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Stress Reducing Way To Combat Acne - Yoga

Many people that suffer from acne should look into the skin healing benefits of doing yoga. This relaxing form of exercise is an excellent way to regenerate both the body as well as the mind.

Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga can be practiced anytime, anywhere, by anybody. And that definitely includes women who are pregnant. Yoga helps celebrate the unborn child nestled within its mother's womb as Mom becomes more connected with her body and the new life within.

What is Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga?

The Heart of Ashtanga Vinyasa YogaMost people who have heard of yoga will by now have become aware of "Ashtanga Yoga".It is the form with the high profile, which is now being used by many people, including celebrities.

Keep Warm and Well This Winter Through Yoga

What is Yoga? Yoga nowadays is becoming very popular and commercial that the very essence and beauty of it is being taken away.Yoga literally means 'joining' or 'union'.

Yoga in the Workplace

"Where are you going?" I hear someone ask in the corridor. "For my cardio workout," comes the reply. The door opens and in walks another participant who quietly slips off her shoes and socks and sits down comfortably on a mat.

Making the Most of Yoga, Mind the Gap

Spring term and the Yoga classes are full - full of men and women who need to STOP. It sounds contradictory to come to a Yoga class exhausted, but we are, are we not, when the energy runs on, trying to fulfill the ever-flowing torrent of desires.

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Lotus Palm: The Mindfulness of Touch One of the ancient healing arts of traditional Thai medicine (along with herbal medicine and spiritual meditation), Thai massage is a full-body massage, performed on a floor mat, with both parties in loose, comfortable clothes.

6 Reasons to do Yoga

Increased breathing capacity. Most people are not utilizing a third of their breath capacity and therefore they become anxious easily, have a hard time breathing while exercising or have oxygen starved muscles equating to muscle tension.

Made in the Shade

Last year, my wife and I moved to Boise, Idaho, also known as the city of trees. The name Boise comes from the French word boisé, which means "wooded" or "forest-covered", and compared to the desert landscape to the south and west, the name Boise is very appropriate.

Endometriosis and Folic Acids

As we mentioned in previous articles, endometriosis growing somewhere else other than the endometrium also reacts to hormonal signals of the monthly menstrual cycle by building up tissue, breaking it, and eliminating it through the menstrual period.

Flourish in Spring with Yolates!!!

Flourish for Spring with Yoga and PilatesNatural Health Company Femme Slender has teamed up with one of the world's leading Doctor's of Natural Medicine, Dr.

Tantric Massage

Pink Tantric massage is a process that includes knowledge, expression, and integration between one's mind and body. The spiritual connection with one's sexuality takes you to the next level of consciousness.


Early stage renal failure is a final common path way for a number of disease processes and associated with significant morbidity and mortality.

Ayurveda in a Nutshell

Ayurveda in a NutshellThe word Ayurveda can be translated as the Science of Life, or eventhe Art of Living. Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of naturalhealth care, originating in the ancient traditions of India.

Alternative Methods Of Enhancing Breasts Size

The most common method of enhancing breasts size is surgery but like other medical procedures breast enhancement surgery also has a problem of creating many side effects which are harmful for the body and yes the surgery is also quite expensive.

The Pratyahara of Geography

Purity…what we eat, what we consumeCitified PratyaharaThree key words in business are: location, location, location. Yogis, in the business of enlightenment, can learn something here.

Creating Paradise Within: Better Health through Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

Since humans first roamed the earth there have been oral and written stories of the quest to find the elixir of life--the Fountain of Youth. The Western biblical tradition tells of a Golden Age when people lived hundreds of years.

Yoga asanas to make you health

The secret behind yoga is it also helps to keep the person happy and positive, the invisible powers of vibes that are embraced while performing various postures makes you familiar with the internal powers that keep you optimistic and encouraging.

Yoga Reduces Pain In Fibromyalgia Patients

The Yoga of Awareness Program conducted a study with women who suffer with Fibromyalgia. 53 women participated in the study, half were enrolled in a yoga workshop while the other half had traditional treatment.

Middle aged women and their chronic back pain

It seems that more and more middle aged women are complaining of chronic back pain. Pain so awful that it is preventing the women from enjoying daily life, in some cases the pain is isolating them from society.

Yoga Practice May Help Ward off Cold and Flu

A recent story on NPR sheds some light on evidence that may help keep you from one thing that everyone dreads- catching a cold or flu this season.

Zen meditation reduces Pain

Zen meditation has many positive aspects; one being the ability to reduce pain. A study was conducted to specifically determine how Zen meditation enables people to experience less pain.

A Testimony of Yoga

Everyone has heard of yoga. Most people have seen some sort of yoga, some people have tried it but few people have given it the consistent effort to really reap the bountiful benefits offered by yoga.

How to get rid of back pain

  It seems like everyone nowadays is complaining of a bad back. What used to be a condition associated with the elderly has become a common complaint among people of all ages.

Natural health methods helping cancer patients

Chemotherapy, radiation, and other forms of traditional cancer treatment have often made the process drawn out and difficult for patients. A number of side effects hamper patients throughout this process.

Original Yoga Essence (O2 and Breathing) is Distorted by Key Yoga Gurus

Present day yoga is quite dissimilar to the genuine yoga trained for hundreds of years and even from yoga which had been used some 50-70 years ago.

Feel Great with an Easy, Proven Process- Guaranteed

Are you tired of having the same New Year’s Resolutions year after year- to lose weight, exercise, and eat healthily? Would you like a proven process that is easy to do, plus on-going support that guarantees your success? Would you like your efforts to be DOUBLED? DOUBLE the benefits that include exercise AND healthy cooking DOUBLE the tools to save time AND money DOUBLE the results that are immediate AND long lasting If YES, here’s how with our Gourmet Fitness program.

What is ?

What is ACU-YOGA Therapy?

Acu-Yoga is a combination and blending of two types of alternative medicine integrating both acupressure and yoga therapies.  These two holistic methods of alternative health maintenance therapy, can help balance and relax muscular tensions and revive proper energy flows throughout the body.

What is AcroSage Massage Therapy

This type of massage therapy, which is a combination of massage, yoga and acrobatics was created and developed by Benjamin Marantz , who was a professional acrobat and circus performer.

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