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Healing Body and Mind - therapies naturally

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Tags: hot stone therapy, sports massage, nutrition and weight management, natural face lift - rejuvenation, complimentary therapy

In Healing Body and Mind we adjust therapies to your needs. Whether you need to unwind, are looking for purely relaxation session, want to improve your health-fitness and wellbeing or need healing and development on spiritual level - we are here for you, just a phone call or e-mail away.


Our qualified therapists are passionate not only about massage or nutrition, but also incorporate in their treatments techniques such as reflexology, Tsubo, meditaton or mudras.

We pracitce holistic and individual approach to each person. All prices and quotes available online or on the phone. We also have bonus packs and discount cards for regulars.


Massage therapies have many benefits, just to name some of them:

reduces muscle spasm, pain and tension;

releases endorphins - body’s natural painkillers;

promotes and provides relaxation and therefore reduces anxiety and helps to combat stress;

improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;

improves mobility, flexibility and sports performance;

improves healing and rehabilitation;

balances the overall flow of natural life energy through the body;

improves concentration                                                                              

Our facial massage is a unique mixture of Asian techniques designed to destress, relax, rejuvenate and improve appearance of your face as well as a general wellbeing of the whole body.

Nutritional consultations and diet programs are there to help you to improve you weight management whether you need to loose or gain or just live and eat healthier. Many health conditions also improve with appriopriate diet.


We also use a range of special products for our treatments and for extending the effectivenes of our treatments.

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