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Reiki Advanced Training

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Reiki is very easily learned, simple to use and beneficial to all. There is no creed or doctrine with Reiki, no special skills are required, it is natural, non intrusive and anyone can learn. Reiki works on the whole being, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Central to its teachings are the attunements, whereby the student is aligned to the energy and empowered to channel it for their own healing and ultimately to treat others to facilitate their own healing. Once attuned to the Reiki energy your vibratory levels are forever aligned to enable you to use this healing energy whenever you wish.


Traditionally, western Reiki has been taught in 3 separate degrees. As everyone is an individual and their experience of Reiki will be unique to them, each stage is complete in itself, and students are encouraged to find their own level, that is appropriate for them.

First Degree This consists of four attunements. The focus of first degree is the importance of using Reiki for yourself, as at some level we all need healing. Students learn the history of Reiki and how to give themselves and others a treatment. This is taught in 2 sessions, one week apart, as this helps maintain focus and integration of the energy. Students are encouraged to attend the Reiki exchanges as this provides a good opportunity to meet with other like-minded individuals, share experiences and develop confidence in using the energy. £120.00 pp for the course.

Second Degree One further attunement is received to increase the flow of Reiki energy. The student will be taught three of the Reiki symbols and their meanings, also special techniques for using the symbols for 'distant healing', sending healing to individuals, past and future events, personal and global situations. They are a powerful tool for enabling you to deal with mental and emotional difficulties, and for furthering personal development. This is usually taught over three sessions, each one week apart. Second degree is aimed at the individual who wants to explore the potential for personal growth through energy work. £170.00 pp for the course.

Advanced Reiki Training These are individual classes looking at different ways of using the energy and in-depth teaching about chakras, energy fields, meditation and other associated topics. Please contact us for pricing and further details


09-Jun-2008 - 28-Jul-2008


5:30 pm - 9:30 pm






Body and Mind Therapy Centre


Distance Learning


Tel. 01457 835491



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