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9 Super Health Tips That Have Worked For Me

This is a "what has worked very, very well for me" article.  Reasons I wish to share these tips include:  (1) for the last 15 years I have not been sick or experienced more than a slight cold, nor do I take any prescription medications; (2) I have a lot of friends, both older and younger than me, who have suffered from many illnesses and diseases.

Bovine Growth Hormone

How about a little pus in your milk?  That, plus something worse (if you can imagine that) is what you are likely to get as a result of the newest assault on a once healthy product.

Raw Health

With chronic illness, obesity, allergies and food intolerances, digestive complaints and diabetes all on the increase any simple measures that can be taken to assist good health are noteworthy.

Supplement with Enzymes For a Longer Life

Enzymes are a vital element in maintaining good health; they are responsible for every single reaction in the body. Our bodies cannot utilize essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients without them.

What is Hair Mineral Analysis?

Hair contains all the minerals present in the body and, in most cases, reflects the quantity of these elements in your tissues. Analysis of this information provides a wealth of information on how efficiently your body is working and its nutritional status.

Iron and your Heart Health

A ranch house, a zip lock bag and some ordinary flourTwo experiments: 1) Some ordinary wheat flour can be found in most homes, placed with some water in a zip-lock plastic bag.

What is Oral Chelation Therapy?

Picture this, a small gathering of people in a ranch house in Florida. Some ordinary wheat flour such as can be found in most homes placed with some water in a zip-lock plastic bag.

The Salt Solution

Salt, increasingly demonised by health professionals and the media alike, presents us with a paradox. Constantly, we are told to cut down on salt before it cuts short our lives; yet still our bodies crave it.

Eating Right

Most people you ask will admit they are concerned with their diet. Why aren't they making better nutritional choices? A poor diet can lead to a variety of health problems, such as: obesity, heart disease, joint and arthritis problems, and general poor health.

What is an Online Pharmacy?

As anyone who has ever subscribed to web-based e-mail will tell you, the sale of medicine over the internet is not a new, or terribly welcome thing as most days, people will find offers of 'cheap remedies', cluttering up their inbox.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A was discovered in the 1930's. It is said to improve your eyesight, particularly at night, which is one of two reasons it is known as the glow-in-the-dark Vitamin.


Everyone at some point in time has experienced some form of heartburn.  Often, what we notice is a bitter, sour or acid taste in our mouths.

What does your own body know better then you?

  What does your own body know better then you?When you start to learn to listen to your body, it tells you a lot about your health.

Speleotherapy and Halotherapy for Healing Lungs and Skin

Using Salt Crystal lamps hand carved from the salt mines. The beautiful crystalline structure of ancient salt deposits is a result of their constituent minerals drying under intense pressure, not unlike diamonds.

Preventing and Treating the Common Cold Naturally

Upper respiratory infections (URI's) typically begin with a sore or scratchy throat, aversion to cold or alternating chills and feverish sensations, fatigue and muscle aches and progress to either chest symptoms, such as cough and tightness, or to sinus problems (aka "head colds").

Winter Nutrition For You

Think of winter food and your mind conjures up images of thick vegetable soups, and steaming stews. And surprise, surprise these are exactly the type of food you should be eating at this time of year.

The Fats of Life: A Farmers View

The conflicting and partisan advice served up to us confuses many and disappoints others when this miracle diet or that exercise regime does not work.

What is Limu Moui?

The unusually low death rate and high incidence of healthy centenarians- that is persons over 100 years of age, in Tonga have prompted observers to ask why this should be so? The Tongans themselves would probably refer the curious back to an ordinary sea plant which the Tongans have harvested and eaten for thousands of years, as they believe it to be a source of longevity and health.

What is the Glycemic Index?

Over the last 30 years, research into food and blood glucose response has completely changed our carbohydrate classification system. It has been learned that it is impossible to predict the impact on blood glucose levels by certain foods, instead people are fed carbohydrate foods and the response measured.

TEA TREE OIL- A Remarkable Healing Agent

A clear to very pale golden colour essential oil that is favoured by many health specialists who work with alternative medicine and natural remedies, this is an oil with remarkable healing properties.

A natural remedy for ADHD is omega 3 - or is it?

A common developmental and behavioural disorder, it is characterised by poor concentration, distractibility, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness that are inappropriate for the child's age.

Weight loss and less fatigue achieved by changing eating habits

This case study illustrates how the combination of simple, targeted nutritional advice and client commitment and dedication can lead to substantial results.

The Power of Powder

So you ask: 'Why would I choose a vitamin and mineral supplement powder over tablets?' Tablets and capsules give doctors and pharmacist a convenient way to administer potent and often foul tasting medications.

