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Pelvic Floor
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Not Easy
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Tags: Kegel exercises, Poor pelvic floor muscle, Urinary Incontinence

In the UK women spend on average £450 per year on pads, and the problem remains.  For a fraction of that cost and to eliminate or reduce the problem Femetone can be the answer.  The FEMETONE neuromuscular stimulator is a dedicated pelvic floor stimulator.  The Femetone stimulates the pelvic floor building up and strengthening the  muscle. Using the latest techniques from research the Femetone restores the muscle of the pelvic floor so that you can continue your life without worrying.  Femetone complements your kegel and pelvic floor exercises.
Can you do 350 contractions in 20 minutes ??
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Millions of women world-wide spend their lives with the misery of wearing panty liners to cope with small leakages when they laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise causing a loss of confidence, imposing restrictions on their wardrobes and limits to their lifestyles. A staggering £100 Million p.a. is spent by women in the UK alone on liners for what is known as Stress or Mild Incontinence. This is because they are persuaded to believe that it is a normal "Woman's Problem" that their mothers coped with, their friends deny and no one talks about. Nothing could be further from the truth!

THE REALITY. In most cases the problem is simply caused by lack of tone in the Pelvic Floor. This can be due to many factors including illness, age, childbirth etc. and can happen at any time of life to any kind of woman. Health professionals have always known the answer. All that is necessary is to exercise the Pelvic Floor muscles, using "squeeze and release" exercises, to bring them back into healthy tone, the result: No More Liners, No More Misery, No More Cost.

The pelvic floor is the lower part of the body including the hipbone. At the bottom of the pelvis several layers of muscle stretch between the legs, these muscles are attached to the front, back and sides of the pelvic bone. The biggest one stretches like a hammock, while the other major one is shaped like a triangle. It is these muscles that prevent leakage and provide enhanced sexual sensitivity, therefore it is these two major muscles that need to be exercised.
SO WHY NOT SIMPLY EXERCISE AND SOLVE THE PROBLEM? Because to be effective around 200 to 400 "squeeze and release" pelvic floor exercises are required every day, (just try some while you are reading this and see just how difficult it is to do just a few), not only that but you also have to be sure you are exercising the correct muscles.

IS THERE ANY SOLUTION? YES! By using Advanced Trophic Neuromuscular Stimulation the ISIS Femetone system, (consisting of a control unit and a small internal probe) tones the pelvic floor muscles from within, helping to take control again of this important area, returning confidence and freedom to daily life and removing lifestyle restrictions. With Femetone, a computer controlled programme provides 300 effortless "squeeze and release" type exercises in just 40 minutes. All you have to do is relax and gain the benefit while Femetone does all the work in the complete privacy of your own home. By returning tone to the pelvic muscles in this way greater bladder control is possible and those minor leakages can be a thing of the past, allowing you to return to normal day to day activities.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF FEMETONE? 300 effortless "squeeze and release" exercises in just 40 minutes. Completely discreet when in use. Particularly beneficial after childbirth. The replaceable probes conform to professional hygiene standards. CE certification for guaranteed safety and quality. Supplied with a control unit, probe, leads, battery and user guide. For a FREE Information Pack including a booklet entitled "Regaining Control of your Life" ring 01942 238259 or shop on-line at http://www.femetone.com. FEMETONE IS THE PROFESSIONALS CHOICE WHY NOT MAKE IT YOURS.

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