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The Fully Booked Bootcamp

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The Ultimate 17-Phase Live Practice Building Programme for Coaches, Therapists and all helping professionals... You receive:
  1. 12 Live one day monthly group trainings with Jonathan Clark throughout 2007
  2. CD recordings of each live training day to keep forever
  3. Private consultations with Jonathan
  4. Monthly group Teleclass support with Jonathan
  5. Guest speakers and trainers who do it for real
  6. Group synergy and accountability I'm hereby announcing the 12 month bootcamp programme starting in January, where I'll personally help a small group of therapists/Coaches/Practitioners grow their practice so its full of paying clients and will have earned you anywhere between 12,000 and 50,000 by the end of 2007. That way, you've recovered all the money you invested in training, AND you're in profit. It will consist of a One day seminar every month on a weekend, followed by a teleclass mid month, personal accountability, marketing strategies on how to increase your number of clients, build your reputation, keep the income predictable, guest speakers, and as much real life nuts and bolts "how to" as I can cram into 12 months. This will contain ALL of my "Prophetability Now!" seminar content, PLUS all the other tricks of the trade that I've spent tens of thousands of pounds learning and implementing. BUT...a strict participant and commitment qualification is required... Please read this carefully now, then respond quickly if you are ready and willing to commit 100% to mega-growth in the next 12 months... I am in the process of selecting a group of no more than 24 entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals to go on a journey with me personally on the most intense, 12 month, one-to-one and group business development and wealth achievement programme I have ever made available 'publicly'... My intention is to give you every ounce of mindset, business-building, strategy, marketing, moneymaking, positioning, branding, and competitor beating knowledgethat you need to accelerate your enterprise from where it is today to where you want it to be by this time in 2007. That's why I'm selecting this elite "Bootcamp" group carefully: Very quickly, if you are at the point in your business where you very seriously want to grow dramatically... ...where you are not only 100% committed to your success and growth, but 1000% ... ...and you are ready and willing to work directly with me plus the selected experts that I bring in to make your business or practice a roaring, cash-rich client magnet for success... ...and you relish the chance to end the struggle and have your business work for you (and not the other way round!)... ...then I invite you to find out if you qualify for this elite "Fully Booked Bootcamp" on a live, recorded, group and 1:1 journey that will rapidly turn things around, make your practice busy to the point of bursting, and set you up with a predictable and consistent income that leaves you with more security, free time and a lot less stress in your life. You see, in theory, if you invest in a marketing course, or a "how to attract clients" book, or even hire a jumpstart coach, you have all the tools you need to attract clients and fill your practice. In theory, you can go to a new business start up like business Gateway or Glasgow Ooportunities and create a business plan, your marketing strategy, a SWOT analysis... But very few -- left on their own --manage to apply any of itAnd do you know what? Every failed business had a business plan. And you were taking advice from someone who is Employed to sit at a desk, not risking their own money, not marketing themselves to get YOU in front of them in the first place! YOU'RE ASKING THE WRONG PERSON!! Do you see? I've been determined to create a programme that makes it realistic to end the "struggling therapist" and "unknown Coach" phenomenon that I hear about day in day out. Therapist doing free barter treatments on each other BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO CLIENTS! Coaches in Coaching circles BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO CLIENTS! What trends/facts support my opinions?1. I SEE STRUGGLING THERAPISTS EVERYWHERE 2. THE AROMATHERAPY GUILD RELEASED SOME FIGURES IN 2002 THAT SAID ONLY 25% OF THE CERTIFIED AROMATHERAPISTS THAT QUALIFY ACTUALLY EARN A LIVING FROM THEIR PRACTICE 3. THERE'S BEEN A MASSIVE REAWAKENING, AN UPSURGE IN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT/ALTERNATIVE/COMPLEMENTARY WORK IN RECENT YEARS. 4. COACH UNIVERSITY RECENTLY (2004) RELEASED FIGURES THAT STATED THAT "The most recent research shows what you and I have known for years - most coaches love to coach but for a variety of reasons most have a difficult time filling their practice. Some 40,000 people have expressed an interest in being professional coaches. By my guess, some 25,000 have gone through training, 11,000 of them with CoachInc.com and perhaps 3,000 have become certified. Unfortunately, only about 30% of those certified or trained [that's 900] are supporting themselves as a coach. Most of these coaches are earning less than 19K per year!" What I want for you is to actually receive and imbue every critical facet of the entrepreneurial mindset, amrketing skills, philosophy, support and accountability...plus the inner self-drive, self-confidence and actual ability to do business. Here is the truth about running your own helping professional business...It's impossible for a self-employed professional to break through the limiting beliefs, creeping anxiety and false starts without far different -- yet easy to grasp -- training, support and mentorship. The truth is, unless you're one of the 2% who inherently have the business pioneer traits, you can read books, and study the theories year in year out and still find yourself struggling. Trust me, I've been there... How do I know? Listen, in my first year self employed, with NO COACHING, NO ROLE MODEL, NO MARKETING KNOWLEDGE, NO SUPPORT and NO CHOICE BUT TO MAKE IT WORK...I still made about 10,000 that year. In the second year I doubled that. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You don't have to learn everything from scratch. Model what works. Profit from my mistakes... Chances are you've been struggling, yes? And it's not because you're less capable. Its because -- chances are -- you were not brought up with an entrepreneur, possibility thinking, profit oriented mindset. The great majority of us are brought up and educated to believe in limitation, false ceilings, hard slog, luck and lack. I love how Joe Polish of Piranha Marketing terms it - "you want an ELF business - easy, lucrative and fun. Right now you have a HALF business - Hard, Annoying, Lame and Frustrating!" Powerful marketing strategy is critical, but it's by no means enough. It takes a systemised series of in-depth training days spanning months, that begins with a broad and deep analysis of you and your business as you are today, then the creation of a powerful step-by-step growth leap, backed up with a bulletproof attitude and psychology of excellence. It takes mentorship, driving forward every week by you, with my constant input and coaching. It takes accountability, encouragement, support, regular re-exposure to the gameplan, and live events where we create letters, adverts, websites, emails, systems and procedures. Announcing the largest, most daring, most involved, most results-guaranteed growth and wealth training programme I have EVER created... Finally, I have cracked the personal achievement and wealth code that releases your latent ability to actually create a profitable and stable business vehicle -- and it doesn't matter what service you provide, or who you provide it to -- IT WORKS. These are exactly the steps that I take a private client through to achieve the rapid and dramatic growth that they hire me to pull out of the hat for them. I want to take you through a marathon 17 Phase, 12 month, multi-medium mega event that willdramatically increase the size, turnover, market position and profit of your existing business, and make you a considerably happier man or woman by January 2008. BUT, its not all roses...you have a VERY active part to play!This programme will NOT work for you if you don't work the programme. You have to be 100% committed to your success, your outcomes and your results. Committed means the facts don't matter. Committed means results, not reasons. FIRST you must see setbacks as opportunities. You must complete the 12 months of mentoring. You must do your accountability homework each month. You must be prepared to apply what we cover each month and put it into action. SECOND, you must be willing to travel, pay for meals, and sacrifice a day per month from your life. But, I promise you, these small investments will repay you 50 times over in the coming months, and set you up for life with a complete education in marketing, business building and entrepreneurship. You will be able to set up a service business in any field after the 2007 Bootcamp. Imagine that! It doesn't matter if you're just starting out (in fact, that's perfect!) or if you've been running a practice for some time, it's critical that you take time out on a regular basis to work "on" your business, and not "In" your business. If you'll commit to these -- and you will receive the greatest amount of help and materials, advice, support, encouragement, mentorship -- plus friendship and the occasional kick up the behind from me... then I will welcome you as a member of the most formidable peer group you will ever experience. You cannot fail to grow personally and professionally over the next 12 months as long as you don't fail yourself. You will never again have so much support, personal Coaching and group synergy than on the "Fully Booked Bootcamp" HERE ARE THE DETAILS12 months of strategy setting, marketing makeover, tactical maneuvers, rapid revenues, staff handling, competitor out witting, problem solving and opportunity laden sessions - with my continual advice, guidance and mentoring PHASE # 1 Private 60 minute Telephone Consultation with Me personally You start with an intense - fun and highly informative - 60 minute private phone consultation to explore where your enterprise is at right now, where you'd like it to be, and the gap. What's working, what isn't, and what opportunities do you have? Notice that I said YOU - your business is a reflection of who you are, and all opportunity lies within YOU. You are the visionary, the innovator, he driver of the bus with dreams and plans. I need to understand you, never mind your business. Later though we will dig deep - very deep - into the business part, but for now I want to uncover what inspired you to start your business, what fuels you, what stops you, and what your goals are. Only then can we ignite and unshackle the latent business genius that lies within you. I want you to tap into the passion, the spark that got you so far. You MUST be passionate about the service or treatment you provide if you expect to build a substantial, dominating business asset. You MUST enjoy what you do, then do it well, and customers or clients will flock to you (provided the marketing is in place!) PHASE # 2 Hot Seat Development Day The January meeting will have me dig deep into your business activity, identify your greatest assets and biggest blocks, and then co-create a strategy to drive your enterprise forward week by week throughout 2007. This first session creates the blueprint