Raw Milk Contains Harmful Bacteria that can be Life Threatening

Raw milk can contain dangerous microorganisms that can pose serious health risks to you and your family.  Unpasteurized milk from cows, sheep or goats is raw milk that can carry dangerous bacteria such as:•    Salmonella•    E.

Are you getting real value from your nutritional supplements?

As long ago as 1936 a report was submitted to the House Representatives in the USA, which revealed that agricultural soil throughout the North American continent was severely depleted in essential minerals.

Flu Fighting Foods

Winter doesn't have to mean the misery of colds, flu and other viral infections if you feed your body what it needs to fight them off. A run-down body that is out of balance internally and externally provides an inviting environment for viruses to come in and stay for a while.

Prevention --- It's Up To You, Not Your Doctor!

Throughout most of my life, I have heard that "You are what you eat!"  Then later, as I became more knowledgeable about nutrition, it became "You are what you eat, digest, and absorb!" Our world is changing daily.

Super bee-nutrition

Bee's and Bee Nutrition: What is the buzz about bee Nutrition? Well, you cant get more down to nature then bee products.  Powerful anti-oxidants, skin creams, supplements, and much more.

"B" vitamins, unleash the Beast inside you

This is another vitamin article that I have written, but the only difference is that this one goes into more detail about specific vitamins.  My previous articles do not do that.

What are Nucleotides? Are they Essential Dietary Components?

Nucleotides and RNA are valuable immune system building blocks. Since Dr Peter Koeppel, one of the leading experts on immunology and biochemistry at a leading Swiss pharmaceutical company, released a paper on their use for human health applications, interest has soared.

Boost the Immune System the Natural Way

Since Dr Peter Koeppel, one of the leading experts on immunology and biochemistry at a leading Swiss pharmaceutical company released a paper on the use of nucleotides and RNA for human health applications.

The ALL ONE Story

What sets ALL ONE® (Nutritech®), a small "boutique" company in Santa Barbara California, apart from the multitude of firms in our industry?  Three things: Focus, insistence on quality and innovative formulations.

Omega 3 Fish Oil EPA and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome the Real Science

Since the publication of a book called 'Beat Chronic Fatigue The Natural Way', many people are turning to the natural substance omega 3, and in particular pure ethyl EPA, to help treat the debilitating condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

The Top 11 Signs that Suggest Omega 3 Fatty Acid Deficiency

Do you need Omega 3 fatty acid in your diet? The simple answer is yes. The question of the importance of Omega 3 fatty acids can be clarified by examining the medical evidence regarding the benefits of this essential nutrient.

Omega 3 Fish Oil - The Evidence

Omega 3 fatty acids are known to be beneficial to health in a number of ways, and scientific evidence is accumulating to back up the beliefs of those who have taken it for years (in the form of fish oil).

Omega 3 Fish Oil EPA and Dha Explained

There is no doubt that Omega 3 fish oil can not only help your heart and joints, but your brain too. Most people are aware of these benefits, but aren't sure whether the benefits of Omega 3 fish oil apply across the board for all types of Omega 3 fish oils.

Top Ten Reasons to Supplement your Diet with EPA Fish Oil

We are in the grip of an omega 3 fish oil wave, every day more studies are published to show just how important this nutrient is to us. Last week it was children with concentration problems this week it is children with autism.

Seniors and Supplements

An "insurance policy" with daily dividends.The life span of the average American has increased dramatically. The latest Census data reports that 35 million persons in the United States are over the age of 65 and that number is expected to grow to one in five persons over 65 by 2010.

Green Synergy

Synergism is the simultaneous actions of separate entities, which together have greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy focuses on what you feed your body and the effects these foods have on you. Nutritional Therapy uses diet and lifestyle changes, together with nutritional supplementation, to address symptoms caused by biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies.

4 Days to Better Health- Let me Show You How

It's possible to learn HOW to better your health in only 4 days and this article will show you how.  Each day is a bite-sized nugget of healthy living information you can actually use.

The Magic Supplement for Fighting Free Radicals

Do you know what free radicals are?  You should because they harm your health. Free radicals are the most common cause of tissue damage and free radicals have been linked to every known disease by more than 6,000 scientific studies.

The Most Important Supplement You Can Take For Better Health

This article will reveal one easy change you can make that will help better your health... It's absolutely crucial that your body gets the nutrients it needs to function effectively and efficiently.

Is Fruit Juice Healthy?

