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How to maintain weight at or around a constant after frequent battles of loosing weight

My detais are as follows;

Age;  42 years     sex; female    Marital status ; Married            No. of Chidren; 1

Profession ; Medical officer  

 Height; 4feet 10 inches        weight; 54Kg

Level of physical activity;I have busy shedule but physically not much active  It is quite difficult for me to do regular exercise due to my busy shedule  although i have tried hard.

Medical history ; No  major illnesses at the momoment but past medical history of gestational diabetes mellitus +

Family Medical history; Diabetes Mellitus ( Mother, Father, brother & sister ), Isheamic heart diease (mother, Father ), Obesity (siblings)

problem; From my teenage years my main problem is regaining weight after frequent horrible stuggles of loosing weight from about 65Kg to about48- 50 Kg.  I have gone through about 5 such episodes. At all these instances I gained  weight at a faster rate than loosing causing me much anxiety.

My main sratergy of loosing weight had been either by exercise or by dieting and some times by both methods. But after each big struggle i regained weight at a faster rate. At the moment Iam on a diet

My daily dietary recall;

Breakfast; tea+ 1 tea spoon non fat milk ( No Sugar)

                1 big banana

Lunch: 1/2 cup of boiled brown rice, 3 tab spoon of vegetables,  one small piece of fish/ dried fish/ chicken

Afternoon; tea + 1 tea spoon of non fat milk ( No sugar ), one slice of brown bread with curry or 2 sugarless buiscuits

Dinner; same as lunch

Rate of weighr loss; I loose about 1kg in five working days but regain that amount in just 2 days during the week ends when i have some rest such as an afternoon nap and better eating ( not over eating ) 

My worries; People of my height  and physical activity level are having normal meals and are not gaining weight where as I am always scared of food and my life is a constant battle agaist extra fat 

What I think the cause of my problem; Multifactorial ie. Genetic predisposition for obesity, ?Low BMI, No regular exercise, Not knowing how much calories I need to eat, Frequent episodes of loosing and gaining weght




by Linda Belcher
on 20 Apr, 2009 View Therapist Qualifications

You have provided a lot of information but as a Kinesiologist I would want to muscle test to find out the cause of your problem.  From what you have said you have been through periods of yo-yo dieting and your body is going into starvation mode - it is conserving everything you eat because it knows it will then not get as much for a while.   Personally I am not a fan of fruit for breakfast - after fasting overnight your body survives best on protein with carbs.  You may have some food sensitivities and also it does sound as if you have a lot of emotional attachment/unattachment to food (  "scared of food"   "life a constant battle" which a Kinesiologist would help with with.  If you are unable to exercise consistently I recommend if you can, buying a rebounder/mini trampoline which you can do simple jogging or bouncing on to get your lymph flowing...just 10 minutes a day on that is equivalent to longer more strenuous exercise.  I apologise for the delay in reply  - had a problem with logging in.

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