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self healing

Please tell me about the advantages of self healing, what it is and how it works.
by Michael Cohen, founder of RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing Research Foundation
on 29 Jan, 2009 View Therapist Qualifications
> We feel, here at The Bioenergy Healing Clinic, that it is so important to learn how to look after your own health and wellbeing. Many people get help from practitioners when they have a symptom to address but what happens after your series of appointments is just as important. When we start to self heal, we work on a preventative level and just like taking your car to be serviced and mot'd at regular intervals to maintain it's performance. Checking the tyres, the oil, the water etc is equivalent to exercising and looking at your diet. What you also need is a technique that can rewire your body's systems to release memory patterns and blockages. > Everyone has the ability to self heal, if they are taught how to work with their own energy circuitry. Bioenergy Healing triggers an enhanced healing process by releasing blockages and memory patterns. This sends messages to the brain to reconnect the pathways, thus allowing to body to function at a far heightened level on a physical, emotional and psychological basis. No special gifts are required to learn the basic techniques, we use no equipment, have no religious or spiritual belief to assist us, we don't prescribe any drugs or supplements and no cognitive therapy. We have a clinic where we treat clients over a series of treatments and we then encourage them to use the techniques to work on themselves to continue the benefits. For details of Bioenergy Healing Foundation Training Courses visit www.bioenergyhealing.org.uk

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by Barbara Meconis RN
on 26 Jan, 2009
We believe that the body in it's wisdom knows how to heal itself if given the right environment. So addressing nutritional deficiciencies, removing toxins, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and removing allergies are all good places to start. Please see our website for details on the healing modalities that we offer.
by Derek Hawkins
on 23 Jan, 2009

Self healing starts with the individual.  Does that person want to be healed?  However there are many who want to be healed but do not have the strength of mind to achieve the healing and may want additional support.  This may well be achieved by basic medication, encouragement from loved ones or perhaps using something like the Bioflow with clever magnetic technology.  Bioflow is now known to help with many ailments that have not been helped by conventional medication.  Enjoy life, focus on what you want to do and don't be diverted by anything or anyone.

Derek Hawkins - helping others help others.



by Denise Clark, ND
on 22 Jan, 2009
My understanding of self healing is to  maintain a positive attitude about any health condition and belief that it will one day be cured.  Some use prayer or visualizations to help them with the process, some use meditation, exercise, and doing things to support healing, such as develop good eating habits and good, supportive relationships.  I would recommend seeking out someone in your area to help facilitate the process such as an energy worker, nutritionist, naturopathic doctor, homeopath or chiropractor that may help with some guidance.


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