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Russian Honey & Cupping Massage Course

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This course carries 5 CPD points & is accredited by the IPTI, PBT and the FHT.

This is an ancient treatment practised in Asia and eastern European countries for 100s of years. Honey is applied to the and massaged until sticky, it is worked using special techniques until the consistency changes and white pellets appear on the skin surface, which are believed to be toxins and salts that have been drawn from the body and have been absorbed into the honey, which has beneficial nutrients which are transferred to the body's tissues and the skin which is left feeling nourished and moisturised.

This is combined with cupping massage which is a deep tissue massage used to stimulate the peripheral nervous system, bring blood flow to stagnant muscles, loosen adhesions and drain excess fluid and toxins. Massage with cups still forms part of Traditional Russian massage and is used prior to performing honey massage by increasing circulation to the skin, so that toxins are more easily absorbed by the honey and the beneficial nutrients of the honey are more easily absorbed by the skin. Another beneficial aspect of cupping massage is its use in therapist injury prevention. This method allows rest for the hands from repetitive movement and enables the therapist to get deeper without discomfort to the client or herself. Although they traditionally go together, both honey massage and cupping massage are treatments in their own right and can be used separately.

Acceptable entry qualifications: There are no entry requirements for this course, however, should you wish to insure you must hold a relevant massage qualification. Applicants without relevant A & P can complete an optional home study module in this subject. See website http://www.tmtherapies.itgo.com/ for details. In order to claim the FHT CPPD points you must hold an accredited massage qualification which is QCA regulated (ie VTCT, ITEC, NVQ or one recognised by the GCMT.


28-Mar-2012 - 28-Mar-2012


10:30 am - 6:00 pm


FHT Diploma




The Cheshire Massage & Beauty Academy


The Cheshire Massage & Beauty Academy
Charter House
Norbury Street
Cheshire SK1 3SH
United Kingdom


Tel. 0844 335 6664



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