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Magnotherapy - A Fitter Pain Free Way of Life

The benefits of Magnotherapy have been well documented in recent years by the many people who have undeniably benefited from its use both to aid healing and to alleviate pain.

What is Magnotherapy?

Magnotherapy has been used to improve health in the Far East and other areas of the world for hundreds of years. Now Physiotherapists in many major hospitals use magnetic fields to improve health, overcoming aches and pains and improve recovery.

Asthma Relief through Magnet Therapy

Our natural instincts are to nurture children, to make their world free of fear and free of pain. When they are ill we feel powerless to help; frustrated and reliant on medicine to control the problem, yet always searching for the miracle cure.

RSI Relief Through Magnet Therapy

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is one of the curses of modern technology; Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD) may be a newer label for the syndrome but the symptoms are the same: pain, numbness, tingling and skin sensitivity.

What is Bio-Magnetic Therapy?

Used in ancient Egypt, rediscovered by NASA; favoured as a cure by the famous yet accessible to all. It is, of course, bio-magnetic healing, the therapy that helps the body heal itself.

Magnet Therapy

Magnetic therapy increases blood through a magnet and the electromagnetic fields within the body. A magnet is placed on certain parts of the body and activates positive and negative blood cells; the result is faster flowing blood.

Magnetic Therapy Gains In Popularity

There is no question that doctors and scientists have constantly searched for new methods to cure and treat patients for all sorts of diseases.

Magnets for Pain: Does it Work?

This is a question, which is being asked by a number of people who are suffering from various kinds of pain, can you use magnets for pain? There is a healing power in magnet and this idea is prevalent since the ancient time in Greece.

Challenging the Placebo Effect for Pain Relief from Magnetic Therapy

The recent study by York University* on the effectiveness of copper bangles and magnetic wrist straps to give pain relief to people with arthritis, concluded that based on a well-accepted pain measurement scores,(Womac/Mcgill/ PRI) any improvement could be attributed to the placebo effect of these items.

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Emotional Healing Techniques - Get Acquainted with Dr.Nelson's Body Code Healing System

I was introduced to Dr. Bradley Nelson's work through his book "The Emotion Code ". I was intrigued by the concept of a "heart-wall" which is created by trapped emotions lodged your body.

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