Life Alignment
Life Alignment - an intergrated system of energy healing
Jeff Levin

Jeff Levin
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The issue is in
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Life Alignment

Life Alignment - an intergrated system of energy healing

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Tags: emotional stress therapy, energy healing therapy, vibrational energy healing, body alignment, life alignment, building self confidence

LIFE ALIGNMENT is an integrated system of vibrational energy healing which includes BODY SPIN, BODY ALIGNMENT TECHNIQUE, LIFE PURPOSE ALIGNMENT, VORTEX ALIGNMENT AND HOME ALIGNMENT. These facilitate the release of energetic and emotional blockages from the physical and subtle bodies. It assists in the experience of self empowerment and self awareness. It is a tool for personal and global transformation. LIFE ALIGNMENT is a means for assisting people to shift into higher dimensions of consciousness in alignment with planetary shifts. Cherry Tyfield began studying Life Alignment with Jeff Levin in 1997 in South Africa and has completed all training modules. She is teacher of Body Spin, Body Alignment Modules 1 & 2, Vortex Alignment and the UK coordinator, arranging all the workshops for Jeff Levin. She is a member of the Doctor Healer Network, UK. Life Alignment is a member of the British complimentary Medicine Association, and is an Affiliated School on their register.
Life Alignment is also a member of the Association of Energy Therapists.
Dr Jeff Levin, Doctor of Natural Medicine, developed the techniques and methodology of the Life Alignment systems. Jeff, a former architect, has worked as a healer for the past 4 decades. Jeff is an internationally renowned lecturer and healer, spending 10 months of the year teaching his techniques to health practitioners (including doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, psychotherapists and complementary health practitioners) and the public. The systems and tools he has created empowers people to heal themselves and others effectively, releasing the blockages renewing one to complete wellness.

LIFE ALIGNMENT is a healing technique that addresses the causes of energy imbalances and blockages caused by  trauma, past experiences, old belief systems and emotional patterns that no longer serve our Higher Purpose. We are living libraries of information, mulit dimensional beings which stores these memories which have become encoded into our cellular memory. LIFE ALIGNMENT uses kinesiology to access this information to identify  the imbalance or blockage and related emotional stress. These are then released  through balancing body points, vibrational energy gateways to organs, glands and systems and by raising the body's frequency, restoring the energy flow and freeing the emotional stress to bring back a state of health and wholeness.  This is a practical and simple technique, easy to learn, which can be applied to oneself and others.  It is gentle, yet powerful, enabling us to move into a phase of self empowerment and transformation. LIFE ALIGNMENT has been known to BALANCE: the physical structure, organs, glands, body systems, meridians and chakras. RELEASE: suppressed emotions, toxicity and stress. INCREASE: vitality, self confidence and self empowerment. IMPROVE: digestion, nutrient assimilation and immune responses. RELIEVE: pain and fatigue rapidly and effectively. ALIGN: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Vortex Alignment is a system of healing utilising energy vortex points on the body to access the energy fields of organs, glands and body systems. Vortex cards are placed on  these points to help shift energy. The VORTEX CARDS are a result of many years of exploration and research into the field of environmental pollution and its detrimental effect on our bodies. As an architect, Jeff has always had an awareness of the effect of the Earth's energies, both positive and negative, on our environment. In the 21st Century our bodies have been inundated with the detrimental effects of environmental pollution such as electromagnetic radiation from computers, microwaves, mobile phones and electrical appliances, geopathic stress and a host of other toxic subtle energies. The purpose of the Vortex Cards is to balance and clear these harmful energies, creating a more harmonious environment for us to live in and to enhance our vitality and well-being. The Chinese have understood the effect that the environment has on our lives and have worked with these energies for centuries. The VORTEX CARDS are designed to balance every aspect of our environment as well as for healing our bodies. They can be used in our homes and workplace, for energising our food and water, protection against the harmful effects of mobile phones, personal protection and healing.

LIFE ALIGNMENT was first introduced to the UK in 1999 and courses are now held throughout England. Jeff has trained many teachers in Body Spin and Body Alignment Technique and there are many practitioners throughout England and Scotland.

Body Spin is the entry into our system of healing and together with Body Alignment Modules 1 & 2 form the foundation practitoner's course for Life Alignment. For those who wish to explore and expand their own education and healing Modules 3-5 are  recommended as additional learning which takes the work and personal healing to a very deep level. For information on our course schedule or practitioner list contact Cherry Tyfield, Coordinator, Life Alignment UK on 020 8449 5751 or email lifealignment@tyfield.com.

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