All the advertisements on TV rave about how healthy orange juice and other juices are for us. We have been blasted by these commercials for years and most of us strongly believe this to be true.

Is an Apple a Day Really OK?

Young or old, there is probably a good chance that at some time in your life you have heard the phrase "An apple a day keeps the doctor away".

How to Make Your Own Rose Hips

I was enjoying a long (very long) hike over the weekend that brought me in contact with a wide variety of plants and animals.  While taking a breather at a ranger station, I was admiring a plant which had what looked to be cherry tomatoes or some kind of red berry sprouting from its branches.

Are All Vitamins Created Equal?

 Everyone has read the reports and seen the news. Our soil is depleted and lacks the necessary nutrients and minerals that our bodies need.

Why You Should Take Nutritional Supplements

Few things have been as controversial as nutritional supplements have been recently.  Depending on who you listen to, they are either the answer to any problem you have or they are the devil incarnate.

Health Is Internal Beauty

Discover a natural way of eating that can dramatically improve your appearance and your life!  Excerpted from the book "Your Right to Be Beautiful: How to Halt the Train of Aging and Meet the Most Beautiful You" by Tonya Zavasta.

Just How Dangerous Are Splenda and Artificial Sweeteners - Which Side is Spinning?

There seems to be fairly poor tracking by any formal standards once a product is approved as a food additive. Despite supposedly tracking adverse reactions, the reality has been different at the FDA.

Are food intolerances making your life a misery?

Despite the advances in modern medicine and our improved standard of living, many people, regardless of age, are spending years of their life in a state of chronic ill-health.

Right Food for Right Health

Intelligence is something that determines the fate of people. It has made the world move and hence made our movements easier. All of us want to add on to our intelligence.

Eat Fish For Health

While people have been relishing delicious sea food for centuries, it is only in the recent past that studies have brought out the benefits of eating fish.

Proper Nutrition for Sportsmen

For athletes, diet is of the utmost importance. Whether you're a sportsman or a sportswoman, eating healthily is the key to doing well in your training.

Proper Nutrition Can Make Your Kid a Top Student

It is important that your child gets his or her nutrition early o­n, preferably form Grade 1. This is the most important time for brain development, as they start to learn new things and create new ideas all the time.

#1 Liquid Vitamin Myth

Liquid vitamins have been taking the vitamin supplement spot light. Questionable facts and liquid vitamin claims have plagued the minds of many.

Liquid Vitamins Fortify Phytonutrients, Why?

Phytonutrients or phytochemicals have recently been recognized as playing an important part in one's health. Research has shown that phytonutrients play a crucial role in proper absorption of nutrients.

Vitamin and Mineral Digestion Taken For Granted

The body is a complex web of systems. Most are not fully aware of the complexity of the digestive system. However, most know of its opposite, indigestion.

Vitamins Keep Your Heart Fighting Fit

To keep your heart healthy, you need more than a diet that is low in  fat and cholesterol. You need to give your body a boost to keep that heart pumping strong.

The Five Keys to Healthy Eating Part I

Healthy eating is about more than calories or following the latest dietary fad. Trends come and go. Healthy bodies have been around for thousands of years, before there were magic bullets for instant fat loss marketed on major television stations or promising easy weight loss in flashy colors on the pages of magazines.

The Five Keys to Healthy Eating Part II

In Part I, we covered two keys to healthy eating: enjoy what you eat, and believe in what you are doing. In Part II, we explore the remaining three keys to healthy eating.

High Fructose Corn Syrup: The Obesity Link

Playing outside in the hot days of summer will work up a thirst. While water is the best quencher of thirst and should be the first choice you offer your children, sometimes it's nice to have a sweeter treat to enjoy.

Bone Health Can Help Prevent Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

A unique strain of mouse was bred to have no insulin receptors on its bone-building osteoblasts, although it had insulin receptors every place else.

Aloe Plant Offers More than Just Relief from Sunburns

The aloe plant is one of the world's oldest and most frequently used natural supplements. Aloe juice, gel, and leaves have played a role in medicine since the 4th century B.

Stretching Further, Increasing Confidence, Gaining Professionalism

As alternative practices continue to enjoy a boom in popularity so the need for all of us to work to raise standards and improve ourselves through continued professional development deepens.

7 Nutrients Your Eyes Need For Optimum Visual Performance

“Finish your carrots, they’re good for eyes” you may have heard your mother say a time or two. Carrots contain Vitamin A which plays an important role in optimum vision health.

Rates of Diabetes increasing in the UK

The Department of Health’s document ‘Health Profile of England’ published in October 2007 shows that rates of Diabetes continue to increase in the UK.

