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Neurotrac Myo Plus 4 EMG ETS STIM

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Neurotrac MyoPlus 4 EMG with Stimulator with Bluetooth

Neurotrac MyoPlus 4 offers the following functions:

"    2 channel EMG, 4 channel Stimulator
"    ETS (EMG Triggered Stimulation)
"    Passive & Active (EMG & Stimulation)
"    EMG Biofeedback & Diagnosis
"    Neuromuscular Stimulation
"    Pre-set Clinical Modes for Incontinence, Sports, Rehabilitation
"    Custom Clinical modes: EMG, STIM, ETS & P&A (set up and combine up to 5 phases of EMG, STIM and ETS in one programme!) 

Neurotrac MyoPlus 4 is a dual channel EMG device combined with 4 channel of neuromuscular stimulation (STIM). Neurotrac MyoPlus 4 is a flexible and versatile EMG STIM that can be configured as a dual or single channel EMG, EMG Triggered Stimulator (ETS) with 2 EMG and 4 Stimulation channels. Alternatively, Neurotrac MyoPlus 4 can be used purely as a neuromuscular stimulator on 4 channels with separate mA control.

Neurotrac MyoPlus 4 has 3 built-in preset clinical modes that address many diverse conditions related to the following:

"    Incontinence (i.e. stress incontinence, urge incontinence, prolapse, etc.)
"    Sports (i.e. warm up, resistance strength, explosive force, etc.)  
"    Rehabilitation (i.e. muscle growth, facial palsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, etc.)

Each of these modes has a set of programmes with up to 5 time phases. Each phase is EMG or STIM or ETS. Additionally, Neurotrac MyoPlus 4 also includes 4 custom clinical modes: EMG Custom, STIM Custom, ETS Custom and P+A Custom (programmable by therapists to individual parameters).

Neurotrac MyoPlus4 can be used with or without a linkup to a PC. Neurotrac MyoPlus 4 comes with Neurotrac Software and the License for 5 users.  You can store data on the PC and analyse it in details. The software also helps visualisation of the results and aids training.
Neurotrac MyoPlus 4 EMG ETS STIM kit

Neurotrac MyoPlus4 kit consist of Neurotrac MyoPlus 4 unit, desk top stand to hold the unit during use, charger with cradle, rechargeable battery, 4 x lead wire, 1 x reference lead, 1 x set of 4 skin electrodes 50 x 50 mm, 1 x set of 2 skin electrodes 100 x 50 mm, instruction manual, programmes guide booklet and a storage / carry case. Software license for use on 5 PCs included.

CE mark Medical Device and 2 years warranty

VAT exemption is available if the device is purchased by charities or persons for personal use at home.

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