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Reiki II Initiation in Malta 28/29 March 2009

The Healing Power of Reiki

Reiki is the vital life force itself; therefore we all have, or are Reiki, for it is our birthright.

Derived from Japanese, Reiki means Universal Life Force. Reiki is an ancient method of tuning the physical and ethereal bodies to higher vibratory levels. Through a simple transfer of universal healing energy, the body’s own ability to heal physical and emotional imbalances is greatly accelerated.

Learn how to give Reiki

It is the Reiki Attunement given to the student during training which opens up the channel for the power of Reiki to flow.

Reiki I Re-awaken your natural healing abilities for life

Reiki II Intensify your ability to channel healing to others

Learn how to use the sacred symbols effectively and receive two more attunements. Learn to heal beyond time and space. Discover infinitive ways to be creative with those symbols. Anyone having been innitiated into Reiki I can join this course, we will brush up on, what we learnt on Reiki I and anyone who has not been on that course with me will be updated of what we learnt.


After you have been initiated into Reiki level one, have practised for several months at least and wish to commit yourself deeper to the ‘Reiki path’ we offer you Reiki II.

We shall talk about additional ways of giving Reiki treatments as revised by Frank Ajavar Petter, who did a lot of research directly in Japan with his Japanese Reiki Teacher wife. He is also author of several Reiki books that go beyond the initial history and story we have been told.



Reiki Training in MALTA

How about some time out abroad?

We meet you near Valetta in Malta, venue to be announced closer to the time.

I am happy to assist you further, also regards booking flights and information on all the transfers till your final destination.

Please email me for further details on all the costs on delphinsmiles@hotmail.com

For further information about what I offer please visit






28-Mar-2009 - 29-Mar-2009


11:00 am - 6:00 pm






Delphiris - Healing Touch


Distance Learning


Tel. 00441736786018



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