to a 12 - 50K (or more if you work hard and smart) rollout. We'll identify the precise steps, tactics, and procedures that you need to put into place to double or triple your turnover, PLUS backup plans and contingency measures should any part of the plan fail to deliver the results we aim for. Not only that, but you'll also be part of the group synergy as we all contribute ideas, tips, methods and support to all of the 24 businesses in the room. This is an education in business building that's realistically worth your investment for that part alone! I'll help you select thousands of pounds worth of untapped potential, as well as the precise next steps required to expand and develop your customer base. Then we'll unleash the quickest and easiest rollout strategies to produce your big breakthrough. We'll create an Action Plan for month One, a detailed action plan. Action is the key. It's what you do that counts. You need a day by day clear-cut set of activities to perform, and a rigid determination to get them done by the next session, because you will be held accountable the following month. Each month we will openly share our successes, challenges and the bizarre coincidences that inevitably occur once you set your intention. I will show you how to code, track and measure every activity and the results it produces, so you quickly discover what works and what doesn't, and what you need to keep doing and what you need to dump. Plus you'll experience the 23 other detailed master plan blueprints from my sessions with your peers. This is like being given the keys to a gold mine that will take care of you for the rest of your life. Never again will you wonder what to do, what ad to place, what letter to write, where to find clients or lose money on ineffective methods that don't work. Get ready for this MAMMOTH live kick-off event - all recorded on CD forever - so you can revisit it anytime in future should you wander off track. PHASE # 3 - 11 further Monthly meetings Each month we'll analyse your results, create adjustments and improvements to optimise your sales and profit performance - live at Parklands Country Club in Glasgow. This is where the accountability starts - we'll all want to hear about what worked, what didn't, what corrections were made, because you always have to know how you're performing. Together, I and your peers will sugest and help you create ways to improve every tiny element of your business, and mastermind group additional techniques and supporting suggestions every month. With this level of peer commitment and mentoring working with you at this deep level, nothing can stop you from transforming your practice dramatically to the point where you will wonder how on earth you survived this long without it! Monthly live events to really drive your business - to make sure you achieve, grow, out-compete, profit and enjoy greater personal freedom and wealth from your enterprise. We'll give you EVERYTHING you need - each session will be driven by you, whether you neeed hardcore how to, marketing ideas, encouragement, clearing limiting beliefs, presentation skills, selling techniques, words for a website, advert design, autoresponder set up, information product creation, free reports, whatever... You might be worried about a competitor who thinks that low pricing is the way to dominate the market and out do you (they're wrong by the way) You might want - and probably will need at some stage in the programme - my suggestions on recruiting staff, advertising, merchandising, brochure design, building a complete conveyor belt strategy, designing web pages, email marketing...whatever it is, we'll cover it. PHASE # 14 Monthly group Conference Call In between each live event we'll be meeting AGAIN around the 'virtual table' this time, on 60 minute teleconference calls... It's amazing what can happen in 2 weeks...Opportunities can spring up, questions come to mind. Anything goes on these calls - this is your chance to pick my brains "off the cuff" or in the heat of the moment, so we can Coach you on anything that's happening live right now. I normally charge 375 a month for this service ALONE! That's an additional 4,500 programme value, at no extra cost to you. One thing 60 minutes sounds short, but it works. By this point in the programme, you know me, I know you. We've spent a day together, we've spoken on the phone, we both know the lay of the land. We'll dispense with the pleasantries and knuckle right down into whatever issue you want help with. PHASE # 15 Guest panel of speakers Over the years I have met and "harboured" a panel of niche experts in their various fields, role models of excellence that I consult when I want highly focussed, bottom line advice or method or support - people I consider to be my Coaches. Personally I don't mess about with "armchair advisers" - I only go to people who demonstrate results in their area. Well, I'm going to bring in some of these experts at various points throughout the year, so you can benefit from their expertise,and tap into their experience too. You'll love them! PHASE # 16 Individual Consultation Each month I'll sit down with 2 of the participating businesses, away from the group, to consult me privately on whatever issues are coming up that you don't want to share publicly. This will be a gruelling, hard line conversation to unearth even greater growth opportunities. Its your chance to have me fix my mind on you and your individual venture for 30 minutes. And if that doesn't sound like a long time, remember that we 're doing this unconsciously, so we can ditch the time wasting niceties and you just ask what you need to ask, and I'll give you my best considered opinion or Coaching in the moment. PHASE # 17 Home Study CD Programme This entire BootCamp will be recorded on audio, and as