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Advanced Diploma in Parapsychology

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UK College of Holistic Training - Advanced Diploma in Parapsychology

This distance learning course is a professional-level programme of study, designed to give the student a broad knowledge of paranormal phenomena and to develop an open-minded attitude towards the causes of parapsychological events, as well as to educate the student in ways of approaching and investigating alleged paranormal occurrences.

This course has been upgraded to Advanced Diploma status - we will shortly make available a shorter Diploma level course. However no previous knowledge is needed to join the Advanced Diploma.

For the serious student, this is probably the most comprehensive home study course in parapsychology you can find - 10 times as much content as some other distance courses!

SYLLABUS (We reserve the right to alter the syllabus and/or set books at any time. If any book proves difficult to obtain, we may substitute another unit.) A copy of the reading list will be supplied on request.

  • 1. History of Parapsychology This unit traces the birth and development of parapsychology via mesmerism, spiritualism, psychical research, the work of J.B. Rhine, and modern developments such as ganzfeld, remote viewing, Soviet psychic discoveries, figures such as Ted Serios and Uri Geller, the near-death experience, reincarnation, and attempts to build theories of the paranormal.
  • 2. Developing Your Psychic Senses This unit takes us on remarkable intellectual and intuitive journey by a psychotherapist into how to access and develop the sixth sense or "psi". We learn about multiple routes to psychic opening, what unfolding psychic awareness can feel like, the role of the implicate order, the use of imagery to access psi, and 23 tips for developing and maintaining psychic awareness. There is also a section on ethical issues of psychic work.
  • 3. Testing Psychic Claimants This unit gives careful, practical yet flexible guidelines to help researchers and investigators assess the purported abilities of those who claim to be psychic. The aim is to be fair to the person being researched or investigated, avoiding both false positive and false negative results.
  • 4. How to Investigate Paranormal Phenomena Here you will learn how real-life psychic investigators approach cases, together with succinct definitions and characteristics of a range of unexplained phenomena including ghosts, poltergeists and out-of-the-body experiences. You will also learn the principles of psychic investigation.
  • 5. Channeling An authoritative study of many types of channeling from both human and electronic sources. The original text has had 100 pages added for its new edition to take into account a range of new examples of channeled communication.
  • 6. Conducting Extrasensory Perception Research The student will learn how laboratory tests of ESP have been conducted over the past 50 years and how many of these experiments have had methodological problems. Though many writers have proposed how experiments should be made more rigorous, this study assembles a range of relevant material in one handy volume and gives checklists and guidelines for researchers. Students of this course will not have to conduct laboratory experiments but will learn the principles and practicalities of sound research. This unit should be of great help to editors, book reviewers, journalists and other researchers.
  • 7. Psychic Warfare, Historical and Modern A study of the practice of psychic spying over the past 5,000 years, from its origins in ancient Egypt, through the story of Queen Elizabeth I's spy John Dee, to Nazis and the occult, the CIA and the Cold War, the clandestine roles of Aleister Crowley and Ian Fleming, and the remote viewing activities of Joseph McMoneagle.
  • 8. Authenticated Cases of the Paranormal I In this unit you will study a superb collection of papers by world-famous experts: Guy Lyon Playfair on Mirabelli; Paola Giovetti on mediumship in Italy including the famed Eusapia Palladino; Gissurarson and Haraldsson's investigation of the mediumship of Indrida Indridason; Imich's study of the seances of Matylda; the physical mediumship of Teofil Modrzejewski; physical mediumship in pre-revolutionary and contemporary Russia; and a collection of spectacular cases of psychic phenomena in China. The text has a collection of rare illustrations.
  • 9. Authenticated cases of the Paranormal II A highly accessible account of favourite well-authenticated cases of psychic phenomena selected by Professor Archie Roy. The cases described are drawn from three continents and cover over 100 years of psychical research by some of the foremost investigators in the field. Professor Roy suggests his own theory of The Archives of the Mind which might go some way towards explaining these phenomena. ·
  • 10. Parapsychology of Spirituality Renowned transpersonal psychologist Professor Charles Tart has assembled for the textbook used for this unit a collection of writings on spirituality and the paranormal from Willam G. Roll, K. Ramakrishna Rao, Rhea A White, Michael Grosso, Stephen E. Braude, Jeffrey Mishlove, William Braud, Hoyt L. Edge, Karlis Osis and Arthur Hastings together with three papers by Tart himself. This anthology of work by extremely well-qualified experts takes us into the realms of the meanings of spirituality, evidence for the paranormal, channeling, nonphysical worlds, religion and consciousness, God and the soul.  

This course uses the "read a book, write a paper" method, which is in use by a number of alternative distance learning institutions. For each textbook, we supply a study plan which shows how to structure your learning and provides the assignments. Assessment is by written answers to set questions. The use of authoritative textbooks throughout the course means that you will build up a comprehensive professional library and you will have direct access to material written by some of the foremost experts in the field. In addition, you will be encouraged to broaden your knowledge using suggested additional reading and Internet resources.

Suggested study time 9 months. Cost £360, Monthly payments possible. Textbooks extra - suggested cost of books for the whole course £125 (or less if you buy some books used).

See the course web page at http://www.ukcollege-holistic.co.uk/parapsych.html 






Advanced Diploma in Parapsychology


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