What is the most effective way to Stop Smoking?

With the cost of cigarettes continuing to rise and the increased evidencethat smoking can lead to cancer, there is a greater desire to quit the habit, but this is easier said than done for one who has smoked for many years. What is the most effective way to Stop Smoking? Some say that hypnotherapy can be effective, is this true? And are there any side effects?

by Doris Jeanette
on 24 Jan, 2008

Smoking fulfills emotional and physical needs.  I used to smoke myself.  To quit you need to find other ways to meet your emotional and physical needs!  Anxiety is one thing you must reduce to be successful.  Love for your body works better than mind tripping yourself.   Check out my free libarary at www.drjeanette.com which has an article about smoking in it. Click here to read more about the most effective way to stop smoking.

by Betsan Corkhill
on 24 Jan, 2008

Hypnotherapy appears to be very successful in helping people to stop smoking if you really want to stop.

 I'm researching the therapeutic benefits of knitting and many people say it's effective for stopping smoking. Lambeth PCT have set up a Knit to quit group. Knitting occupies your mind and your hands. There are many associated behaviours attached to smoking - you may enjoy that quiet time in the garden with your thoughts, the social chats with other smokers, the hand movements. Anecdotal evidence is very strong that knitting can replace all these. It can give you that quiet contemplative time, hand movement and social contact, so it's very effective. There are many groups that meet to knit in pubs, so if you link smoking to enjoying time out with friends, then this could be a possible solution. Plus if you smoke and knit your knitting smells so you'll find yourself trying to avoid that as much as possible. If you want to find out more about our research visit www.stitchlinks.com.

by Jose Penrose
on 27 Nov, 2007 View Therapist Qualifications
I honestly believe hypnotherapy is the simplest and most effective way to stop smoking.  It not only removes the desire to smoke but also breaks the habit - and the habit of smoking is 99% of the problem.  if you stop smoking, you still have nothing to do with your hands or body to replace the actions and time taken up by smoking.  The bonus, of course, is that hypnotherapy brings many other benefits at the same time.

Jose Penrose's Qualifications:-

Personal Experience I trained as a person centred counsellor in 1999, having spent 8 years volunteering in a youth counselling service. I have been in private practice since 2000, qualifying as a hypnotherapist in 2001. I use an individually tailored approach with each and every client.
Personal Qualifications Dip Couns (Roehampton), DHypPsych
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by Helen Fogg
on 27 Nov, 2007

I agree that hypnotherapy can be very effective, but you really do have to want to stop yourself. If you can stop through your own willpower then great! You are expecting it to be difficult but many find it surprisingly easy. I have helped people of all ages, at all levels of smoking, and sometimes a younger person who smokes only a few can find it harder than a long-term smoker on a 40 a day habit! It always helps to focus on the positives, and to be aware of your own reasons for wanting to stop smoking. For many it can be about the freedom from smoking - alongside the benefits to health and wealth! Change all your habits around smoking, doing so at different times and in different places, and you will be surprised at how your feelings about the habit change.

If support is needed then Hypnotherapy is the best support, helping you through the first stages of becoming a non-smoker. You are always aware of what is going on and there are no side effects. In fact people often feel better in other ways, either feeling more focused or feeling stronger and more confident. Hypnotherapy works because smoking is a learned habit, just like walking, talking and driving a car. It effectively has to be unlearned first and that has to happen in the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy can 're-program' the learning, and support the subconscious in making the necessary changes.

by Jenni Camplin
on 27 Nov, 2007
n my personal experience hypnotherapy is the best and the fastest method once you have made up your mind to stop smoking.  Firstly though it is important to really want to stop smoking and to be aware that stopping for others does not work. If you do it to please other people the resentment will possibly turn you into a secret smoker of 'just one or two occasionally'. This soon leads to failure and the more of a failure you feel the more likely you are to return to smoking as much as ever! A clear decision based on your own commitment to no longer have cigarettes in your life is the first step to success. Recognising why you smoke and what you will do to fill the gap quitting will leave in your life is also necessary if you are to stay a non smoker. Good luck!


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