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When using aromatherapy oils in the bath, add them to the water when bath is ready. Stay in the bath around 20 mins for the body to fully absorb the oils.

By: Jackie Vines - Norfolk, United Kingdom
"When we quietly observe our damaging, negative thoughts as the witness rather than the participant, they will evaporate ... Observe before speaking!"

By: Michael Levy - Florida, United States
Use Essential Oils to transport you back to happy childhood Christmases, and to create a warm, welcoming and cheery atmosphere.

By: Katie Whithouse - Totnes, Devon, United Kingdom
Make a point of taking the time to relax. Your body needs rest to replenish its power to protect you from viruses and bacteria. Have a body massage to help your body cope better.

By: Jenni Andersson - Aberdeen, United Kingdom
To help you feel more awake on dark mornings, in the shower, slowly run cold water over each ankle, then up to your hip - holding for a second.

By: Jane Regan - Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom


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