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under active thyroid and psoriasis and body mass index

Two years ago i gave up smoking (forty a day ) and within a month of that started my menapause. Now at fifty two my psoriasis has got progressivly worse, from small patches on elbows to covering forty per cent of my body and scalp. By far the worst is my weight has escalated,I amnow four stone heavier (which was half my bodyweight)  and this has put a strain on my joints.after asking my doctor for help he put me on antidepressants. I have an underactive thyroid gland and take medication daily for it .Ifeel as though i am dropping to bits and dont know where to go for help. My confidence is nil ,you dont look good when your 5ft 2in twelve stone scabby fatty. Any advice or help please


by Denise Clark, ND
on 09 Feb, 2009
I would assume that your body is detoxing after you quit smoking and that may be why the psoriasis is getting worse.  I recommend keeping a journal of the foods that you eat and recording any affects that a meal and particular food has on the psoriasis, your mood, energy, weight, etc.  Foods can play a large role in psoriasis. You would then need to avoid the foods that cause symptoms. A way to improve psoriasis is to help your body detoxify using herbs, nutritional supplements, etc. I would recommend seeing a health care practitiioner in your area that may be able to help design a program for you. Also there are many books on psoriasis and detoxification that that may help you understand things.  I would also recommend finding a doctor that would check all of your hormones and make sure that you are taking the appropriate dose of thyroid hormone.
by Denise Fiennes
on 06 Feb, 2009 View Therapist Qualifications
Hello - the fact that you want to do something about your problems is very positive - giving up smoking at that level is very hard and you are to be congratulated on that.   Ex smokers frequently put on weight and have to add exercise into their routine to compensate.  Skin complaints are often dealt with successfully by alternative medicine and I would suggest you have a session with a homeopathist who will look at you as a 'whole person' - taking into account all the things you descibe.   Remember - evenif you are feeling depressed, there is always a part of you that is aware of other alternatives, and you are on anti depressants which will help you to focus on your strength (giving up smoking and seeking help).  Break down your goals into smaller parts - you sound overwhelmed at the moment so don't try to tackle everything at once.   It may help you to get a FREE version of Simpleology1 by Mark Joiner - it is a fun way to help you sort out your priorities and make your goals accessible and sumountable.   www.simpleology.com   - all good wishes Denise

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by Diane Mandle
on 05 Feb, 2009
There are lots of issues going on here for you and I wish I could tell you that some magic pill would remedy it.. but as I see it what is needed is an understanding of the root cause that created your smoking habit to begin with and athe ability to resolve that.  It is fantastic that you stopped smoking but a healing on another level needs to also take place. Unless that happens the issue will manifest in different ways, as it does now.. The weight and skin issue you experience may stem from repressed anger. They are symptoms of the root cause.  Doing some energy work with a seasoned practitioner can help access that part of yourself and once you are more aware of the driving force behind the symptoms, you can start to work with the symptoms in an effective manner.


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