Harvest Heaven

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. The fiery glory of the leaves during my college years in Maine. The alpenglow on the mountainsides near my home in the Rockies.

Propolis – Another Healthy Remedy From Bees.

Honeybees really are amazing animals. Apart from providing a vital role in much of our food supply through their help with pollination, they also provide us with fantastic, natural, healthy bee products.

A Few Facts about Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins play an integral role to a healthy life. They provide essential nutrients. It is advisable to get all vitamins from the food you eat.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Flu Remedy: Bitter, then Better

The Apple Cider Vinegar Flu Remedy:Bitter, then Better Apple cider vinegar has been used to treat various illnesses for centuries. If one can get past its bitter taste, one can find relief in its healing attributes.

Bee Healthy use natures gifts to heal

Honey and propolis are natures gift to healing.Propolis acts as the bees external immune system. It protects the hive against infection and disease, making the hive one of the most sterile environments in nature.

Beneficial Green Drinks

A "green drink" is one that is derived from green vegetables. Grains are very nutritious while they're growing and young. They are tender, grassy and their nutrients are very dense.

Probiotics: Restoring Good Bacteria in Your Colon

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria or yeasts in the form of a dietary supplement. Taking probiotics helps to replenish the natural gut flora that thrives in your digestive system.


I've suffered with bloating for years. Can you recommend any foods or supplements that can help me? Although I have a fairly small frame and am not overweight, I can almost look pregnant at times.

Receive Enzymes the Natural Way

In today's society, the level of vegetable consumption has decreased immensely. This is because more and more people are on the go and eat more and more processed foods.

The Benefits of Taking a Multivitamin

Can you imagine, there was a time when we used to get the vitamins and minerals we needed from the food we ate. Back when we actually ate only what was good for us, the foods that supplied us with the nutrients we needed to maintain a strong, healthy body.

Copper - An Essential Nutrient

Copper. It has a multitude of benefits. We wear it; we cook with it; we decorate with it; and we work with it. But, one of the most important uses of copper is as a dietary supplement.

Potassium Health Benefits

Potassium is a mineral that's needed to keep our body's pH in balance. It's also essential for maintaining the body's normal fluid balance.

Should I take a Multivitamin?

By Daniela Osiander - Naturopath, Dietician and Massage TherapistPatients ask me this all the time. My answer is: yes. But make it a good one.

Menopause and Managing the Symptoms Naturally

Menopause, also known as 'the change of life', occurs in women from their late forties onwards. Age that it starts varies due to genetic and lifestyle factors.

Calcium & Vitamin D - Partners In Health

Vitamin D is fat-soluble vitamin that has a significant role in our health. Without vitamin D, it would be impossible for our bodies to utilize calcium, have bone growth, maintain bone density, allow for normal functioning of the nervous system, prevent rickets in children and brittle bones.

Commitment to a Successful Fitness Training Program

The undertaking of any fitness training program requires that individuals not only have a realistic view of their own personal fitness goals, but that they also consider the variables they may be faced with in accomplishing their objective for better health and wellness.

The Importance of Fluoridated Bottled Drinking Water

Because it is extremely important to stay well hydrated all year long, carrying bottled drinking water with you or having bottled water delivered to your home or office can be of great benefit to you, your family, and your colleagues.

Guide To Fat Loss Supplements

Renowned psychologist Professor Albert Mehrabian claimed that 53% of communication is "non-verbal and actually comes from a person's appearance" (Mehrabian, 1972.

“But I don’t want my Vitamins!”

Growing up my mum would give me enormous vitamins. Sometimes I would swallow them but mostly I'd hide them in the sofa. I'd wine to my mum over and over "do I have to take my vitamins?"Are vitamins essential to a healthy diet? This question has been asked by so many people small and tall.

Flawed SELECT Study Attacks Vitamin E

The National Cancer Institute's (NCI) SELECT study (Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial) for prostate cancer in men was halted this week after initial data analysis showed that selenium and vitamin E, taken alone or together for an average of five years, did not prevent prostate cancer.

Liquid Vitamins – Are They Better Than Pills?

While our digestive system seems better equipped to absorb liquid vitamins and minerals rather than those in tablet or capsule form, you may wish to make some comparisons before you decide which is better for you.

Healthy Weight-loss Tips

Do you live to eat, or do you eat to live?  Too many calories will make you overweight…and shorten your life.  Retain more calories than you burn off each day and you will gain weight.

Could Glutathione Be A Predictor of How Long You Will Live?

All cells in the body need water, oxygen, glucose and glutathione.  The levels of glutathione in our cells could be predictive of how long we will live.