fast as we can get them burned and duplicated, you'll receive full uneditted "Woodstock" copies of each live event. That way you will have a permanent reference library that you can refer back to at any time in the future. Nothing will be missed, and if you ever lose track or wonder what to do next, you can just stick the CD in and pick up where you left off.. Don't expect Hollywood production. Do expect to receive and build up a complete 12 month Jonathan Clark CD library of ideas, methods, techniques, marketing twists and maneuvers that only my private paying clients gain the benefit of Please use every minute of these recorded insights to your greatest immediate and ongoing financial gain. Here are SOME Comments from Clients who have worked with me before to improve their business"There was this BAFTA bash thing, it that it!!!??? Naw us wee guys from East Kilbride dinnae know much about that dae we? Thank you and thank you again for all your support and encouragement this year and thats just the welcome at on your doorstep. I am just back in LA this morning and seen the girl friend off to work on the shoot, there has been a mighty transformation in her recently, and nothing short of amazing these past few weeks. I'll give you a buzz when I get back and be looking for some of that fancy purple tea when I pop round next time!? We did it mate, just the lift needed to now show the world what we have been try to for a year or two." (September 2006) "I have just turned 21 and decided now was the time to change my life. I would like to gain more confidence and direction and really feel this is the way to do it. I would like to make a career for myself using NLP and HGE and so i am looking forward to the training." (November 2006) "Everything is great thanks, although I miss Parklands a bit :-)I've been busy since finishing the course getting ready for my Health Fair on Saturday - really looking forward to it, showing my skills off and getting some clients to work with. I really enjoyed the training, it was great fun and everyone was so nice and I gained so much confidence... it is brilliant!" "My unconscious mind wants to thanks you deeply for the last few weeks and months. My conscious mind is still trying to grapple with exactly what has happened, but knows I am feeling more calm, focused and centred that I have ever felt before, with a real desire for achievement. Good things are happening all around me - something which really clicked into gear after our first meeting. Thank you for sharing your gift and magic with me. I am really looking forward to the course next month." Now, about the fee I have to charge for this programmeI've struggled with how much I should - and would - charge for a programme of this commitment and magnitude. On one side of the coin (selfishly) I have to justify my time. I charge 2000 a day for business training, so actually I should [considering the amount of knowledge, knowhow, experience and strategy that I'm passing on] be charging you 24,000 for the programme, AT LEAST! I'm investing a lot more time in between the monthly events, what with CD recording and editting, preparing materials, teleclasses, etc. And I assure you that if I was in your shoes, I would happily invest 2000 a month in order to double my money back. You'd quickly overtake the monthly fee in substantially increased revenues. On the other hand, I know that you are probably working hard, you may have a fledgling business with already high overheads, or you're honestly struggling to get clients in the first place, which is why you're still reading this! Because of this, I'm going to bite the bullet, and make this programme available to you for such a low monthly investment that, if you don't jump at it right now, you should seriously question your commitment to business, being successful, and becoming financially comfortable. (I'm serious) For that reason, instead of charging 2000 each month for this magnitude of coaching, I'm making this 17 phase multi-media "Fully Booked Bootcamp" available to you for 397 plus VAT per month - for a programme that will make you considerably more than that each and every month, as long as you vigourously apply the blueprint, techniques and mind set I'll show you how to implement. Alternatively, if your cashflow is healthy, and you can comfortably afford to pay my fee in one go, I will reduce the total by a full 20%, making your total fee only 3,811 plus VAT for the complete 12 months of the programme. If you can comfortably do it, I will appreciate you paying the fee in one go. I act as a bank for many clients who long to have access to these technologies but who can't afford to pay in one go, so I offer them easy payment terms and finance the no-interest payments myself. So if one payment is possible for you, I will gladly reduce your fee by a worthwhile 1,120 I would hate for you to miss this chance to make your business soar in 2007, so you have the discount lump sum option, or 12 easy payment option. And even if you are a relatively tiny business today, you can easily recoup 397 in a month by implementing a fraction of the strategies you'll come away with each month. I think you know that's true. The buck stops here...right now!You really can grow your business to the level of prominence and profitability you want. By now you know that it's not your product or service that determines the height of your success - it's you. You can now achieve every public and secret goal you have for your business and for yourself - success, recognition, freedom, control, security, achievement, helping others - when you now commit to achieving them. Join this private group of like-minded, motivated and above allcommitted business owners -- plus myself -- plus a number of special guests that i have lined up for you -- in this