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arthritic hand joints

What kind of therapy is most effective in treating finger joints which are arthritic.

Also having hot flushes and sleeplessness due to menopause. Having acupuncture and acupressure along with KUN BAO WAN and sweat sleeper tablets. Is there anything else I could try

by Michael Cohen, founder of RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing Research Foundation
on 05 Nov, 2008 View Therapist Qualifications
It is important to understand that every clients symptoms are very individual and therefore each client will receive treatment individual to them. When you consider blockages in the bodies biological system we begin to appreciate that not only are these physical but are also psychological. When a woman goes through the menopause the body starts of function differently as its' bio-chemical make up is being altered due to the variable hormones levels one is not used to. This immediately requires the body to adjust accordingly and can, very often, bring on unwanted physical symptoms. For anyone dealing with sleepless nights, as an isolated symptom, is bad enough as it affects your coping mechanism, focus and energy levels for the forthcoming day. Throw in spontaneous sweating and the psychological effects that going through the menopause brings, it then becomes a very difficult period to lives with. Over our lifetime, we experience many physical and emotional traumas which have not been healed or dealt with entirely leaving blockages within our energy system. Bioenergy Healing treatment is able to address both on physical and psychological levels. On a physical basis, the technique works on enhancing the cellular communication between the brain and the cells to bring order to the cells in the region of the body where there is disorder. This can also stimulate the bodies natural healing and repair mechanisms to remove any old trauma and improve communication that can have a positive afect to your fingers. When there is a free flow of energy our bodies systems (eg Nervous system which looks after body thermastat, digestive, circulatory) will be able to function without so much effort to perform well without compromising. On a psychological level our treatment releases memory patterns, a form of rewiring the body. This can get to the root cause of the symptoms along with with the current trauma of living and having to treat the symptoms. All without having to address matters on a cognitive level. For full details visit www.bioenergyhealing.org.uk/

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by Denise Clark, ND
on 23 Oct, 2008
There are a number of natural supplments including, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, and MSM that work well for alleviating the pain with arthritis. There is another produce, Kaprex, made by Metagenics, that is not typically sold over the counter that can really help that your health care professional should be able to help you obtain.  I would talk to your acupuncturist. Herbal remedies with peony and bupleurum are very helpful for menopausal symptoms.  There is a product call Remifemin that contains black cohosh that should be easy to obtain that works well for some people to reduce hot flashes.  For sleep it depends on what's waking you up. It could be lack of estrogen, too much cortisol or a drop in blood sugar at night.
by Derek Hawkins
on 21 Oct, 2008
Bioflow proven magnetic wrist bands are now recommended by many doctors, physiotherapists and other professionals to be a most cost effective way to help arthritic joints, particularly finger joints.  Totally non invasive and attractive. 
by Penny Price Aromatherapy Ltd
on 20 Oct, 2008

Aromatherapy is very effective in the treatment of arthritis. If it is not possible to visit a therapist , you can treat yourself with a ready blended product. We have in our 'Nurture' range a mobility blend in a pure essential oil, lotion or massage oil.

For hormonal balancing during menopause we have in the same range nurture women. This comes as a pure blend or in a lotion.

You can view our product range at www.penny-price.com


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