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No matter how low you feel, always remember that each moment is an end and a new begining. Just because you feel in low mood in one moment, doesn't mean it will always remain that way. You will never know when that new moment arrives, which starts the reaction of new positve change.

By: Michael Mahoney - Warrington, England
Never use a "hand me down" Cane unless they were the same size as you. Every person is different thus every cane should be as well. Have your physio or doctor measure you for a cane.

By: The Cane Man, Llano Gorman - Calgary, Canada
"That which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger..." Friedrich Nietzsche

By: Joy Healey - harrow, UK
A hot cup of cocoa before bedtime is beneficial. It can reduce the risk of dementia, and improve learning and memory.

By: Katy Meaby - West Sussex, United Kingdom
Learning Self-hypnosis can help ease and even reduce the effects of IBS. Just a few minutes a day can have fantastic results.

By: Kimberly Willis - South Yorkshire, United Kingdom


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