What’s in Your Multiple Vitamin? Minerals, Detecting Real Quality.

Junky vitamins are often passed off as quality, and many times are endorsed by a physician or celebrity. There are many tricks that low quality supplement companies use to hide their poor quality, spending more money on marketing than on what is under the hood.

DHA, Krill Oil & Green-Lipped Mussel – Which is Best?

DHA is the most biologically useful omega 3 fatty acid. Over the past year sellers of dietary supplements have promoted various forms of DHA-containing oils such as krill oil or green-lipped mussel as superior to DHA-containing fish oil.

Quality Fish Oil

Over 1 billion people rely on fish as their primary source of protein. Additionally, certain types of fish are rich in the essential omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Natural Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss

Dietary supplements are one of the best ways to naturally support your metabolism to run more efficiently, and when combined with a healthy diet and proper eating pattern (the Leptin Diet®) and exercise, you create an opportunity to burn calories in a more optimal way.

Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss

Dietary supplements are one of the best ways to naturally support your metabolism to run more efficiently, and when combined with a healthy diet and proper eating pattern (the Leptin Diet®) and exercise, you create an opportunity to burn calories in a more optimal way.

The Facts on Magnesium Stearate

A few companies and some alternative health “professionals” have whipped up pointless concern over the inert flowing agent used in dietary supplements known as magnesium stearate.

Mainstream Sounding Alarms on Alternative Thyroid Treatments

Get ready for a battle between mainstream medicine and various alternative practitioners over the dispensing of thyroid hormone to treat quasi-thyroid issues.

Candida Problems Evolving

Candida albicans is a normal inhabitant of your digestive tract and sinuses. Candida glabrata is a normal inhabitant on your skin. New research is showing that Candida glabrata is turning increasingly more hostile, can rapidly change its genome to become drug resistant, and is increasingly more of a problem to individuals with compromised immunity.

Swine Flu Tip – Don’t Be Your Own Petri Dish

There are a number of things you can do to reduce your chances of getting the flu.  At the top of this list is maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

Folic Acid and Vitamin D Help Allergies and Asthma

Two new studies help to show the power of nutrition to assist allergies and asthma. In one study people with higher levels of folic acid in their blood had had fewer IgE antibodies, fewer reported allergies, less wheezing and lower likelihood of asthma.

hyroid Problems, Alzheimer’s, and Cognitive Decline

A significant body of science now links poor thyroid function and cognitive decline, including Alzheimer's risk (doubling the risk for women).

Gamma Tocotrienol in the War on Cancer

A flurry of recent studies demonstrates that gamma tocotrienol, a unique form of vitamin E, offers protection at the molecular level from a number of different types of cancer.

When your Office gets you down

A good principle to go by is "You are the driver of your destiny and choices".  So what do you do when ‘that manager' constantly cuts off your drive to improve yourself by saying ‘you should be lucky you have a job'.

Stroke-- Causes, Symptoms The Risk Factors,Types, Prevention and Treatment

Besides cancer and heart diseases, stroke is the third leading cause of death. Approximate 1/4 of all stroke victims die as a direct result of the stroke or it's complications.

Herbal Supplements and Products for stress, memory, health

Herbal Supplements for exciting Health benefits of herbal supplements. Natural herbal supplements can go a long way in the direction of increasing your health and vitality, and can even provide for an alternate solution to treat your symptoms and possibly the root cause of your illness.

Lactoferrin - Amazing Health Benefits

I am conscious of what goes into my body, and I greatly believe that nature in all her wisdom is capable of providing us with all the protective, nourishment, and remedial substances the body could ever need.

Treating Menstrual Cramps Naturally

Women's health expert Dr. Daemon Jones, ND talks about how you can treat menstrual cramps that result from female hormonal imbalances in a natural, painless way  and live a happier, healthier life.

Can Vitamin D Help Prevent H1N1 Swine Flu from Spreading?

It seems simple enough to understand.  A well person contracts swine flu from a sick person, who, once sick, passes it along to another.

Quercetin: A Rising Star for Nerves, Immunity, and Metabolism

Quercetin is a common flavonoid found in many fresh fruits and vegetables.  It has been in widespread use in the dietary supplement industry for the past two decades due to its natural anti-histamine properties.

Green Living and Prenatal Care: 10 Things You Need to Know To Ensure Your Baby Arrives Healthy Despite the Toxic World Around Us

Nutritional expert Dr. Carolyn Dean talks about how you can apply green living to protect your unborn child and have a smooth delivery and a healthy child.

