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Easy Exercise Ball Workout at Home and Office
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To keep your body in good condition is your own responsibility. If you don’t stay fit, you will suffer and it’s certainly not an uphill struggle to stay healthy. Many people often feel that exercise consumes a lot of their day’s time or exercise can only be performed in a gym and eventually they ignore. But that’s not true, exercise neither requires much time nor you need to hit the gym. In fact, you can comfortably follow daily fitness regime at home and that too without spending much time and money.

Have you heard about the exercise balls? Yes, it’s the fitness mantra.

Whether it is called an exercise ball, stability ball, yoga ball or fitball, it has turned out to be a great tool to improve your core strength and muscles. You can start exercising anytime and anywhere. Home, office or gym, a total body exercise can be performed. I am sure you will enjoy working out with this ball as it’s easy, effective and fun.

Here are some exercises you can do to kick off with a healthy lifestyle:

Exercise to improve your circulation:

You just have to sit on the ball that’s it! Confused? Yes, even sitting on the ball for a while can be effective for your body. In fact, instead of sitting on chair, you can try sitting on a ball while working and maintain your balance. This way your whole muscles work out and all your body toxins get drained with the lymphatic system work out.

This exercise will make you feel stronger, fitter and of course fresh and active.

Exercise to improve balance:

By sitting on a round surface, you will feel unbalanced, right? Now that’s the real challenge. Since you will feel unstable, you have to adjust your body to make sure you don’t fall off. This way you automatically work on your posture. 

A small muscle workout also gets done and eventually you balance out well which helps you to stay fit without much effort.

Keep you energetic:

Who doesn’t love to stay active and energetic? Unfortunately, our routine work makes us feel bored and stressed but if you incorporate the exercise ball in your daily routine, it might bring a positive change.

By sitting on exercise ball chair and working, you constantly keep on moving you body slightly unlike the regular chairs, where you just sit like s statue. The small active movements will help you stay energetic and fresh at work and also lead to an increase in productivity.

Improve your posture:

Slouching, hunching is quite common in the workplace but that results in bad posture. This can be avoided by using the inexpensive exercise ball as your chair.  You can easily find in the market the exercise ball chair which helps in improving your spinal condition and eliminate back pain caused due to sitting in one position for long hours.

Since the ball is unstable, you constantly move your body to feel balanced and unknowingly you are performing physical activities along with desk work. That’s quite beneficial, isn’t it!

Work is something which cannot be avoided but workout is also something which shouldn’t be avoided. With the help of an exercise ball, you can perfectly balance your work and workout. Try out and look for the changes yourself.

By Ben Thomas
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Ben Thomas is a freelance writer and expert in health fitness beauty and fashion. When he is not writing he can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym.

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Easy Exercise Ball Workout at Home and Office
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