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Muscle Energy Technique

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This one-day workshop is designed for practitioners qualified in Massage Therapy, Sports Massage and/or Sports Therapy. Muscle Energy Technique is a gentle, non-invasive form of Neuromuscular Therapy designed to restore optimal function to joints whose normal range of motion has been compromised by shortening and/or spasm of the musculature surrounding those joints. Assessment consists of the precise application of active isometric and isotonic contractions and muscle balancing.

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) are manipulative treatments in which a patient, on request, actively uses his or her muscles from a controlled position in a specific direction against a distinct counterforce.
The MET isometric and isotonic techniques are used to: Strengthen weak muscles  - Release hyper-tonicity
Stretch tight muscles and fascia - Improve musculoskeletal function
Mobilise joints in which movement is restricted - Improve local circulation

These techniques will extend your 'repertoire' and make your treatments more effective! They are adaptable and can be incorporated into any basic massage routine PLUS they can be used through clothing and are therefore ideally suited to complement on-site work, such as Indian Head Massage.

There are a range of Muscle Energy Techniques available to the therapist, one of which is known as Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR). During the workshop you will focus primarily on PIR and learn to apply it to the whole body in a safe and effective manner. After discussion of the theory behind this stretching technique, most of the day will be spent actively practicing this method of stretching which helps to improve joint range, lengthen tight muscles and help decrease tension in fascia. In the morning you will practice the technique on hamstrings, hip flexors, hip rotators and calf muscles. In the afternoon we move on to look at applications to muscles of the chest, rotator cuff, neck and trunk. You will also learn how to incorporate correct breathing techniques which will be demonstrated at the start of the day.


23-Jun-2013 - 23-Jun-2013


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


MSCM Certificate


£90 + VAT


Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine


Middlesex School Of Complementary Medicine
PO Box 639
Middlesex HA5 9JD
United Kingdom


Tel. 0845 372 9899



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