Abnormal Brain Structure in Schizophrenia

The post-mortem analysis of the brains of patients with schizophrenia compared to normal brain shows severe dysregulation in the matrix outside of brain cells that holds them together in key regions of the subconscious brain associated with learning, memory, and the processing of stress.

Vitamin K Reduces the Risk for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Researchers at Minnesota's Mayo Clinic have found that people who have higher intakes of vitamin K have a lower risk of developing Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

McCain’s Anti-Supplement Bill Appears Dead – For Now

Senator John McCain showed his true colors as a big-government regulator when he recently introduced a bill, S.3002, that would have drastically impaired access to dietary supplements in the U.

Cold Weather Mood Shock: Avoid the Winter Blues

This year's deep freeze sets the stage for a long and potentially difficult winter. On the eating side, the cold triggers "hibernation metabolism" and the desire to eat more sweet food.

Menstruation Disorder - Amenorrhea - Types of Nutritional Supplements Help to Prevent &Treat Amenorrhea

Amenorrhea is defined as delay of menstruation. There are 2 types of amenrrhea:a)Primary amenorrhea is defined as no period by age 16 andb)Secondary amenorrhea is defined as period beginning at the appropriate age, but later stops for more than 3 cycles or 6 months.

Vitamin D is Needed to Fight and Prevent the Flu

This past year everyone saw with their own two eyes that our government's public health officials had no problem using fear to influence Americans to be guinea pigs for an experimental H1N1 vaccine.

High Intake of EPA/DHA Reduces Risks for Cardiovascular Disease

By now just about everyone is aware that consuming essential fatty acids like DHA is vital to your cardiovascular health, weight management, and general inflammation reduction.

Introducing the Wellness Resources Daily Prenatal Multi Vitamin

Wellness Resources has set a new quality standard for prenatal nutrition with the introduction of our Daily Prenatal Multi Vitamin.  Never before have these type of quality nutrients been placed in a prenatal multi vitamin - but why shouldn't your baby get the very best?  Preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation are vital times to ensure you have proper nutrition.

Fertility Diet - What is Mono-unsaturated Fat?

The physical definition of fat is chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms, bonding together. The difference of good and bad fat is the length and the geometry of its carbon chains and numbers of hydrogen associated in it.

Fertility Diet - What is Poly-unsaturated Fats?

The physical definition of fat is chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms, bonding together. The difference of good and bad fat is the length and the geometry of its carbon chains and numbers of hydrogen associated in it.

Fertility Diet - The Benefits Of Saturated Fat?

Healthy Diet is always important for all people in any age and even more important for a couple Who try to conceive. Most of the couple can conceive naturally without changing their diet at all, but for some couples it may require some determination and affords, especially if you have tried to conceive after a few months without success.

Fertility Diet - The Negative Effects Of Saturated Fat?

The physical definition of fat is chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms, bonding together. The difference of good and bad fat is the length and the geometry of its carbon chains and numbers of hydrogen associated in it.

Eye Nutrition: Caring for your car driving eyes

When you have to drive a lot at night you have to deal with a phenomenon that does not occur to people who usually stay home at night. This is the need for your eyes to adapt to rapid changes of light intensity within fractions of a second and then going back to the original state again.

Fertility Diet - What IsTrans Fat?

The physical definition of fat is chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms, bonding together. The difference of good and bad fat is the length and the geometry of its carbon chains and numbers of hydrogen associated in it.

Prostate Health - How To Prevent Prostate Enlargement With Nutritional Supplements

Starting at age 40, the levels of by-product prolactin of testosterone of men increases, stimulating the production of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase that causes the conversion of testosterone to gihydro-testosterones DHT triggering prostate enlargement and other problems.

Maximizing DHA Intake Supports Weight Loss

DHA is now recognized as a superior nutrient for cardiovascular health, cognitive function, memory, mood, learning, vision quality (including protection against macular degeneration), bone health, fertility, cancer prevention, and inflammation reduction.

Thyroid-Disrupting Triclosan Jumps Into the Frying Pan

The FDA is sounding alarm bells and the national media has jumped on the bandwagon.  Triclosan is no longer flying under the radar like hundreds of others of its toxic chemical friends.

Is Acai Berry a Scam? A New Natural Perspective

I have been reading articles with arguments that the acai berry is a scam. Can we have a small reality check or an episode of enlightenment? How can this small purple black berry from only the Amazon, a product of evolution, be a scam? If I was an acai berry I think I would be upset.

Curcumin: Linking Leptin, Obesity, Joint Problems, and Inflammation

Curcumin is the yellow pigment derived from the spice tumeric.  Fine quality dietary supplements standardize curcumin for the amount of curcuminoids, the primary biologically active ingredient.

