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Bioenergetic Therapy Courses (Various)

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Courses are 3 credits each.

Energy: Beyond the Physical Self
This course explores how conventional physical wellness is synonymous with good health and how additional dimensions of wellness and nontraditional kinds of bioenergetic therapies play a role in our mental, emotional and physical health. It deals with the relationship between health and the meaning each individual sees in life.

Movement & Meditation
This course analyzes the role of movement in our lives through an exploration of the relationship between motion energy, body and emotions. It explores several methods of meditation and concentration with a focus on their physiological and psychotherapeutical effects. It relates breathwork, chanting, movement and meditation in different traditions.

Practices & Rituals
This course explores the major traditions focusing on spiritual practices and rituals, and their effective healing experience. It examines the relationship between these practices and their effects on our body, mind and spirit. It covers different practices of stress management, such as meditation, guided imagery, dance, movement and art expression related to emotional states and physical disease improvement.

Senses Awareness & Development
This course examines the connection of your senses with your body and mind to develop self-awareness. It deals with different techniques to perceive and direct your internal focus to acquire more control of the body and the flow of energy through it. It describes how to develop your senses to enhance perception and become a better therapist.

The Psychosomatic Connexion
This course presents an interconnection of mind-body-spirit that goes beyond the traditional body-mind concept. It suggests new body-mind interdependent relationships. It explores how psychosomatic interpretations of physical symptoms relate to mental disorders and vice versa and how these interpretations play a role in our mental, emotional and physical health.

E-Motion Therapy
E-motion: All life is an expression of energy in motion. Energy emerges from and returns to its source. This course presents the principles and philosophies that explain the flow of the vital force. It reviews some theories and techniques to channel energy in motion: Polarity therapy, Ayurveda, Chinese Traditional Medicine, and Reiki.

Energy Healing
This course focuses on the development of sensitivity in order to release blocked energy and permit the body to complete its energetic circuits of emotion and achieve balance. It describes how to align the energy of your physical body with the energy of the universe and tap into an infinite reservoir of vital force and wellness.

Vibrational Medicine
This course explores and discusses different bioenergetic approaches and its influence on health. The first part will focus on the relationship between energy and medical care from the perspective of the western medicine. The second part will examine evidence for the effectiveness of subtle energy and spiritual practices for health promotion and disease reduction.

Bioenergetic Therapies
This course explores various forms of bioenergy fieldwork in order to intervene  through energy patterns in the subtle anatomy and physiology of a living being. The following topics will be covered: spirituality as contrasted to religion, acupressure, homeopathic remedies, polarity therapy, breathwork, chakras, auras, Bach flowers, channeling, chi as expressed in body movement, crystals and "healing" vs. medical curing.






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