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Innovation & Research Award Winner 2008

The home use IBS Audio Program 60® ~ for Children.

This IBS in children self help hypnosis program uses specific hypnotherapy guided imagery processes and methods to help alleviate Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS symptoms in children .

It is designed to a help the physical and emotional aspects of the IBS conditon including functional recurrant abdominal pain. From Michael Mahoney author of the adult IBS program, The IBS Audio Program 100

Welcome Parents

Functional or recurrent abdominal pain or RAP, tummy aches, missed school and the various symptoms of functional motility disorders and Irritable Bowel Syndrome in children, is not new, but finding an appropriate treatment for your child may prove to be quite frustrating. While many medications and behavioral treatment methods can provide some relief for your child, you may still be searching for something more effective that can be used alongside treatment prescribed by your child's physician.

The IBS Audio Program 60® is designed to address recurrent abdominal pain or RAP, (also termed functional abdominal pain - FAP), school attendance worries, perceived perceptions from peers, teachers and others, mood, sleep and general happiness, in addition to other areas, which are included in the 27 measured responses for symptom reduction.

Using relaxation and imagery, the child uses his/her natural abilities to follow simple suggestions learning to control their symptoms and fears, and to bring calmness and harmony to both body and emotions. The program includes a listening schedule and symptom check list / progress log.

Parental participation is required and the program is suitable for children ages 8-13. For children that have a good understanding of concepts, and with parental guidance, it can prove helpful for children a bit younger as well. The program should not be used however, for children who have mental and/or emotional issues or conditions that have been diagnosed independently of their functional gastrointestinal related symptoms.

It should be noted too, that every child's situation and condition is different, and due to many factors, there are no guarantees that your child will be "cured" or fully healed, nor is this program a magic bullet for every symptom to be addressed. But for the majority of children, the program has proven to be very effective for many facets of their condition.


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