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Have Confidence For Your Christmas Party
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Christmas is traditionally a time of parties and good fun, and a time when people with low self confidence can really suffer.

Low self confidence means that you can struggle to even get out to Christmas parties, which means you miss out on a lot of fun and can feel very left out in the office.

However, self confidence is something that you can learn and you can improve your self confidence ready for Christmas so that you can enjoy those parties and have a great time.

If you were to think about attending a Christmas party, notice how you feel and what goes on in your head. Do you see a picture or video of what is happening or do you hear something?

I would imagine that whatever happens in your head when you think about going to a Christmas party isn’t very positive and doesn’t make you feel very good about yourself or help your self confidence.

Start to think about going to a Christmas party and notice the normal pattern that happens in your head. In particular, notice the parts that make you feel bad about yourself and knocks your self confidence.

Now think about the Christmas party again and this time, change what happens in your head and make yourself full of self confidence, absolutely brimming with it and the most confident person there.

Repeat this visualisation right now and then keep repeating it as often as you can. Every single time you visualise this, make sure you REALLY feel the self confidence oozing out of you. Do this visualisation as many times as you can every single day, and you will notice that you are soon a very confident person and feel much better about attending that Christmas party.

Visualisation is a very effective tool because your sub-conscious mind cannot tell the difference between something you visualise and something that actually happens. Think for a moment about something good from your past and notice that you still feel the good feelings. To your sub-conscious mind, everything that happens in your head is as real and as valid as anything that happens externally to you.

This is something you can really use to your benefit because if you visualise yourself full of confidence and feeling fantastic then you will be a very self confident person. The more you visualise yourself being confident, the quicker you will become more confident.

Visualise yourself being more confident at your Christmas party and you will find that you will enjoy the party very much more and feel much better about yourself.

By Jason E Johns DHyp, CMH, CPNLP
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Jason E Johns DHyp, CMH, CPNLP


Biography: Jason is the author the Unlimited Confidence program and runs regular seminars helping people to live a more confident life.

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