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Consisting of 4 CDs comprising 11 interlinked tracks + listening schedule using relaxation, hypnosis, suggestion and imagery, this major recording has been developed through years of experience of working with people in and through emotional recovery.

All tracks have been used successfully with clients and patients in aiding emotional recovery.

Emotional recovery needs are wide and varied and as such this structured audio recording brings emotional support and guidance through suggestions, gentle guided imagery, positive affirmations, thought provoking consideration and more.

It is more than simply relaxation, it is an extension of existing support options and, an aid to the innate human emotional recovery process.

This programme can be used in conjunction with other avenues of treatment, and also used as a stand alone support and encouragement system.

From a therapist who has a 24 year track record of supporting individuals and families through trauma into recovery. Whether you emotional energies have been depleted through physical issues such as mugging, physical abuse, victimisation, an accident or operation or due to emotional bullying through to emotional impact such as after an emotional incident or traumatic event in ones life it is often muted that “I wish I could just forget about it”! Or I wish it had never happened”!

These are natural and expected comments to make, however it is not so much the memory of an event or incident which causes the feelings of discomfort, it is as much the emotions attached to the memory which drains our all important emotional energy, and subsequently leads to our voicing of the above statements.

As individuals we need the memory of our journey through life, whether they are good or bad, as these are part of our life experiences.

Wouldn’t it be much better to manage and release the emotion which impacts so many areas of our life? To see things in a different perspective can bring emotional release and freedom. In addition to this what if you could learn a way to release and let go of those negative thoughts in a structured way, and also be able to use the same learned process to release and let go of every day negatives thoughts, worries, fears and self limiting beliefs, before they develop into emotional baggage?

This programme was developed and designed to be a tool in aiding the listener to do exactly that.

Through years of working with people affected by traumatic events, and emotional distresses in the clinical environment, Michael Mahoney a well respected medical centre based clinical hypnotherapist decided to make his contribution to the healing processes to those who need this type of assistance.

This important programme covering 4 CDs, with 11 tracks with combined listening of over 230 minutes of structured listening, and an accompanying listening schedule,this is a major work and brings a range of coping methods, re-interpretations, and recognitions and much more to the listener, encouraging a release of negative thought patterns, and also rebuilding of inner confidence and self esteem and a developing of new perspectives.

An optional aid to emotional recovery for those who: Have undergone surgery and the emotional recovery is lagging behind, Victim of mugging, Survivor of physical or emotional abuse, Victim of crime, Been involved in an accident, Experienced emotional or physical bullying, Trauma of a relationship break-up, Those suffering of low self esteem, or high anxiety. Working through personal issues to name a few. When you feel you are ready to start your recovery, or feel ready for your next step in emotional recovery consider this programme.


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