Vitamin E Protects Lungs from Damage

A new study in women over the age of 45 has shown that long-term, regular use of vitamin E can lower the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by about 10 percent in both smokers and non-smokers.

Krill Oil - The New Super Omega 3 ?

 Krill Oil - The New Super Omega 3 ? Krill is a small shrimp like creature found in the ocean's of the world. Superba Krill is farmed in the Antarctic waters and is said to be the purest , unpolluted krill in the world.

Acai Berry Power

Acai Berry - Used by the Amazonian people in Brazil for centuries as a health food it's now recognised as having power-packed health benefits.

Why Is A Healthy Colon Important ?

The colon often referred to as the large intestines is part of the digestive system. It acts like a sewage system removing toxins and waste from our body.

Is There Hope for Glenn Beck’s Eyes?

Struggling to maintain composure in front of 6,000 fans Glenn Beck disclosed that he had been diagnosed with a serious eye condition, macular dystrophy, a progressive genetic disorder that may lead to blindness.

Sirtuin1 During Calorie Restriction – Application for Weight Management

Sirtuin1 is a longevity gene that is activated during times of food scarcity.  It enables metabolism and your brain to maintain a higher level state of function.

High-Fat Diet May Adversely Alter Your Brain Structure

In a rather sobering study, scientists have demonstrated that a high-fat diet has the potential to drastically alter the architecture of the brain, resulting in poor circulation within the brain, down-regulated metabolism, and outright brain damage in areas of the brain central to appetite regulation.

Vitamin C could play a vital role in Treatment for Sepsis

There may be a new safer way to treat patient suffering with sepsis. Vitamin C is yet again proving to great for the human body and specifically useful in helping treat Sepsis.

Let the holiday menu fight the flu

As with all seasons there is a new load of seasonal goods that are harvested and in bounty, the winter is no exception. Why not take the opportunity to optimize your health this Christmas season by integrating some foods that will fight the flu and other winter viruses.

Tips on Returning to Exercise After Sickness

Don't you find that after a nasty cold it's so much harder to return to your exercise schedule? Why is this? Well, it's simple you are weaker.

Reishi Mushroom - The Medicine of Kings

Reishi Mushroom - The Medicine of Kings For over 2,000 years, the Chinese have proclaimed the reishi mushroom as the "medicine of kings".

Herb Supplements for The Improvement of Health Naturally

Herbal supplements have taken a larger role in Western medicine in recent years as people choose to take control of their own health in pursuit of a better quality of life.

What are Food Supplements

Food supplements are a natural based substance that can be taken in many different forms in order to balance the levels of certain minerals and vitamins in our bodies.

Use and Safety of Probiotics

We've all heard of antibiotics, but what about probiotics? Probiotics are dietary supplements that are designed to help maintain a healthy balance of microorganisms, including beneficial bacteria, in the intestinal tract.

NAET Allergy Healing Technique Clears Your Nutritional Blocks

Dr Devi Nambudripad discovered NAET due to a lifetime history of allergies from a very early age.  This led her to the development of a very effective approach to the elimination of allergies.

World Crises Bring new Attention to Power of Herbs

One of the unexpected side effects of humanitarian crises in countries like Zimbabwe is that people abandoned by broken healthcare systems are turning toward herbal supplements as a way to address health care problems.

What are Probiotics?

We’ve all heard of antibiotics, but what about probiotics? Probiotics are dietary supplements that are designed to help maintain a healthy balance of microorganisms, including beneficial bacteria, in the intestinal tract.

The Highly Pathogenic E. Coli Genie is Out of the Bottle – Can You Withstand an Attack?

The tactics are straight out of the terrorist textbook. A wave of suicide bombers hits the front line defensive fortifications. Most of this first wave blows holes in the defensive barriers and leaves a battlefield of inflammatory damage and debris.

New FDA Draft Guidance Threatens Supplements

  As an integrative medicine practitioner, I have been treating patients for over 25 years using allopathic medicine in combination with a wide range of health-promoting botanicals and nutrients.

Modified Citrus Pectin Packs Powerful Immune Punch

  New research published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine shows Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) has powerful immune boosting properties.

AMA Study Promotes a Dangerous New Supplement Bill

 A new study just published in the American Medical Association’s Archives of Internal Medicine claims that taking supplements, including multivitamins, poses an increased risk in mortality, particularly for women.

Candida Albicans

I. Candida Albicans What is Candida Albicans Candida albicans is a member of a large group of organism whose cells contain complex structures enclosed within the membranes, including yeast and mold that live among the gut flora in the human mouth and gastrointestinal tract.

