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A wonderful healthy tip for winter holiday time, is to put a stone on your solar plexus if your throat begins to get sore. These energy centers are connected. Make sure your stone is full of energy from either the sun or the ground, wash off recharge and use over and over again.

By: Patricia Huff - Alhambra Ca., USA
Meditation and self reflection even fifteen minutes each morning allows you to be more centered and balanced resulting in good health, and inner harmony. Connect to your inner love.

By: Patricia Huff - Alhambra, USA
Instead of using petroleum based products use badger wonder balm as a chest rub - 100% natural - you can also put it on the feet - rub it in to the fleshy pad of the foot (reflex chest area). This will help to break up congestion and the oils in the balm get absorbed into the body. Great for children. For really bad head colds also use eucalyptus radiata (for children) or eucalyptus globulus in a burner or simply in a bowl of hot water, which helps also to humidify the room - keeping it out of reach of children.

By: sue foley - Basingstoke, UK
The average 4 year old laughs 500 times a day. The average adult laughs just 15 times. Make time for laughing. Laughter really is the best medicine, the best therapy!

By: Katy Julia Meaby - Arundel, United Kingdom
create a few small changes in your daily life,this can have a positive effect on reducing your overall stress levels.i.e
driving a diferent way to work,starting a new hobby,etc.
try it with a positive approach and you will start to change the templates within the brain.

By: Matthew Cahil - plymouth, devon


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