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There is much to be learned and understood as you become a homeopath, not only about the practice, but also about who you are, and how you may heal yourself as well as others. Study involves a combination of good teaching and support from us and appropriate commitment from you. Our part is to give you the best materials and personal encouragement to help you become the most effective practitioner.

Education is available at five levels:

Homeopathy First Aid Course & Remedy Kit
If you want to learn the basics about homeopathy from the comfort of your own home and be able to prescribe for your family but are not interested in becoming a practitioner then this course is for you. Course comes as a complete package with study manual, books, DVD, remedy kit and everything you for first aid home prescribing. 

Taster Course

If you are interested in homeopathy but not yet sure if it is for you or if you want to sample the quality of our material, then you can nibble at the first two units of our Foundation Course through our home study Taster Course.  

Year one : Foundation Diploma Course
If you like the idea of studying homeopathy but are not yet sure that you want to go into practice, then you can enrol on our Foundation Diploma Course.  

Year two : Introduction into Practice Diploma Course
If you want to learn more about case work and are inspired to become a homeopathic practitioner then you can carry on into the Introduction into Practice Diploma Course. 

Years three & four : Practitioner Advanced Diploma Course
If you wish to become a professional, then after you have completed the Foundation Diploma Course and Introduction into Practice Diploma Course, you carry on into the Practitioner Advanced Diploma Course - one leads seamlessly into the next. 

Each course comes with a book list. We supply the books by mail order through Alternative Training, obtaining specially discounted rates. 

We launched our UK program back in 1981, over 25 years ago! In the UK we offer the unique combination of attendance or home study. The first two years of the course can either be done through attendance or open-university style home study. Our course combines the flexibility of distance learning and attendance with the rigorous training needed to become a successful homeopathic practitioner. That’s because students can blend in-depth independent work with hands on, face-to-face training.

The School of Homeopathy is accredited by the Society of Homeopaths in the UK, so you are assured of an in-depth, quality program. Once you have qualified, you will be a confident, competent homeopath who can go out there, roll up your sleeves, and get to work helping people at the core level of their illness.

Our flexible home study approach to the start of the UK course means that you can begin your study with the program at anytime, choose when and where you study, and to what level. You can even ‘port’ the home study part of the course from one country to another. All this adds up to making our course the most in-depth and flexible program available. Read on and see why so many have trained with us.

Our program progresses through four levels (see the coursessection of the site for more detail). For those that wish to practice homeopathy we offer our highest Certification the School of Homeopathy’s Practitioners Diploma, this course consists of:

Home study
Time: 4 years - optional 5th Year (First 2 years are flexible, last two years are fixed)
Study: Homeopathy Units 1 – 14 & 20 weekends
Audio recording: 72 CD’s, 100 lectures
Clinical Observation & Practice: 19 Clinic days (120)
Clinical Supervision: 10 cases with 2 follow-ups each
Medical Science: Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology & Disease (sold as separate courses)

Time: 4 years - optional 5th Year
Study: Part-time - 40 weekends
Audio recording: Optional
Clinical Observation & Practice: 19 Clinic days (120)
Clinical Supervision: 10 cases with 2 follow-ups each
Medical Science: Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology & Disease (sold as separate courses)

Course overview 
The course is by part-time attendance. Classes start in September each year and you come for one weekend every month in years 1 and 2, and one weekend every month plus a Friday in years 3 and 4. Fridays are the live clinic days where students watch cases via live video link as they are taken by the homeopath, the whole class then analysise the case and agrees on a prescription. By coming each month you get first hand teaching from our world-class faculty and you get to know us and your fellow learners. The School is situated in 42 acres of beautiful grounds in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. Each weekend there are lectures on philosophy, material medica, repertory and casework. During the School weekend homework is set. This is completed during the month and handed in the following month. Evaluation of work is through continual assessment, there are no exams. The School is based in easy reach of the M4 and M5 motorway, main line train station (Travel time from London by train is 90 mins) and Bristol airport. 

Home study
Each year of the course is divided into easy to manage Units, which you study whilst listening to the CD lectures from the School and reading the specially selected books. The CD recordings bring the best of the classroom teachings to you at home. You get numerous CDs of patient cases with discussions as well as generous amounts of supporting information, examples of student work and model answers. During the course you are guided through the topics by reference to books and supporting explanations, descriptions, and diagrams. You are able to check your progress and reinforce your learning through self-assessment questions and model answers. At the end of each Unit you write up your assessments and then send them off to your personal tutor. All our tutors are highly skilled mentors and are used to working with students from across the world. They are also all professional homeopaths and almost all of them studied with us at the School of Homeopathy.

Each course is accompanied by a book list that is essential reading for your study. We offer these books with a 15% discount through Alternative Training.

Clinical Observation & Practice
Advanced clinical observation is critical to becoming a good homeopath. In years 3 and 4 you will attend a clinic day at the School every Friday before the main School weekend. 19 clinic days in total over the two years. The School’s on-site clinic is where practice is modelled by Misha Norland, the School’s principal. The group observe, discuss and analyse the case. The clinic is where the ‘expert’ model of practice happens, it is where you work together with other students to learn and develop case skills.

Supervised Practice

Our supervision network program means that we take students right through to clinical practice. UK students can work with one of our professionally trained supervisors in the UK, or you can submit an application to work with someone you choose locally. Supervision is a key part of the final years of the course. It is essential to becoming a competent, confident, creative and compassionate homeopath. During the later half of the Practitioner Advanced Diploma course you will chose and work with a supervisor. Our supervisors are fully trained homeopaths who will work along side you during your case receiving. You will take some cases with them in the same room and some on your own. You will discuss all aspects of your cases and practice with them and they will help you to develop your competence as a homeopath as well as ensure your prescriptions. Supervision is a wonderful and rewarding stage of development where you will learn to take flight as a homeopath. We were one of the first to regonise and develop supervision as a critical part of the course. 

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Personal Experience Mani Norland is Principal at the School of Homeopathy. He is Misha Norland's eldest son and grew up with homeopathy all around him. He trained with the School, and practices from his clinic at home. Whilst developing and managing the School in conjunction with members of the core team, he practice as a homeopath from his home in Stroud. Mani is also the Managing Director of Alternative Training, a business that manages home study courses and books.
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