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Borage Herbal Honey 340g 3.99

Borage Herbal
Honey 340g
Propolis Cream 60ml 4.95

Propolis Cream
60ml 4.95
 Manuka Honey UMF+10 340g 5.99

Manuka Honey
UMF+10 340g
Propolis winter mixture 100ml 2.85

Propolis winter
mixture 100ml
Pollen 100 capsules 5.99

Pollen 100
capsules 5.99
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buypropolis.com is a site dedicated to two 100% natural products produced for us by the bee. You can buy propolis and honey from the convenience of your home and have it delivered direct to your door.

Propolis and honey have been used for centuries in alternative medicine and folk healing. Apitherapy is the name given to treatments using natural honey.

On our site not only can you buy different types of honey such as borage herbal honey, set spring blossom honey, summer blossom honey, heather moor honey and also active manuka honey with a UMF 10 but also propolis in various easy to use forms.

Honey whilst well known as a pleasant food and sweetener also has many other cleaning and healing properties that are ideal for modern day use particularly if there is a need for a natural and safe alternative.

Honey has always been highly regarded as a medicine. It is thought to help everything from sore throats and digestive disorders to skin problems and hay fever. Honey has antiseptic properties and historically was often used as a dressing for wounds and a first aid treatment for burns and cuts.

The natural fruit sugars in honey - fructose and glucose - are very quickly digested by the body giving a quick energy boost.

For information on the special properties of active manuka honey from New Zealand or any of our products visit our website.

Propolis forms the bees' external immune defence system, making the beehive one of the most sterile environments known to nature.

So what benefits does this amazing substance offer in our modern world of evolving bacteria and virus that seem to be continually becoming immune to modern drugs and medicines?

Because propolis is a natural product we are unable to make specific medical claims about its benefits.

propolis contains powerful antibacterial properties, which are capable of destroying strains that have become resistant to conventional antibiotics.

Propolis is a powerful antiseptic agent and is powerful in its ability to initiate the body's own immune defences, it is believed to reduce symptoms arising from environmental toxins and food allergens. Rich in natural bioflavonoids, Propolis also works to maximise the effects of Vitamin C.

Research in other parts of the world have shown that Propolis may be useful in the alleviation of joint and muscular pain, arthritis and rheumatism

Propolis treatment may help skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis

So what is propolis made of?

Visit our website for more information on this remarkable product gifted to us from nature.

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