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Oxygen Remedy is a new breathing retraining method which combines best features of the Buteyko breathing technique and Frolov breathing device therapy. These online breathing lessons are led by Richard Geller and taught by Artour Rakhimov. The lessons are based on using the Frolov breathing device with Buteyko lifestyle factors.

This is one of the fastest, easiest, and most successful approaches to increase body oxygen levels and body oxygen test results, achieve slower and lighter breathing patterns 24/7, reduce or eliminate symptoms and medication, and defeat many chronic diseases.

I believe that it is an easier and more effective way to learn in comparison with learning from this website and practicing yourself. Webinar lessons provide better emphasis on most important practical details of breathing exercises and lifestyle adjustments. The lessons for the course will take place on Wednesdays each week at 9 pm Eastern Time (USA).

Apart from these lessons, there are regular teleconference calls, where you can ask your personal questions. The Oxygen Remedy webinars take place using a website platform where you can see slides, listen to your teachers, ask questions, etc. If you do not have internet access or want better audio, you can also call a US phone number to join the webinar lessons.

Main Oxygen Remedy webinar lessons (the complete course) will be recorded and you can access them later. Therefore, you can join the course at any time with: 1) access to past webinars; 2) ability to attend all our new webinar lessons; 3) participate in teleconference calls. There is online support (ticket submission) as well, provided by Artour Rakhimov and Richard Geller.

If you want to join the webinars, visit this web page from NormalBreathing.com: Oxygen Remedy Webinars

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