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Bio Pro Technology has a 3 fold approach to protecting the body from the harmful effects of devices which emitt EMF/EMRs. They have Personal Environment Products, Body Worn Products and a one-of-a-kind Nutritional Regimen which includes their "i H2O" activated water unit.

The Personal Environment Products include cell phone chips & universal chips which adhere to your cell phone or electronic device. Using the MRET & ERT technologies these chips address the negative impact of EMR by changing the characteristics of the electromagnetic field emitted by your Cell Phone as well as other EMR emitting devices through a passive noise-field that superimposes itself over the harmful high-frequency microwave radiation.

The Body Worn Products consist of the BioLife Pendant and some other types of jewlry. The BioLife Pendant uses ERT to amplify your Biofield's healthy energy states and, at the same time, decrease the energy depletion caused by a wide variety of stressors including those from EMF's & EMR's.

The Nutritional Regimen includes products which decrease the harmful effects of electro-pollution at the cellular level. Included here is their "i H2O" unit which gives new meaning to healing at the cellular level.

I encourage you to visit my web site @ http://www.mybiopro.com/kcs to learn more.

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