are always on the lookout for ways to prevent hair loss or grow new hair.

Quit smoking to live a healthier and better life again

Smoking is the most common cause of death all over the world. More than 50% of the people, who do not quit smoking, die of a smoking-related condition.

It's Never Too Late to Stop Your Bad Habits

Are your bad habits holding you back from enjoying the healthy and peaceful life? Do you think that you are in a position from where it is not possible to come out of your bad habits? Don’t worry, here is the good news.

How To Prevent Yourself From Baldness

Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by people all over the world. Every person at some point in his life experiences hair fall and looks for ways to put a stop on it.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle is Easier than You Think

Happiness is bestowed in a healthy lifestyle. The term 'healthy lifestyle' may sound arduous, but until you yourself discover what actually it is, you can’t taste the joy in it.

How To Limit Hair Loss and Grow New Hair

Hair loss is one of the most irritating problems which troubles almost everybody in this world at some point in their life. In this article let us discuss abot the causes of hair loss and some of the ways through which one can limit hairloss and even grow new hair with the help of some natural remedies.


Nowadays as much we are becoming conscious towards our physical appearance and our beauty, as the beauty related problems are increasing. As much beauty products are coming in market, they all are leading to increase new diseases; so people are becoming anxious about their beauty that what should be used and what not and they are being misguided.

Alopecia Areata | Alopecia Areata Treatment | Alopecia Areata Cure By Homeopathic Treatment

Alopecia areata is considered an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system, which is designed to protect the body from foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria, mistakenly attacks the hair follicles, the tiny cup-shaped structures from which hairs grow.

Alopecia Areta : Sine , Symptoms , Homeopathic Treatment and Homeopathic Remedies.

Although there is neither a cure for alopecia areata nor drugs approved for its treatment, some people find that medications approved for other purposes can help hair grow back, at least temporarily.

Brazilian Keratin and Other Toxic Hair Treatments to Avoid

Chemical straightening, curling, coloring and other manipulations of our hair’s natural appearance have been popular for several decades now.

Is Propecia An Effective Treatment For Hair Loss?

Men around the world develop different types of medical conditions, some of which are quite harmful. However, some medical conditions are such that they can cause more of psychological damage than physical damage.

Herbal Hair Loss Remedies For Men And Women

Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by men and women all over the world.  Almost every individual suffers from hair fall at some point in his life and in today’s living environment even young people in their early twenties are turning bald.

Herbal Remedies For Hair Fall

Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by both men and women all over the world. This is one condition which almost everyone faces at some point in his life.

Home Remedies For Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is a very common problem which almost everyone faces at some point of time in his or her life. In this article let us discuss about the causes of hair loss and some of the home-made remedies which can effectively help in overcoming hair fall related problems.

Benefits Of Head Massage With Natural Oils To Prevent Hair Loss

More than a thousand years ago a special head massage technique originated in the East which is popularly known as Indian Head Massage. It was generally targeted as a grooming technique for women who wanted longer, stronger and attractive hair.

Regrow Scalp Massage Oil Review And Success Rate

Regrow Scalp massage oil is an ayurvedic supplements geared towards promoting natural growth of hair. The formula of this product is based on ayurvedic system of medicines which is almost 5000 years old.

Natural Remedial Measures For Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a very worrying thing for any person. It normally starts when you realize standing in front of the mirror that you have slightly less than usual hair on your head.

Scalp Massage Benefits

According to the ayurvedic system of medicine if you want to keep your hair healthy and strong then you will have to look after them and provide them with regular nourishment so that the problem of hair loss never arises.

Hair Loss Causes And Remedial Measures To Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss is one such condition which no one this world wants to face but the truth is almost everyone at some point in life suffers from loss of hair.

Leimo Lives Up to Its Claims - Hair Loss Treatment

I couldn't remember exactly when I started losing my hair, I just found out my hair was thinning and I was partially bald one day. I'm not as good-looking as Vin Diesel or Bruce Willis who can flawlessly sport a bald look, so I decided to try the Leimo Free Trial here in UK.

Troubled By Head Lice? Coconut Oil May Help You

Are you still using permethrin lotion to solve your child’s head lice infestation? Head lice infestation is a common dilemma that plagues many children.

How To Repair Damaged Hair At Home

Hair loss is no doubt one of the most common health concerns faced by both men and women all over the world.  There is serious money being spent by people to regrow hair or prevent them from falling but if everybody paid a little attention to some simple things they would probably avert the problem of turning bald.

How is BHT different from traditional hair transplant?

Hair transplant is fast being recognized as the most viable solution for baldness and is a highly sought after procedure around the world.

What Is an Average Cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi NCR?

Baldness has many treatment options nowadays though they are not so cheap.  But when you go in for a hair surgery, you need to look at some important points that will help you judge the estimation of total transplantation cost.

Tips for Wearing Wigs and Toupees for Alopecia

Suffering from alopecia can be a physically and emotionally draining experience. Alopecia is a condition where the immune system attacks healthy hair follicles, seemingly for no reason, leading to hair loss.

How to Find the Best Hair Supplements

So, you know that you’re trying to keep your hair in the best condition possible. And, if you’re like many of us, you may feel frustrated by the ever-rising costs of supplements and other hair products.

What Is GERD?

If the acids produced in the stomach are moving back frequently into the esophagus, you will suffer from GERD or chronic acid reflux disease.

How does REGAINE foam work?

REGAINE foam is a topical hair regrowth treatment that contains Minoxidil as an active ingredient. Minoxidil is a proven medical ingredient that stimulates hair growth in adult men and women by creating an ideal growth environment for existing hair follicles through increased supply of blood.

Things You Need To Know About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men

Alopecia or male-pattern baldness can sometimes be devastating, especially if they start showing up at an early age. With advancement in technology, it’s now possible to arrest hair loss in men.

What Could Be Causing My Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a major issue that thousands of people struggle with every day. For many people, it is very traumatic to see your hair slowly falling out and thinning.

5 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy

When you're growing hair naturally, it's only natural to want to use natural methods to keep it healthy and beautiful. We've done some of the hard work for you! Here you'll find 5 tips to keep your hair naturally beautiful and healthy.

Best Ways to Improve Your Hair Health - Naturally

One look at those girls’ hair in the magazine is enough to make anyone second guess their strands and look for ways to get the same amazingly flawless hair.