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'Easy Health Juicer' juices fruits, vegatables and wheatgrass

'Easy Health
Juicer' juices
vegatables and
E.G.G. Ethylene Gas Guardian

E.G.G. Ethylene
Gas Guardian
These E.G.G.s absorb the ethylene gas given off by fruits and vegetabl

These E.G.G.s
absorb the
ethylene gas
given off by
fruits and
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At Theolife we do what is take to make our customers (like you) successful. Our customers measure success by what they can offer their customers: practical natural approaches to health and well being, innovative products and appliances, the absolute highest quality, the very best guarantees and service, quicker reolution of any service or repair related issues, and intelligent support at every stage of interaction.

For those that want to enjoy life to the full, health is at the forefront of our minds. One vital aspect in achieving good health is by paying close attention to your diet - making sure that your body is furnished with all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to combat disease and stay youthful.

A high proportion of our diet should consist of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains. These are the types of foods our bodies can readily digest when consumed in their natural state, therefore they are the most healthy option. In developing this habit of eating more raw food, it would be wise to stave off boring monotony by varying the forms in which live foods are taken. For example, exciting fruit or vegetable salads, savoury or spicy dips, dried fruit, smoothies and juices. The varieties are truly endless for those seeking optimum health. The right equipment could save you lots of time and give you a world of meal possibilities. There are many high powered juicers, some of which are recommended provided you have the financial and work surface capacity. These pieces of equipment may seem a tad unnecessary and cumbersome to the occasional user or those who just want a quick glass of fresh juice every morning.

Introducing the Easy Health Juicer, model GP-27 and the Easy Health Mincer, model GP-10. These robust but light weight machines are more than ideal. The Easy Health juicer is a solid hand juicer which gives good performance and is exceptionally quick and easy to clean. Its strength is re-affirmed by its body which is made of lexan - an almost indestructible polycarbonate. Fitted with a stainless steel auger cap, the Easy Health locks firmly onto any smooth surface with its powerful suction base. This juicer is great for apples, carrots, celery, ginger, leafy greens and even wheat grass! Quite amazing really. Citrus fruits such as oranges are better tackled with an citrus press. Due to the natural hand motion of the Easy Health Juicer you get far more nutrients, a higher quality and better tasting juice. High speed juicers introduce air into the juice which causes oxidation and a rapid deterioration of beneficial live enzymes. This little device doubles as a fantastic compact travel juicer as well and at only £24.95, it's a realistic investment.

The Easy Health Mincer GP-10 is partner in the Easy Health Range. With a similar design, this innovative mincer comes with a choice of mincing screens. A wizard at sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, walnuts, almonds, figs, dates and raw cashew nuts, this machine gives endless meal choices. It can also be used for pasta and can mince meat and fish just as well. These are great devices to use to help you to a much healthier body and lifestyle easily.

Once you've stocked your fridge full of fresh produce, it would be an uneconomical waste to experience spoilage which is often the case when a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables co-habit the produce bins in the fridge. The simple reason is that fresh fruits and vegetables, when they start to age give off ethylene gas. Much of the produce in your fridge is sensitive to even very low levels of ethylene gas. This gas leads to the early aging and rotting of your produce. Enter the Ethylene Gas Guardian. · Eliminates premature aging of fruits and vegetables · Keeps produce fresher for longer · Fits easily into the produce bin of your fridge · Lasts up to 3 months · Costs less than £4 · Saves you money on your shopping.

These E.G.G.s absorb the ethylene gas given off by fruits and vegetables and therefore eliminates premature aging of your fresh produce. Each E.G.G contains natural zeolite a pure form of volcanic ash that has a very high surface area, providing an ideal substrate for the ethylene oxidation to occur. The E.G.G lasts for approximately 3 months. After this, you should use a new one. The zeolite packs are fully recyclable and can be used as an organic fertiliser for plants. Resolve to live healthier and feel great by calling us on 0845 458 8177 for these exciting new products!

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