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Nutrition For You and Your Family

Nutrition For You and Your Family

  • Have you ever been interested to know what vitamins and minerals make up your food?
  • Are you interested in learning how nutritional therapy can improve the quality of your life?

If the answer to the above is YES, then this course may just what you are looking for.

At BCNH we are introducing a new and exciting 4-week course Nutrition for You & Your Family. The course covers several topics and will answer common questions such as:-

  • Which foods should I be eating for optimum health?
  • Is organic food better than non-organic?
  • Which diets are most effective for weight loss? 
  • What does the information on the food labels actually mean?
  • Is taking supplements safe?
  • Why do I have problems with my digestion?
  • How do I know if I have a food sensitivity?
  • What shall I feed my children?
  • Etc.

 Nutrition for You & Your Family can be completed by attendance or distance learning (audio CDs & lecture notes)

Attendance courses are run by BCNH graduates and are held throughout the year (weekend and/or evenings), subject to demand.  Courses are held in central London and may be available in other areas of the UK (please email admin@bcnh.co.uk for availability).

Distance learning course are available throughout the year and you can enrol at any time.

Course structure:

Lesson 1

You will learn the health values of food groups such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins, their digestion and their importance to optimum health.

Lesson 2

You will learn the basics about vitamins, minerals and commonly used supplements, their importance to health and about the safety of supplementation.

Lesson 3

What is a balanced diet, factors to consider when planning a menu, various diets – eg exclusion diet, food combining, etc.

Lesson 4

Cooking methods, organic vs inorganic foods, how to read food labels 

Course fees:

Attendance courses:                        £180 (all inclusive)

Distance Learning (DL) Courses:      £120 (all inclusive)

All fees must be paid in advance (the fees are non-refundable). We accept cash, cheques, debit cards and credit cards. A 3% surcharge fee will apply if paying by a credit card.

The fee includes course materials (emailed) and a Certificate of Attendance for attendance courses.

DL students will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of a homework (optional) at the end of the course (with a pass rate of 60% or more). Please note that an additional fee of £30 will be applied for homework marking.




Certificate of Attendance


120 - 180




Distance Learning


Tel. 020 7 433 2555



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