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Melissa Gallagher
Marci Himelson
Chandra Goutam
Jennifer Lichtman
Maggie Van Staveren LCSW, CHT
Margot Kessler
Julie Myers
Allan Pleaner
Lianying Guo
Mara Nicandro
karla Lynn Milloy
Beth Proudfoot
Sara Denman
Jared DuPree
Eve Kilmer
Julie Weaver MA, LPC-Intern
Sherry Gaba
Danny Jackson
Pat Grabianowski
Keri Watson
Rhonda Welch
Dr. Barbara Cunningham, MFT
Chris Wright
Joseph Verdino
Eva Lantz
Bernie Soon, MA, MFT, SEP
Felicia Jackson, MAOM, MA, LLPC,CAAC
Mylene Hallaran
Hugo Doig
Arthur Schubert

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