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Diploma in Organisational Behaviour

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Organizational behaviour is the study of individuals and groups in organizations. It is a multidisciplinary subject that draws from psychology, sociology and anthropology and is also influenced by economics and political science. Often combined knowledge from various fields is necessary to understand organizational behaviour and to build theories. In today’s challenging times when work conditions are rapidly changing, it is important to be able to think clearly about how employees’ needs can be met whilst at the same time working towards the aims and growth of the organization.

This course presents an up-to-date view of the field of organizational behaviour. It begins with a thorough introduction to the topic’s many aspects. Then major sections cover 11 key areas:

1. Attributes and job performance – how people’s personality and perceptions affect their work.

2. Learning and self-management – the nature of individual and organizational learning.

3. Motivation and Empowerment – theories of motivation and empowering employees.

4. Jobs, goals and work arrangements – job design, individual differences, goal setting, work arrangements and work-life balance, stress, teleworking, contracts.

5. Group dynamics and team performance – theories of group communication, team coherence, dynamics, leadership

6. Organizational operations and performance – structure and design of organizations, technology, organizational goals, policies and control, quality management, specialization/ departmentalization, bureaucracy, structural arrangements, virtual organizations

7. Organizational culture – explaining organizational culture, types and levels of culture, values, functions of culture, control issues, alternative perspectives

8. Leadership – leadership and management, trait and behavioural theories, key studies, situational contingency theories, new perspectives, charismatic approaches, transactional and transformational approaches, diversity issues, culture

9. Decision making, power and politics – overview of power and politics, influence, types of power, authority, managing with power, empowerment, organisational politics and governance, politics in action, decision making, ethics, risk analysis, group decisions, intuition, improving decision making

10. Communication, conflict and negotiation – organizational communication, interpersonal communication, channels, barriers to communication, conflict management and resolution, stakeholder engagement, negotiation, goals and outcomes, types of and approaches to negotiation, two-party negotiation

11. Organizational change – definition, scale of change, planners and unplanned change, change leadership, forces and processes of change, technological change, change cycles, targets and planned change, persuasion and coercion, shared power, resistance to change, role of change agent.

The set text is complemented by selected journal articles, case studies, glossary, clear learning objectives for each section, real-life vignettes, practical tips, self-review questions, and other features.

Textbook required: French, Ray, et al., Organizational Behaviour. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. revised edition, 2008.

Method of study and online support: Students will be set written exercises/assignments on each core topic, and work may be submitted by email or post for tutor’s comments and grading. Assessment is continuous – there is no final examination.

A printed certificate, suitable for framing, will be issued to successful graduates.

The course is accredited by The International Association for Distance Learning which is a private organization. This Diploma is also recognised by the Institute of General Management (Ireland) and the Institute of Hospitality Management (Ireland). This diploma is not related to HNC/HND/NVQ qualifications and does not give you automatic entry to British universities. It is not a government-recognised qualification.







Diploma in Organisational Behaviour


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