extraordinary 17 Phase journey that will Coach, Mentor and actually build your business as big as you can handle. Here's my 100% Risk Free TRIPLE Guarantee to youGuarantee 1 Reserve your place today, complete your Bootcamp Questionnaire, have your initial consultation with me PLUS attend the first kick off strategy setting first event. If by the end of the first live event, you don't agree that the advice, concepts and strategies we've done will already increase your revenue by a greater amount than the 397+VAT monthly fee I'm offering you, plus leave even your strongest competitiors in an embarassingly weaker position against you... ...simply say so at the end of meeting number one, and I'll arrange a prompt refund of all your money paid to date and cancel your place on the rest of the programme. That way you are in control of your investment 100% of the time. Guarantee 2 I insist that you MUST generate more money - in newly produced gross profits - than the monthly fee you are investing in this programme - as a direct result of my coaching, mentoring and helping you to drive your business forward. If in any month of the Bootcamp Programme, you do not enjoy a greater amount in new income than the low 397+VAT monthly fee that you're investing, then you may (if you wish) cancel your participation and stop your monthly payments, or if you have paid in one go, receive a pro-rata refund for the months you won't be attending. Guarantee 3 Your ultimate guarantee of a return on investment in this programme... if after the whole 12 month Fully Booked Bootcamp Programme...your business has not generated significantly greater revenue - at the very least an additional 6,000 as a result of the Jonathan Clark Coaching you've received -- and as long as you can document to me that you have applied the techniques and concepts we codeveloped each month, and prove to me that it hasn't produced quite glorious extra profits for your enterprise -- than I will gladly and promptly refund the difference between the investment you've made and the income you have generated. Obviosuly in making you this triple 100% secure guarantee of actual bankable results for your venture, I already know what substantial increases in sales revenue, profits, cash flow and wealth this level of close support and mentoring - with you acting on our plans and techniques -- will achieve for you. I want you and your investment to feel and be fully protected. I insist however, that you commit to working diligently to optimise your success and wealth during this Bootcamp programme. That means you may have to make some sacrifices in order to attend EVERY meeting: you might have to move social engagements, postpone a holiday, or rearrange a meeting. It means you have to take your business as seriously as you want your customers to. Is it worth it?Only you can answer that. I know it is. I can't think of much worse than you sitting down this time next year, knowing that the Bootcamp Programme is almost over and a whole group of your peers are happier, more free, more secure and have bigger bank balances and a bigger and better reputation that you do...all of which were yours for the taking...becaue you didn't commit. You need three things to make your business a success:
    1. True passion for, and love of what you do
    2. Unshakeable belief in yourself and your product or service
    3. A step by step road map for rapid growth, preferably modelled from someone who's already doing it
    The Fully Booked Bootcamp will guarantee you have all three... ...which in turn means you'll have more time, more certainty for the future, and a money making vehicle that will perform for you so you can spend more time away from it than in it. You want to run your own business, not have it run you. This is set to be THE programme that I'll be most proud of in 2007. Now that says a lot, because if you've attended any of my courses before you'll know that profound insights, sudden shifts and transformational growth are everyday occurrences in my work. Reserve your place in the group today...Simply reserve your place using the link below, or call Eileen on 0800 072 5792 to reserve a seat. We will then hold your place until you complete and return our pre-Bootcamp questionnaire, and payment. With a strict limit of 24 businesses, I know for a fact that places on the Bootcamp will be snapped up quickly. In October and November alone I trained and certified more than 24 students, all of which are keen to get out there. In fairness, I've instructed Eileen to accept each reservation on a first come, first served basis. So do - please - let us know if you want to attend. I look forward to helping you launch and run a successful, profitable business. Warmly, Jonathan Clark P.S. Get ready to own a predictable, stable and consistent monthly income doing something you enjoy for a living. If you're already a helping professional, and you're not going to be one of our students, we want to say "sorry", you're going to be up against some stiff competition in the very near future. P.P.S. You start immediately with the pre-Bootcamp questionnaire, then Eileen will arrange our 60 minute phone consultation between now and Day one on January 28th 2007. P.P.P.S. I insist that you add a minimum of 6,000 inadditonal profits in 2007 -- no matter how small your enterprise is right now -- else you get all your money back. I promise that if you apply all that you learn on this Bootcamp, you will generate way more than you invest in this 17 phase programme - or you can cancel your place and receive a refund. So have you booked The Fully Booked Bootcamp yet?


28-Jan-2007 - 16-Dec-2007


10:00 am - 7:00 pm


397 +VAT per month


Jonathan Clark


Distance Learning


Tel. 0800 072 5792



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