What is Quantum Touch® Healing?
Quantum-Touch® is simply utilising life-force ener…

Panic Attacks
Panic attacks are simply the peak of anxious sensa…

Iron and your Heart Health
A few trace metals that we absorb are toxic, these…

Massage Therapy and Improving Mental Health
When you hear the term “addiction”,…

What is Bio Energy Healing?
Bio Energy Healing Treatment explores, examines an…

Back Health- Are You Sitting Comfortably?
Traditional seating posture i.e. upright, can incr…

Balancing the mind, body and spirit with acupuncture
TCM is based on the belief that health is dependen…

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Does Being Engaged in an Educational Curriculum Increase Health and Wellness? Rachelle Wilber
The Real Difference between Birth Centers and Hospital Births Rachelle Wilber
Reducing Wait Times: 5 Ways to Make Your ER More Efficient Kara Masterson
Troublesome Teeth: 5 Tips for Adults with Dental Dillemas Kara Masterson
Flu Season: 3 Tips For Better Health In The Workplace Marlena Stoddard
For Your Dental Health: 5 Treatments You Should Always See a Dentist for Lizzie Weakley
Sinusitis Concerns: How to Tell if You Have This Chronic Condition Rachelle Wilber
Ounce of Prevention: 3 Ways To Keep Yourself Safe In Manual Labor Marlena Stoddard
Trying to Have a Baby? 5 Signs You Need to Have Fertility Testing Lizzie Weakley
Keeping Your Body in Check Sophia Addison
A Better View: How to Deal with Worsening Vision Kara Masterson
Thinner at a Cost: How Weight-Loss Goals Can Go Horribly Wrong Marlena Stoddard
Potential Practice: 4 Tips for the Budding Healthcare Professional Kara Masterson
How to Raise the Standard & Change Your Family's Health Culture Marlena Stoddard
Tooth Talk: 5 Things You Might Not Know About Dental Practices Marlena Stoddard
Healing Hands: 4 Less-Common Healthcare Degrees To Consider Kara Masterson
Surgery Recovery: How to Effectively Heal after a Knee Replacement Rachelle Wilber
3 Dental Emergencies You Absolutely Can't Fix Yourself Marlena Stoddard
Caring for Yourself: What to Do When Your Health Starts to Fail Kara Masterson
Stand Tall: 4 Ways To Overcome A Spinal Injury Marlena Stoddard
Malpractice Miseries: 4 Signs Your Treatment was Incorrect Marlena Stoddard
Denture Denial: 3 Strategies for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy as You Age Marlena Stoddard
The Power to Choose: How to Begin Fighting an Addiction Kara Masterson
Checking into Rehab: How to Get Healthy While Having an Eating Disorder Lizzie Weakley
Varicose Vein Treatment Options Sophia Addison
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