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Muscle Energy Techniques Reciprocal Inhibition

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Develop your skills and increase your ability to be precise using Muscle Energy Techniques.  MET is used to treat somatic dysfunction,especially decreased range of motion, muscular hypertonicity and pain. One of the aims of the workshop is to encourage your independence of thought so that you can confidently apply MET to any area of the body. 

What you will achieve:

  • An understanding of the physiological effects of MET
  • An understanding of the mechanism of the technique
  • The ability to apply safe and effective RI to upper limb but also come away with the understanding of how to work out its’ application to any part of the body
  • Review how to apply PIR to the lower limb
  • The ability and understanding of when to apply passive and active MET to lower limb
  • The appropriate understanding of when to apply it and its’contraindications
  • The ability to test range of motion for A/C, S/C and GH joints  


You must of completed the Muscle Energy Technique - PIR before attending the RI workshop


Triceps Brachii Biceps Brachii Levator Scapula Deltoid Trapezius Latissimus Dorsi Latissimus Dorsi Teres Major Rhomboid Major Teres Minor Rhomboid Minor   Supraspinatous   Subscapularis   Infraspinatus

Review of Muscles in PIR:

Rectus Femoris Bicep Femoris Sartorius Vastus Intermedius Semimembranosous Tensor Fascia Latae Vastus Lateralis Semitendinosous Adductor Brevis Vastus Medialis   Adductor Longus   Plantaris Adductor Magnus Gemellus Inferior Popliteus Gracillis Gemellus Superior Soleus   Gluteus Maximus, Medius, Minimus Gastrocnemius   Obturator Externus & Internus Extensor Digitorum Longus   Pectineus Flexor Digitorum Longus   Piriformis Peroneus Longus & Brevis   Quadratus Femoris Tibialis Anterior & Posterior


Included on the day:

  • A comprehensive notes
  • Certificate of attendance upon completion
  • Tea/Coffee during break
  • Option to receive monthly CPD newsletter
  • Ongoing NLSSM support
  • A high ratio of teachers to students

Who is this for:
Those who wish to excel as a soft tissue therapist or who have a background in manual health care.  It is suitable for soft tissue therapists, physiotherapists, oestopaths, sports massage therapists and sports therapists, yoga and pilates instructors, Chek practitioners, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches.

Further Learning:
The Muscle Energy Technique workshops can be taken on their own, however enhance your skills even further with both our Biomechanics and Postural Assessment workshops which are fantastic compliments and will only add to your skill set.


10-Mar-2013 - 10-Mar-2013


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Certificate of Attendance


120.00 (Inc VAT)


NLSSM The School of Sports Massage


University of Wesminster
115 New cavendish Street
London W1W 6UW
United Kingdom


Tel. 44 (0) 208 885 6062



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