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please can you help

hi ,im desperate for some help .I have ulcerative colitis, scoliosis ,sciatica ,arthritis , high b.p. ,sky high cholesterol 11 and depression ,Im 52 and a single mum 2 boys age 20 and 16 at college and a daughter 19 who is battling anorexia and depression after 5 months in a unit , she has panic attacks and self harms if i go out without her even to a neighbours fpr a brew .My mum died at 82 less than a month ago so im very lonely .My big problems are im living in clutter  and im eating junk and bingieng in bed at night and early morning .How can i motivate myself to make the changes i need and want to do .Im veggie ,love alternative therapies and am so worn down feeling so trapped in this hole ,i dont want antidepressants of g.p. as i know its through blocking up all my emotions and being constantly exhausted and in pain .Any help would be apreciated ,thank you ,pam
by Diane Mandle
on 19 Sep, 2008
Often times, it takes the most uncomfortable situation for us to step into a better version of ourselves. The good news is that we really possess many of the tools to turn a situation around. We can't get rid of what we don't own, so the first thing is to really sit with your situation, accept that it real, happening and instead of pushing it all away, just BE with it. Literally, just sit there, breathe and look around you OBSERVING rather than JUDGING. Breath puts us into present moment and helps release us from all the stories we can easily get engaged with. So, no kidding, just sit there and breathe. In sound healing, which is what I do, there is a principal that every discordant tone is searching for harmony.  It is the natural flow of energy in all life.  Then think of the absolutley smallest thing you might do to make your environment better.. A really small thing that is impossible for you to fail at.. Do it and then just BE for a while... You will find that something else will call to you and each time if you can take a moment to breathe, to be and to not run away from your situation, you will begin to notice shifts. We cannot just JUMP OUT Of a situation.. it takes many small steps. Each step rooted in Present Moment will lead us to the next most natural thing.  No pill, or therapy or external will be able to shift your situation until you step into yourself. That is the starting place... and an excellent place to be.
by Denise Fiennes
on 17 Sep, 2008 View Therapist Qualifications

Hello - Pam -  you sound as if you have many, many problems to deal with.  Firstly - none of your conditions will be helped by junk food etc., and I wonder if you would benefit from some sub-liminal tapes by Mike Brescia - not only for you but for your daughter as well.   You could maybe join forces with your daughter to help each other through the initial changes you need to make - I would suggest finding a counsellor in your area who specialises in eating disorders www.speaktoacounsellor.com might have someone in your location.    I commend you for wanting to do the work and recognising that things have reached a stage where you want to change.   Get the boys to help you with the clutter and explain to them that you want things to be better, but that you need help - from them, and from others.   You say you do not want the GP but some of those conditions require expert intervention and need treatment.     You and your daughter would benefit from exercising (slowly at first even if it is a short walk in a place you like and talking and sharing).    Google Mike Brescia who has tapes called Think Right Now - they work on alpha waves in the brain and come under a number of different headings, including depression and anxiety.

Good wishes


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