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confused, please help.

i have a problem. whenever i am asked any question that requires any thinking whatsoever, i choke. i freeze up. you could ask me a question, even a simple math question, and for some reason i have to sit and think for a second sometimes longer. i dont know why. its almost as if i get nervous that i dont know the answer, and i just freeze. i dont know how to explain it. i feel as though i am always, always in a fog. i cant figure it out. i cant focus on anything, i just sit there and think. and then i think about thinking. and then i think about what i was thinking about before. i have no consistency, rhyme or rhythm to anything i do. i used to be really smart. i used to have confidence and take pride in my ability to do everyday things. i havent even had a girlfriend in two years, and i have a very hard time getting close to people. its like my subconscious makes every situation awkward and foreign. i would never turn to someone else for my personal problems such as this, but i dont know what else to do. i used to think as you get older, you get smarter and progress in life. now i have a job that i can barely handle because im always in a cloud in my mind. i dont know where to turn, which is why im posting this. ANY help is appreciated, even recommendations as to where to go for psychology testing or whatever. i did therapy for 3 years straight, gained nothing except the ability to overanalyze everything i do, say, think and hear. now everything that occurs i think "why did i do that? why did i say that?" everything. i feel helpless. ADHD? ADD? Whatever it is, i need to know what to call it, or where to go, or learn whatever i can do to try to improve my situation. tired of feeling dumb. please help, this is my last stand.


sorry for the long post

by Michael Cohen, founder of RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing Research Foundation
on 06 Jan, 2011 View Therapist Qualifications

I really suggest that you don't look for a label to call your symptoms, it's best to think of it more in the terms of, 'this is how your body is functioning at the moment'. The reason being, you don't want to then start living the associated symptoms of the illness. We simply believe that your bodies energy system has blockages and is prohibiting sufficient communication amongst the cells to allow good functionality.

Have your heard about Bioenergy Healing ? It's a hand on and hand off treatment which uses a non invasive scanning and manipulation technique (utilising the hands only) to pinpoint blockages and stimulate a positive response on a cellular level to re-connect energy pathways, thus allowing the body to begin to function at a higher level. Think in terms of - clearing a traffic jam on the motorway.

visit www.bioenergyhealing.org.uk for more information where you will find relevant case studies too.


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by Katharine Walmsley
on 28 Dec, 2010

I am not sure if  my comment has got through.  I am writing again to say that I sympathise with your challenges.

I recommend that you read The Journey by Brandon Bays or an article that I have written, as an Accredited

Journey Practitioner, for the Worldwide Health Library.  The Journey can help you trace your emotions, clear 

them and give you understanding of  yourself so that you no longer are haunted by negative feelings.  If you would like to help through this avenue, please ring me on 07814610587 or email <katharinejourney@hotmail.com> 

by Ondina Nandine Hatvany, MFT
on 27 Dec, 2010 View Therapist Qualifications

I'm sorry... This sounds really difficult... Have you tried EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reproccessing)? I've had a lot of success using EMDR with issues that have a lot of emotional charge and feel stuck... For more information please go to my website: www.OndinaWellness.com.

Where are you located?

If you have further queries please call. I can best be reached on my office line (415) 381-1065



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