Do You Really Need a Flu Shot? New Research Suggests Otherwise

  The government and pharmaceutical companies would have us believe that many segments of the population must get vaccinated against the flu every year to protect their health.

Basic Types of Health Supplements

  Making sure that you get your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals is tricky if you’re busy, and who isn’t? Missing out on a meal, or neglecting a food group are common in a fast-paced society.

What to Look for in Health Supplements

  With millions of people worldwide learning about the benefits of health supplements, the market has grown tremendously. Unfortunately, that has meant that providers of substandard products have put supplements on the market that may not deliver on their promises.

Why Health Supplements are Making a Comeback

Even in the 21st century, some 80% of the population of the planet uses plant-based medicine. Indigenous people around the world rely on plants and herbs rather than drugs and surgery for coping with basic health problems.

Separating Supplementation Fact from Fiction

Many of today’s common health problems can be traced to lifestyle and environmental causes. Health supplements can effectively address some of these problems.

Boost Fertility With Preconception Nutritional Supplements

  Even though you may lead an active life and seem healthy enough, modern foods simply don't have all of the micro nutrients required for optimal health.

Vitamins And Supplements: 4 Reasons Why They Are Important For Your Health

  Every single thing that the human body is capable of, and all of its functions, are only possible due to a massive coordinated dance being performed by essential nutrients.

What is ?

UMF Manuka Honey – What is it? And what you should know about it.

Manuka Honey is a unique honey, native to New Zealand, that has been gaining increasing international publicity for its natural healing properties.

More About Good Bacteria

Normally you have between four and seven pounds of bacteria in your colon. Normal and well-balanced bacteria have many beneficial functions.Beneficial bacteria do the following:Produce vitamins like folic acid and B12.

What is Nutrition?

Webster's Dictionary defines the noun uses of the word nutrition as 1. The organic process of nourishing or being nourished; the processes by which an organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and maintenance.

Healthy Eating

3 Super Foods That Can Make a Dramatic Difference in Your Life

Eat your fruits and vegetables.  Isn't that what you hear all of the time?  Yes, it's good to have a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet and probably even exclusively, but the produce you buy in the store is just not as nutritious anymore.

How To Quickly Lose Weight

No one likes the thought of starting a diet - it's the word DIE with a T on the end ... it just can't be fun.  It's SO much easier (and more fun) to put the weight on than to knock it off.

The Science of Aging

The graying of America-the aging of the baby boomers-who knew birthdays could cause such concern? The aging of America is of great concern because it will transform politics, retirement systems, labor markets, banking, stock markets, but especially the health care system.

Whole food vitamins vs. synthetic

There is a substantial difference between whole food vitamins and synthetic vitamins.  This short article aims at explaining this crucial difference and implications that taking one or the other kind has for our wellbeing.

Herbalife Protein Snacks

It is well established that the typical person eating a western-type diet consumes more daily calories than he needs. High-calorie snacks filled with fats and sugars contribute to these extra calories.

News Articles

Organic or local?

ST. PAUL, USA - The emerging trend toward healthier, fresher foods that are also gentle on the environment presents new dilemmas for conscientious consumers.

Lowering sodium consumption could save US $18 billion annually in health costs, study finds

Reducing Americans' average intake of sodium to the amount recommended by health officials could save the nation as much as $18 billion annually in avoided health care costs and improve the quality of life for millions of people, according to a new study.

Antioxidants aren't always good for you and can impair muscle function, study shows

Antioxidants increasingly have been praised for their benefits against disease and aging, but recent studies at Kansas State University show that they also can cause harm.

Unlocking the opium poppy's biggest secret

Researchers at the University of Calgary have discovered the unique genes that allow the opium poppy to make codeine and morphine, thus opening doors to alternate methods of producing these effective painkillers either by manufacturing them in a lab or controlling the production of these compounds in the plant.

Vitamin D Supplementation for Infants

Breastfeeding is the ideal form of infant feeding, but supplementation with Vitamin D, starting soon after birth, is recommended because breastfed infants generally do not obtain adequate Vitamin D from other sources.

Fish oil supplement study shock

The largest ever trial of fish oil supplements has found no evidence that they offer benefits for cognitive function in older people.The OPAL study investigated the effects of taking omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid supplements over a two-year period on the cognitive function of participants aged 70-80 years.

New Study Shows Modified Citrus Pectin Activates Powerful Immune Responses

  Today I am thrilled to share with you groundbreaking research demonstrating the ability of a specific form of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) to greatly enhance immune function.

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